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a. Note:   ublic Library: The first whites to spend any time in the Montgomery area were trappers-hunters and Indian Traders. They cam up the Pee Dee-Yadkin to the Narrows and to the Indians living nearby. Following them were the explorers: In 1755 Emanuel Bowen produced an excellent map showing great detail of the area-streams-mountain-tribes-etc. There were colonist in some numbers before 1755. Some known are listed. Research may disclose others. 1741: John Roberson-Archibald Clark-David Smith. 1743: Thomas Robinson. 1744: John Clark-Mark Morgan-John Hamer-Joseph Clark-David Mills. 1745: Robert Mills-John McKoy-William McKoy. 1746: James Denson. 1748: John Berry-Abraham Colson-John Tison-John Arrington. 1749: Joseph White-James Mackilwean-Francis Mackilwean-Robert Killcriss. 1750: Robert Johnston-George Clements-Henry Clements-Cornelius O'Neal-Henry Johnston. 1751: Samuel Davis-Thomas Underwood-George Beaver-Benjamin Dumas-John Stone-Caleb Touchstone.
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