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1. Title:   Richmond County Heritage Book Vol. I Published by: Walsworth Printing Co., Inc. Printed in the USA copyright 2002 Richmond County Historical Book Committee and County Heritage, Inc. Don Mills, Inc. and the Richmond County Historical Society
Page:   William Luke Gibson Page 148

a. Note:   eteriorating physical condition and was soon diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy for which there was and is no known cure. He soon was unable to walk and therefore was not able to go to school. "Eventually he did not have enough strength to control a pencil." William was known for his cheerful disposition and the pleasure he received form watching other children play. He enjoyed listening to the family radio after electricity became available in 1941. he was quite a checker player as long as he was able and he enjoyed having a dog as a companion. William received tender loving care at home from his family especially his parents throughout his life and was hospitalized only for a brief bout with pneumonia in 1943. His family readily did whatever was needed to enable him to attend church regularly which he did throughout his life. His physical condition worsened as his muscles continued to deteriorate leaving him progressively more helpless until his respiratory muscles caused his death at age 17.
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