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  1. Samuel Parsons: Birth: 1740 in Wellington, Wales, Great Britain.

  2. Kinsman Thomas Parsons: Birth: 1760 in Wellington, Wales, Great Britain. Death: 1837 in Montgomery County, NC, USA

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Page:   The Parsons Family Page 341
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a. Note:   This is the Start of my Parsons Ancestry. The name Parsons is believed to have been derived from its first bearer's occupation as clergymen. Parsons in ancient records has various spellings-Persona-Personson-Parson and Parsons. Parsons seems to be generally accepted in America today. In Great Britain Parsons were of the landed-gentry and yeomanry or boatmen. In Great Britain's earliest records of the name are those of William Parsona of County Norfolk in 1273-Robert Parsons of Oxfordshire after 1546 and Sir John Parsons who was Lord Mayor of London about the middle of the seventeenth century. It is possible the first in America was Joseph Parsons of Devonshire England that came to Springfield Massachusetts in 1630. Parsons Coat of Arms: Origin is English and is red with three gold Leopards faces. The Crest is Top of a halpert and the Motto is Pro Deo et Rege which means " For God and King". The Parsons brothers Samuel and Thomas came from Wellington, Wales to Virginia before the American Revolution. They Settled on the James River. One of them went from there to the Uharrie River in North Carolina, the other to the Uharrie Hills. Each had a land grant from the King. Samuel I was granted one thousand acres of land in what is now known as Montgomery and Richmond Counties. These two brothers and their families were the first white men in these parts. A copy of the land grants is dated December 6, 1779 and signed by Colonel William Tryon. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.