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Marriage: Children:
  1. Marie Anne PARADIS: Birth: 1642 in Orne, France. Death: 16 DEC 1708 in Ste Famille D'île Orléans, Montmorency, Québec, Canada

  2. Guillaume PARADIS: Birth: 26 SEP 1644 in Mortagne, Alencon, Orne, France. Death: 13 FEB 1716 in St. Pierre I.O., Montmorency, Québec, Canada

  3. Pierre PARADIS: Birth: 02 OCT 1647 in Mortagne, Alencon, Orne, France. Death: 03 DEC 1700 in Mortagne, Alencon, Orne, France

  4. Madeleine PARADIS: Birth: 03 JUL 1653 in Québec, Canada. Death: 26 NOV 1669 in L'ange-Gardien, Montmorency, Québec, Canada

  5. Louise PARADIS: Birth: 05 AUG 1661 in Québec, Canada.

a. Note:   Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes, L'Abbe Cyprien Tanguay; by Province of Quebec 1924; Volume 1 Page 294. Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles du Quebec; by Universite de Montreal & Rene Jette; Page 548-871. Notre Dame de Quebec Marriage Records by Pontbriand Vol 1 Page 393. Barbe was baptised in the parish of St. Jean de Mortagne and she was married by contract (ct 11 Feb 1632 Mathurin Roussel) Mortagne. At the 1681 Census she was at Ile Orleans. UID 86E05BA4-541F-4314-BB12-EFB1B1BB0955 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.