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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Ann "Peggy" /Shively/: Birth: 1771 in Redstone, Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 1866 in Ohio, Kentucky, United States

  2. Catherine /Shively/: Birth: 1776. Death: 1826

  3. Philip /Shively/: Birth: 1778 in Jefferson, Kentucky, United States. Death: 1822 in Jefferson, Kentucky, United States

  4. Sarah "Sallie" /Shively/: Birth: Oct 12, 1780. Death: Dec 17, 1866

  5. Elizabeth /Shively/: Birth: 1782. Death: 1826

  6. William Henry /Shively/: Birth: 27 Apr 1786 in Kentucky. Death: 5 May 1866

  7. Mary Christina /Shively/: Birth: 1787 in Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 18 Jan 1852 in Jefferson, Kentucky, United States

  8. Henry /Shively/: Birth: Nov 20,1794. Death: March 26, 1847 in Kentucky

  9. John B /Shively/: Birth: 24 Jun 1800 in Jefferson, Kentucky, United States. Death: 9 Mar 1857 in Jefferson, Kentucky, United States

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