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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Albright: Birth: 21 Oct 1752 in Berks, PA. Death: 25 Sep 1826 in Madison, MO

  2. Anna Barbara Albright: Birth: 18 Jun 1754 in Berks, PA. Death: 1840

  3. Phillip Albright: Birth: 13 Feb 1756 in Berks, PA. Death: 20 Nov 1820 in Preble, Ohio

  4. Jacob Albright: Birth: 8 Nov 1758 in Berks, PA. Death: 4 Oct 1839 in Madison, GA

  5. Ludwick Albright: Birth: 17 Feb 1761 in Bern Twnp., Berks, Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 22 Apr 1816 in Orange, North Carolina, USA

  6. Catharine Albright: Birth: 15 Aug 1764 in Orange, North Carolina, USA. Death: 15 Mar 1832 in Orange, North Carolina, USA

  7. George Albright: Birth: 18 Jan 1766 in Orange, North Carolina, USA. Death: 27 Aug 1835 in Orange [Now Alamance] NC

  8. Daniel Albright: Birth: 30 Jan 1771 in Orange, North Carolina, USA. Death: 26 Apr 1843 in Guilford, North Carolina, USA

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2. Title:   Ludwick Albright Family Bible, see copy in notes section of Ludwick
Publication:   M. Carey, No. 121, Chestnut-Street. 1815 NS46553 Source Media Type: Book
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a. Note:   Mike Proctor <proctor@LEXMARK.COM>: Alamance Co. and Guilford Co. NCCemeteries (fwd) North Carolina cemeteries: Brick Church, Guilford County; Stoner'sChurch, Alamance County After a quick foray at the Greensboro Library to look up a few things, Iheaded Matilda for the eastern limits of Guilford County, since the Albright material I had justread at the Library had informed me that the Brick Church, once named the Clapp Church, was "nearWhitsett." Ah, but how near? As soon as I walked into the local gas-and-"stop-and-rob", as afriend of mine calls them, I knew I was in trouble. The owner was an Indian... from India. Butan affable young man happened along just then and told me that the Brick Church was "way outin the country", and he told me how to get there. I'll repeat his instructions just in casesomeone else is interested in this pilgrimage. Head south on NC 61, past Interstate 85. After the golfcourse, take a left on Holt's Store Road. A short ways down the latter, to the left, is theBrick Church. The new one, I might add. Cars were lined up all over theplace. A wedding was on. I headed passed the tuxedoed gentlemen smokingNorth Carolina's finest ... for the graveyard and past an older BrickChurch in a state of disrepair but being repaired. A stone marks the spotof the church I was looking for, since the original Clapp Church has longsince returned to its primeval dust. A helpful chart situating the gravesis set up on a wooden pedestal at the entrance to the graveyard. As thelatecomers to the wedding pulled into the parking lot and hurried intothe newest Brick Church, I found myself facing row upon row of Clapps. Of course I immediately thought of the chapter on the Clapp family in JoeVance's Albright, Clapp and Burk Families.-- my travel guide. Joe writes:"The Clapp family with which we are concerned in this book wasestablished in America by Joseph Clapp (Jost Klap), his wife, childrenand in�laws who arrived at Port of Philadelphia 27 Sep 1727. "This Clappfamily settled in Oley Twp., Philadelphia Co. (now Berks Co.), Pa. GeorgeValenine Clapp and John Ludwig Clapp, sons of Joseph Clapp, moved toOrange Co. (now Guilford Co.), N. C. in the mid�1700's. "These two brothers purchased land in N. C., established their homes andlived there the rest of their lives. Other German families settled inthis neighborhood, notably these: Albrecht (Albright), Goertner (Cortner,Curtner), May, Hoffman, Faust (Foust), Weitzel (Whitesell), Ingold,Schwenck (Swing), Leinberger (Lineberry), Shaebe (Sharp), Bason, Ephland(Efland), Steiner, (Stoner), Loy, Nease (Neese), Scheaffer (Shaver,Shepberd), Gerhard, Long, Schade (Shaddie), Trolinger." "These pioneers, in what is now Guilford Co., N. C., built a school housein their community. The school house was also used for religious servicesand meetings on Sunday." "For a while they worshiped in a church buildng owned by nearby Lutheranneighbors." "The Clapps and their friends favored the Reformed Church. Many of themhad been participants n the Battle of Alamance and were American soldiersand patriots during the American Revolution. Some of the Lutherans wereTories." "Rev. Samuel Suther, a Reformed clergyman, was active in this N. C. areabefore, during and after the American Revolution. He organized a ReformedCongregation on Beaver Creek in 1770. He was outpoken in his oppositionto Lutheran Toryism. He also criticized some of their religiouspractices. This upset the Lutherans and they locked the Reormedcongregation out of the meeting house that both had shared." "The church elders of the Reformed congregation were Captain Jacob Clapp,Matthias Schwenck and George Cortner. Under their leadership and with thehelp of Rev. Suther they began the building of a church of their own neartheir school house. In 1781, while the building was underway, Rev. Suthermoved on to minister elsewhere. The buildng was not completed until fouryears later. Homes of Clapps were located nearby. Members of thesefamilies had been prominent in construction of the church, so it becamegenerally known as Der Klapp Kirche (The Clapp Church). It was so knownuntil 1813 when it was replaced by a brick edifice vhich became known farand wide as Brick Church --by which name this congregation is knowntoday." "The early records of Brick Church (Clapp Church) were written in theGerman language. These were later translated into English. Among hetranslators and compilers of these records were Rev. David Isaiah Offmanand Dr. William Thornton Whitsett. These men added their own coments andideas of relationships into the translaions. This interpolated materialhas become a part of the English translation of the Brick Church records.Unfortunately, much of this added material is erroneous. This has led tomuch onfusion by persons who have tried to construct correct genealogicallineages by using the available Brick Church records." Jacob Clapp, Sr., b 5 Nov 1747 d. 30 Jan 1832; bur. Brick Church cem,Guilford Co., NC. Jacob served as Lay Leader at Brick Church, conductingservices in absence of pastor. His will was dated 14 Mar 1826, GuilfordCo., N. C. m. Anna BARBARA Foust, 1 Dec 1772, Brick Church. d/o JohnFoust, Sr. and Anna BARBARA A1bright (A2). b. 20 Jan 1752, Berks Co.,Pa.; bapt. 9 Feb 1752, Bern Union Church, Bern Twp., Berks Co., Pa. d. 1Apr 1837, Guilford Co., N. C.; bur Brick Church cem. Jacob was lieutenant in N. C. Line in Am. Rev. War (DAR 1549507). Am.Rev. War pension was paid to his widow and children. He fought in Battleof Guilford Court House. Served tours of duty from 1775 to 1781. Woundedin campaign to drive Cherokee Indians from western N.C. and eastern Tenn.Was taken home by his brother, John Ludwig, Jr., who nursed him topartial recovery. He returned and helped wrest the Indians from Britishinfluence. He then joined the Continental Army in Am. Rev. War. Heattained rank of Captain. Click! Click! went my camera. I hadn't been able to find grandfatherChester's or greatgrandfather Adam's graves in Danville, Illinois. I gotlucky with Adam's pop, Isaac, in Farmer City, Illinois but his fatherAdam and grandfather George were nowhere to be found in Darke County,Ohio. Nor was the Patriarch Johannes to be found in Berks County,Pennsylvania. But now, ta da! Johannes' son and George's dad: Ludwig. Astone: slate and readable... in German. Next to it, another one for hiswife, Anna Maria, my grandfather's grandfather's grandfather's mother! Ludwig Albrecht ist gebohren den 11 Nowember A.O. 1735 und ist gestorben d 16 November A.O.1810, ist A.W. /7915.D Court records in Orange Co., N.C. show that Lodowick (Ludwig) Albrightpurchased 325 acres of land from Henry McCullough in Aug 1763. It is not known exactly when Ludwig andAnna Maria left their home in Pa. and went to N.C. It probably was notlong prior to his land purchase in 1763. It seems likely that 4, possibly5, of their children were born in Pennsylvania. Ludwig and his familysettled among others of German descent who had built their homes alongthe fertile banks of the Great Alamance River and Stinking Quarter Creek.For many years they lived at Guilford Court House, N.C. Lodawick (Ludwig)Albright became naturalized citizen 22 Mar 1763.3 He had record ofservice in Am. Rev. War (DAR #529295). Ludwig married Anna Maria Keller, 18 Aug 1751, Berks Co.,Pa. d/o Heinrich Keller and Juliana Kleindinst. b. 11 Nov 1733, Germany.d. 10 Jun 1803, N.C. bur Brick Church cem. Anna Maria was sixth child ofthe Kellers, a German couple, who arrived at Port of Philadelphia on 9Sep 1738 aboard ship Glasgow.. They settled in Bedminster Twp., BucksCo., Pa. The Clapps definitely had the monopoly of that graveyard. I've never seenanything like it. So after kneeling before the stones of my unknownancestors ---to take their picture, of course--- I headed east intoAlamance County. At the border, a smooth highway becomes rougher andHolt's Store Road metamorphoses into Brick Church Road. This dead-ends onRoute 62. I headed north on 62 and within a mile was in the historicalarea of the Battle of Alamance, aka the Battle of the Regulators. Istopped and checked it out. After all, a number of our folks participatedin this precursor to the Revolutionary War and I've always been a bit ofa revolutionary myself. We're talking 1771 here. (I'll let you look upthe rest in your history books!) Up the road, I came across the AlamanceHistory Museum. My trusty little inner voice said, "Better stop and ask!"I was looking for Stoner's Church.... Alamance County. I had no other information and Alamance County is pretty big, if not as huge asthe original Orange County from which it was parcelled off. So I made aU-turn and... came across another wedding in the making. I asked one ofthese folk whether she knew where the Stoner's Church was. A call wentout but nobody had heard of it... until a gentleman appeared to tell me the museum wasclosed. When he heard what I wanted, he became professorial, having sizedme up by the nature of my request. "Stoner's, or Steiner's, Church islong since defunct and remains only in memory. But the graveyard stillexists. It's on private property though and you'll have to get permissionto visit it." He gave me directions. Here they are for the futurepilgrims amongst you. Just north of the Alamance History Museum on 62,take a right on Bellemont-Alamance Road. When it crosses Route 49 at theblinking light (at Bellemont) it becomes Bellemont-Mt. Hermon Rd. Askdirections at the local "Stop-and-Rob" at the crossroads. I did...stop... but the owners were Koreans so I held my tongue and filled mymouth with a newly-purchased but rapidly-melting popsickle. A young local who came in to buy some beer didme no good. He'd never heard of Stoner's Church. "There's a Methodist oneacross the road," he said helpfully. The groundskeeper of the nearbyBellmont Baptist Church set me straight. I simply had to proceed downBellemont-Mt Hermon Rd until the driveway just before the microwavetower. To the left, set back a ways, a large farmhouse belonging to theRufus and Mary Dale family. There. STONER'S (STEINER'S) CHURCH ALAMANCE COUNTY, N. C. (Taken largely from "Colonial Records") The second Reformed church inrespect to age in the old Guilford Charge was the Stoner Church. Rev.Samuel Weyberg was the first pastor, and possibly organized thecongregation. However, he was preceded by one Leinbach, a foreign German.The founders of the church were the Albrights (Albrechts), Fousts,Basons, Ephlands, Gerhards, Loys, Shaddies (Schades), Steiners. Neases,Trollingers, Sharps (Scherbs), and others whose descendants still peoplethat fertile region on the waters of the Haw River, Alamance and StinkingQuarter Crceks. Those immigrants were mostly from the counties ofSchuykill and Berks in PA, and from Maryland. Their house of worship, inorder to be central to the widely scattered settlements, was constructedon the point of land formed by the confluence of Alamance and StinkingQuarter streams, and this may account largely for its decadence. In itsearliest days Jacob Albright, Peter Sharp and John Foust were the Elders;Philip Snotherly and David Ephland; the Deacons. This congregation faredas the other Reformed Churches in the colony for want of statedministerial services, and was dependent on the occasional visits ofLoretz, Hauck and others untI1 1821, when Rev. John Rudy became thepastor of the charge, and was succeeded three years after his dismissionby Rev. J. H. Crawford, who in turn was succeeded in 1841 by Rev. S. W.Welker. Owing to various causes the congregation for several yearswithout pastoral ministrations, and the house of worship becamedilapidated, was allowed to go down and finally passed off the roll. ALAMANCE FOUNDATION, Fund Report, Name of Fund: Stoner's ChurchCemetery Preservation Fund, Initial contact date: April 2, 1996 Initiated by Dr. James B Powell, 2307 York Road, Burlington, NC 27215 (910) 229-1127 (office phone), (910) 222-1755 (office fax) Other parties: Elizabeth (Pat) S. Bailey, 6146 Snow Camp Road, Graham, NC 27253 (910)353-3149 John Clifton Allen, 717 Clark Road, Snow Camp, NC 27349 (910) 376-3249 Mr. Paul Holt, 3617 Link Rd, Greensboro, NC 27401 (910) 621-4695 Mr Raymond D Donnell, 622 Ridgeway Drive, Burlington, NC 27217 (910)226-4683 Ms Mary R Dale & Mr Rufus J Dale, 3360 Bellmont-Mt Hermon Rd, Burlington,NC 27215 (910) 226-4685 Type of fund:Permanent Donor Advised Fund adviors: Dr. James B. Powell Purpose of fund: To provide for the restoration and ongoing maintenanceof Stoner's Church Cemetery. The Cemetery is located at the confluence ofAlamance and Stinking Quarter Creeks, approximately .8 east ofBellemont,NC, Alamance County, on the farm of Rufus J. Dale, 3360Bellemont-Mt. Herman Road. Source of funding: Funds to be raised by informal group of interestedparties headed by Dr. Powell, Pat Bailey and John Allen. ______________________________________________________________________________ Declaration was filed May 27, 1840, by George Albright of Orange County,N.C., one of the heirs-at-law of the late Jacob Clapp, in order to obtainfor himself and other heirs the benefit of provision of Act of July 4,1836. Affidavits: Henry Albright, aged 80 years, Orange Co., N.C. datedNov. 25, 1839, stated that he served with Jacob Clapp. _________________________________________________________________________________ From Mary Wren Ellis, <> THE FAMILY BIBLE OF LUDWICK ALBRIGHT FAMILY; Translated out of theoriginal Greek and with the former translations diligently compared andrevised. By the special command of his Majesty, King James I, ofEngland. Philadelphia: Printed and published by M. Carey, No. 121,Chestnut-Street. 1815. Ludwick Albright b. November 11, 1731. d. November 16th 1810 being 79years & five days old. Anna Mariah Okeller b.. November 11 1733, d. June 10 1803 being 70 years5 months and one day old. They were married August 18 1751. Raised 8 children. John Albright first child b. October 21 1752, d. 25 of September 1826being 73 years 11 months and four days old. Anna Barbara Albright born June 18 1754, died ? Philip Albright born 13th February 1756. Died November 22 1820 being 64years 9 months and 9 days old. Jacob Albright born 8th November 1758, d. September 4 1839 being 81 yearstwo months and four days old. John Ludwick Albright born February 17th 1761, d. 29th April 1816 being65 years two months and 12 days old. Catherine Albright born August 16 1763, d. March 15th 1839 being 75 years7 months and 9 days old. George Albright born January 18 1766, d. August 27 1835 being 69 years 7months and 9 days old. Daniel Albright born January 30th 1771, Died April 26th 1843, age 72years 2 months and 26 days old. Elizabeth Clapp born January 21 1774, d. 25 April 1870. (Handwriting Changes) Sarah Albright & William Montgomery married April 24th 1814. William M. (Montgomery) born Dec 29th 1790 Sarah Montgomery was born December 1 1797 1. Nancy Elizabeth was born the 29 of April 1815. Died 9th June 1897. 2. Sarah Louisa was born the 12 November 1816. 3. Daniel Achibald was born the 16 of May 1819. 4. Delibah Albright was born the 18 November 1820. 5. James Rudy was born the 12 September 1823. Died 23 May 1870 fromgeneral anemia. 6. Mary Ann was born the 26 February 1826. Died 20th April 1844. 7. Martha Harriet was born the 3 of June 1828. 8. Cornelia Riley was born 28th January 1833. 9. Barbara Maria was born 23 October 1836 10. William Van Buren Montgomery born 31 July 1840. (Different handwriting) Sarah Elizabeth Louisa was born the 19th of November 1838. Sarah Louisa Bouldin died 5th of January 1839. Sarah Elizabeth Louisa Bouldin, a child, died the 13th of June 1839. William Montgomery was born Dec 29 1789. Died November 30th 1843 ofPnumonia. Sarah Montgomery was born December 1 1797. Died 7 October 1844 from achange in life. Mary Montgomery was born Feb 26th 1926. Died 20th of April 1844. 7. Martha H. Montgomery born 3 June 1828. Died 15th January 1846. (I don't know why the 7. is here, the others are not numbers above it,mwe) Cornelia R. Holt died 16th Nov 1852. James R. Montgomery was married to Cornelia C. Trolinger on the 6thNovember 1845. Died 25th May 1870. William Trolinger Montgomery was born April 9th 1847. Died July 20th1848. Elizabeth Leonard Montgomery born Oct 13th 1848. Written on page and stuck in Bible: D.W.Montgomery born of poor.. ...Bethel Church in this county of Guilford ???? on Dee 1789 was bound out to a man by the name of ........ whom he left on account of cruel..... was afterweres apprentice to new cabinet business andbuilding. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Lynnette De Moss <> Hi Larry & Kathryn, From the way I am reading this if I am correct aswhere the notes begin isn't very clear. This was taken form a booktitled. The History of Lawrence,Jackson, Independence, and Stone CountiesArkansas. Ludwick Albright was born November 11, 1731 Anna Martha Keller was born November 11, 1733 They were married August 18, 1751 Their first born. John Albright was born October 21, 1752 Anna Barbara Albright was born June 18, 1754 Phillip Albright was born February 13, 1756 Jacob Albright was born November 8 ,1758 John Ludwick Albright was born February 19,1761 Catharine Albright was born August 15, 1763 George Albright was born Janurary 18, 1766 Daniel Albright was born January 30, 1771 Elizabeth Clapp was born January 21, 1774 Daniel Albright married Elizabeth Clapp October 9, 1792 Sarah Albright was born December 1, 1797, and married Dr. William Montgomery, April 28, 1814. John Albright died September 25, 1826 Barbara Albright, married Elias Powell of Bourke County, Ashville or Culpepped County. Phillip Albright died November 22, 1820 Jacob Albright died September 4, 1839 Ludwick Albright died April 29, 1816 Catherine Albright died March 15, 1839 George Albright died August 27, 1835 Daniel Albright died- The note says- The above is a statement taken from the old German Biblenow in the hands of Dr. D. A. Montgomery. Dr. D. H. Albright owns itscompanion. that is Jacob Albright's Bible brought from Germany both ofthem. and very well preserved. Lynnette De Moss <> Sent: February 10, 1999 12:38 PM Subject: Re: Jacobs Bible --------------------------------------------------------------------- From Brick Church Records: Name: Ludwig Albrecht Description: Ludwig Albrecht ist geboren den 11 November, A.D. 1731 undist gestorben den November A.D. 1810 und ist A.W. 79 und 5 tagen. Nov 11,1731 Nov 1810 aged 79 years and 5 days. From old cemetery listing. Notes: Ludwig Albright, of John, of Henry age 79 yr. 0 mo. and 5 das.born Nov 11, 1731 Died November 16, 1810. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.