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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Weaver: Birth: 12 Jun 1825 in Tuscaloosa, AL.. Death: 1870

  2. Redemae Weaver: Birth: 1828 in AL.. Death: 1890

  3. Jesse A. Weaver: Birth: 1830 in Tuscaloosa, AL..

  4. George Washington Weaver: Birth: 29 Sep 1832 in Tuscaloosa, AL.. Death: 26 May 1915

  5. Mary Weaver: Birth: 1836 in Tuscaloosa, AL.. Death: 9 Apr 1912 in TX.

  6. Noah Weaver: Birth: 1838 in Tuscaloosa, AL.. Death: Abt 1880

  7. John M. Weaver: Birth: 1839 in Tuscaloosa, AL..

  8. Barbara Elizabeth Weaver: Birth: 10 Dec 1841 in Fairfield, Iredell, TX.. Death: 6 Jan 1903 in TX.

  9. Samuel Ezekiel Weaver: Birth: 1845 in Fairfield, Iredell, TX..

  10. Malinda Dorothy Weaver: Birth: 9 Jul 1846 in Fairfield, Iredell, TX.. Death: 19 Mar 1911 in TX.

  11. Jacob Wesley Weaver: Birth: 1848 in TX.. Death: 12 Jan 1936

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