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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary L. Lovelady: Birth: 1855. Death: 1856

  2. Isabel Hazeltine Lovelady: Birth: 29 Mar 1857 in Perry, Illinois, USA. Death: 12 Aug 1901

  3. Desdamona Ariadne Lovelady: Birth: 5 Dec 1858 in Perry, Illinois, USA. Death: 3 Oct 1941 in Tamaroa, Perry, Illinois, United States

  4. Lovelady: Birth: 31 May 1861. Death: 1861

  5. Lovelady: Birth: 31 May 1861. Death: 1861

  6. Thomas Frederick Lovelady: Birth: 18 Jun 1862. Death: 1908

  7. Oscar Malcomb Lovelady: Birth: 8 Dec 1866. Death: 1914

  8. Otis E. Lovelady: Birth: 4 Feb 1869.

  9. Lulu Cordelia Lovelady: Birth: 14 Jun 1871. Death: 1951

  10. Ethel B. Lovelady: Birth: Aug 1873. Death: 1967

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a. Note:   Thomas A. Lovelady, M.D.: Thomas became a hospital steward in the Civil War because of his own ill health in the field, namely acute and chronic intestinal and stomach problems, (probably caused by dysentery). A 1912 history or the area refers to him as Dr. Thomas Lovelady, though we have found no record of formal medical education or affiliation with the AMA. He consistently declared his occupation as "farmer" to the census takers. A neighbor refers to him as "Dr. Lovelady" in an affidavit regarding his Civil War Pension, but none of his own affidavits or applications included the title. Presumably, he used the medical knowledge he gained in the Army. About 1851: Thomas A. Lovelady filed a lawsuiton behalf of himself and his siblings in Smith County, TN, mentioning their father Thomas(deceased), their mother, Darcus and their grandfather John(deceased). This list of siblings matches with the household headed by Darcus B. Lovelady in the 1850 census in Smith County, Tennessee. These same siblings all appear in the 1860 censuses in Perry and Jefferson Counties in Illinois for the first time and are absent from the 1860 Tennessee census. This establishes that the Loveladys of Illinois are the Loveladys of Smith County, Tennessee, children of Thomas and Darcus and grandchildren of John. In his Civil War pension application, Thomas gives his place of birth as Carthage, TN, which is in Smith County. Physical Description: About 5' 10" in his youth, with dark complexion,darkhair and grey eyes. 1894: Described by a neighbor as large land owner and well to do farmer. A disgruntled in-law from his first marriage to Cordelia challenged his claim to an invalid pension from the Civil War. The pension was,however, continued until his death in 1909. Sarah, his second wife,applied for a widow's pension, which was originally denied because the cause of death was not found to be related to his service in the Army. A special bill introduced in Congress by Congressman Napoleon Thistlewood of Cairo, IL established Sarah's pension in 1912, and she continued to receive it until her death in 1937. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.