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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob Gearhart: Birth: Abt 1768.

  2. Mathias Gearhart: Birth: Abt 1769.

  3. Elizabeth Gearhart: Birth: 21 Feb 1770. Death: Abt Oct 1793

  4. Eleanor Gearhart: Birth: 6 Sep 1773. Death: 2 May 1862

  5. Mary Gearhart: Birth: 6 Sep 1776. Death: 13 Sep 1857

  6. George Gearhart: Birth: Abt 1778.

  7. Ann Gearhart: Birth: Abt 1780.

  8. Isaac Gearhart: Birth: Abt 1783.

  9. Godfrey Gearhart: Birth: Abt 1787. Death: 11 Jul 1865

  10. Abraham Gearhart: Birth: 15 Jul 1788. Death: 28 May 1855

  11. David Gearhart: Birth: Abt 1793.

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Author:   Robert C. Boyette

a. Note:   NI124935
Note:   Letter 19 Juky 1977 from Fred Sisser III of 10 Codington Pl. Somerville, N j. G.S.N.J. Vol 31 p.36, G.M.N.J. 31.27,83. Film DN95 Excerpts from Mi Sisser's Letter "It is said that George and An (Van Hor n) Gearhart had 16 children, however only 11 are known at this tim e. It is known that son Abraham (1788-1855) was the 13th child. George w as assessor (collector of Lebanon Twp for many years; an original truste e, first president of, and eventual treasurer of the Lebanon Reformed Chru ch (German before it was D.R.) managed 160 acre farm, and reared the orpha ned children (3 of them) of his daughter Elizabeth Gearhart Emery, who wi th her husband died in the fall of 1793 of yellow fever." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.