Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Lawraney Susana Adcock was born 1824. She was the daughter of Ansel Ansolom Adcock and Elizabeth Moorman.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Ansel Ansolom Adcock was born Abt 1793 in North Carolina, USA, and died Abt 1885 in Gallatin, Illinois, USA.

Elizabeth Moorman was born Abt 1801 in North Carolina, USA, and died 12 Dec 1861. She was buried in Wyatt Chapel Cemetery, Ebenezer, Muhlenberg, Kentucky, USA.

Children of Elizabeth /Moorman/ and Ansel Ansolom /Adcock/ are:
  1. Thomas Adcock was born 1818.

  2. Joseph Adcock was born 1819.

  3. Noah Adcock was born 7 Jan 1820 in Tennessee, United States, and died 11 Apr 1905. He married Matilda Ann Goodnight on 9 Jan 1848 in Kentucky, USA. She was born 1823, and died 1905.

  4. Lawraney Susana Adcock was born 1824.

  5. Susan Adcock was born 1826.

  6. Archibald Adcock was born 1830 in Kentucky, USA.

  7. Mary A. Adcock was born 1831, and died 1885.

  8. James W. Adcock was born 1834, and died 1916.

  9. Martha Ellen Adcock was born 4 Apr 1838 in Kentucky, USA, and died 15 Jan 1898 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky, USA. She married James Cader Arnold on 20 Apr 1857 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky, USA. He was born 6 Apr 1835 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky, USA, and died 7 Dec 1915 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky, USA.

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