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Marriage: Children:
  1. Christiana C. Lewis: Birth: 1846 in Carroll KY.

  2. Bohemia E. Lewis: Birth: 1847-1848 in Carroll KY.

  3. Wyant O. Lewis: Birth: 1849-1850 in Carroll KY.

  4. Jasper B. Lewis: Birth: 1850-1851 in Carroll KY.

  5. Pierce Lewis: Birth: 1852-1853 in Carroll KY.

  6. Jason N. Lewis: Birth: Oct 1854 in Carroll KY.

  7. Alpha Eugene Lewis: Birth: 20 Feb 1857 in Carroll KY.

  8. Merritt E. Lewis: Birth: 1859 in Carroll KY.

  9. Irvin Lewis: Birth: 1861-1862 in Carroll KY.

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Author:   John Hoff

a. Note:   !1850 Census, Carroll Co., KY, Dist. 1, 21 Aug. 1850, Dwelling 154, Household 158 Merit Lewis, 44, KY, waggonmaker, $2,640 Sarah Lewis, 30, KY Christiana C. Lewis, 4, KY Bohemia E. Lewis, 2, KY Wyant O. Lewis, 8/12, KY Jacob Albright, 20, KY, farmer Joseph S. Perkins, 23, KY, farmer Sarah Lewis, 75, VA !1860 Census, Carroll Co., KY, Dist. 1 Worthville, 29 Jun 1860, household 325. Merritt Lewis, 58, KY, farmer, $3,500/$2,190 Sarah Lewis, 40, KY Christiana C. Lewis, 16, KY, attending school Bohemia E. Lewis, 12, KY, attending school Wyant O. Lewis, 10, KY, attending school Jasper B. Lewis, 9, KY, attending school Peira Lewis, 7, KY, attending school (Pierce) Merritt E. Lewis, 10/12, KY Frederick Bowse, 23, Hanover, farm laborer Wm. Lewis, 51, KY, waggonmaker, $100 !1870 Census, Carroll Co., KY, Worthville Pct., 23 July 1870, household 1 Merit Lewis, 68, KY, farmer, $7200/$2000, Sarah Lewis, 48, KY, keeping house Wyatt Lewis, 20, KY, farm laborer Jasper Lewis, 19, KY, farm laborer Pierce Lewis, 17, KY, farm laborer Edward Lewis, 11, KY, attending school Irvin Lewis, 8, KY, attending school John S. Dawkins, 30, KY, farmer, $1000 Condis Dawkins, 23, KY, at home Merit Dawkins, 1, MO !1880 Census of Carroll Co., KY, Worthville Pct., household 37 Sarah Lewis, 60, KY PA VA Keeping house, widow Edward Lewis, 20, KY KY KY, son, farm laborer Irvin Lewis, 18, KY KY KY, son, farm laborer Wyant O. Lewis, 30, KY KY KY, son, farm laborer Mary B. Lewis, 25, MO KY KY, dau.-in-law, keeping house Lora Lewis, 5, MO KY MO, granddau. Maude Lewis, 3, MO KY MO, granddau. Emmett Lewis, 1, MO KY MO, grandson is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.