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Marriage: Children:
  1. Malinda Albright: Birth: 23 Feb 1818 in Port Royal, IN. Death: Jan 1879 or 1899

  2. James Mapel Albright: Birth: 24 Nov 1821 in OH. Death: 16 Jan 1906 in Moberly, MO

  3. John William Albright: Birth: Abt 1825 in KY.

  4. Sarah Albright: Birth: Abt 1827.

  5. Jacob Samuel Albright: Birth: 19 Jul 1829 in Carroll KY. Death: 23 Dec 1912 in Joplin, Jasper MO

  6. Mary Elizabeth Albright: Birth: 7 Oct 1832 in Gallatin KY. Death: 25 Dec 1923 in Oconee, Shelby IL

  7. Louisa Jane Albright: Birth: 7 Mar 1836 in Carroll KY. Death: 1 Aug 1929 in Wathena, Doniphan KS

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a. Note:   NI118245
Note:   !Notes of the Ancestry of Rachel Brown, born 24 Aug. 1791. !When Rachel Brown married Jacob Albright in Harrison Co., KY, on 24 Apr. 1817, James Brown was the Bondsman for Rachel. The document reads "Know all men by these presents we Jacob Albright & James Brown are held & firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the sum of L50 current money & for payment well and truly to be made & done to the said Commonwealth. We bind ourselves our heirs exors. & admrs. jointly severally & firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated this 23rd day of April 1817. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas marriage is shortly intended to be solemized between the above bound Jacob Albright and Rachel Brown, now if there should be no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage then the above obligation to be void else to remain in full force. Teste H.C. Moore his James Brown Seal Jacob X Albright Seal (Actual Signature) mark ! A James Brown also was bondsman for the marriage of Caty Brown to James Winn (solemized 23 May 1811) and for the marriage of Sarah Brown to William Pickett (solemized 23 Mar. 1830). Whether this is the same James Brown is not clear, but it should be noted that in the estate sale of a James Brown held 21 Dec. 1838 in Harrison Co., William Pickett bought 10 items and Jacob Albright bought 15 items. This increases the probability that Sarah Brown was a sister to Rachel Brown. !The marriage bond records of Harrison Co. occasionally mention that the bondsman is the father or in some cases the mother of the bride. In the case of Rachel Brown, Caty Brown, And Sarah Brown, the relationship of James Brown to the bride was not given. Whether this is significant is not known. !In 1820 there was one James Brown listed on the census of Harrison Co., KY. James has two sons aged 16-26 (born 1784-1804). James himself was over 45 (born before 1775). There was one dau. under 10 (1820-1830). Three daus. were 16-26 (1794-1804). Jacob's wife was over 45 (born before 1775). Since this was the only James Brown on the Harrison Co. census, the logical conclusion is that it is he who signed the marriage bond for Rachel Brown, and given his age, he is probably her father. !The 1830 Census of Harrison Co., KY, shows this same James Brown on page 144. James was 70-80 (born 1750-1760) as was his wife. He had one son 20-30 (born 1800-1810). There were two daus. one 15-20 and one 20-30. There was a second James Brown on page 141 and he was 20-30 (born 1800-1810). He may be a son of the older James and indeed the older James did have two sons on the 1820 census and only one on the 1830 census. !From the above I conclude that Rachel Brown's father was James Brown. !On 29 May 1830 a James Brown, Jr., bought 43 ▯ acres from William Carick and his wife Jane R. The land was "on the waters of Twin Creek" in Harrison Co., KY. The description reads 1. South 48 degrees East 32 poles (beginning at a white oak) 2. South 10 degrees East 50 ▯ poles (to two sugar trees) 3. East 60 poles 4. North 6 degrees East 75 ơ poles 5. North ư degree West 20 poles 6. West 95 poles 7. South 50 poles - to the beginning This land description is flawed. If plotted out, the beginning and ending points do not meet correctly. Nevertheless, the description is important in showing that this property bordered on land owned by Jacob Albright. The description of Jacob Albright's land, which he sold to Samuel Bell of Harrison Co. on 19 Nov. 1849 appears to agree with points 1 and 2 of the above description. That description reads in part 1. South 48 degrees East 32 ư poles (beginning at a white oak) 2. South 9 degrees East 52 poles (to two sugar trees) !Despite a slight difference in degrees and a slight difference in lengths it is clear that this is the same boundary. It is on the NE corner of Jacob Albright's land and the NW corner of Jacob Brown's land. !On 16 Sep. 1830 James Brown and his wife Levinia sold the above land to William G. Eads. My copies of the deed do not show original signatures. The question that arises is whether this 43 ▯ acres belonged to the older James Brown who is presumably Rachel Brown's father, or to the younger James Brown who was born sometime between 1800 and 1810. It seems reasonable to assume that James Brown, Jr., is the son of the older James, and thus a brother to Rachel Brown. The terms "Jr." and "Sr." were very fluid during the early 1800's and it is tricky to make any assumptions based upon their use, but since the early land records of Harrison County as they pertain to various James Browns do not mention any Sr.'s or Jr.'s prior to 1830 it seems permissible to believe that the James Brown, Jr., of 1830 is really a Jr. and probably the brother of Rachel. !Determining the name of the wife of the James Brown (born 1750-60) is impossible based on what we know. In 1806 James Brown and wife Martha sold land in Harrison Co. to Joseph Walker. In 1823 James Brown and wife Sarah sold land in Harrison Co. to James Gray. In 1829 James Brown and wife Mary sold land in Harrison Co. to Martin Smith. In 1830 James Brown and wife Levinia sold land in Harrison Co. to Wm. G. Eads. In 1835 James Brown and wife Mary sold land in Harrison Co. to Samuel Love. !It is likely that the older James Brown and wife Martha of the 1806 deed are Rachel's parents, but there is no way to prove this. Both the older James Brown and the younger James Brown could have had multiple wives. !The first acquisition of land in Harrison Co., KY, by a James Brown was in 1795. The land was near Lee's Lick, which is about 4-5 miles south of the area in which the Albrights and Browns lived near Twin Creek. (The 1795 purchase was of 44 acres and should not be confused with the 43 ▯ acres that Jacob and Levinia Brown sold on Twin Creek in 1830.) !An inventory of the estate of James Brown of Harrison Co., KY, was taken on 20 Dec. 1838. James presumably died in 1838. We know that a James Brown was living in Harrison Co. in 1830 and that he was 70-80 years old. We would expect him to die before the 1840 census and it appears to have happened that way. The 1840 census of Harrison Co., however, has no James Browns in 1840, so it is difficult to say with absolute certainty that the James who died was the older James, but that is probably the case. !CONCLUSIONS: It appears that Rachel Brown, born 1791, was the daughter of James Brown, born about 1755 and died 1838 in Harrison Co., KY. James' wife was roughly the same age as himself, but her name is unknown. She may have died prior to James since she is not listed as having bought any items in the estate sale. Rachel probably had a brother, James Brown, Jr., who was married to a Levinia/Lavinia. She probably had a sister Sarah who married Wm. Pickett in 1830. She may have had a sister Caty who married James Winn in 1811. !John D. Hoff, III 2521 S. Birmingham Ave. Tulsa, OK 74114-3220 18 Jan. 2001 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.