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Marriage: Children:
  1. Willington Hinckley Kidder: Birth: 14 May 1883.

  2. Louise Winslow Kidder: Birth: 1 Jan 1884.

  3. Frances Reynolds Kidder: Birth: 6 Aug 1889.

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a. Note:   idder, a farmer, invented several improvements infarming implements. Wellington attended the district school, and forthree years the Baton preparatory school in Norridgewock. In 1868, whenbut fifteen years old he patented through Clifford, patent attorney, animprovement in rotary steam engines. a few years later thesuperintendent of the locomotive repair shops of Portland, Maine, soughtto obtain a patent for the same invention. He studied applied mechanicsand drawing in Boston, Mass. In 1874 he became interested in printingpresses and he invented a web automatic adjustable printing press, whichreceived a diploma from the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanicsassociation in 1878. The Kidder press came into general use, beingespecially adapted to job printing and to printing and consecutivelynumbering railroad and other tickets from a continuous roll. He madenumerous improvements in Printing presses, including intermittent webfeeding, also a system of machinery for bending and finishingelectro-plates. He was married, Sept. 4, 1878, to Emma Louise, daughterof Francis and Louisa Axtell Hinckley, of Maiden, Mass. In 1880 heincorporated the Kidder Press Manufacturing company and was itssecretary, treasurer and mechanical engineer till 1894. He invented the"Franklin" and "Wellington" typewriting machines and became president ofthe Wellington Typewriter company. The Wellington was patened and soldas the "Empire" in over twenty foreign countries, and was manufactured inthe United States, Canada and Germany. He is the inventor of a noiselesswriting machine called the "Silent," adapted to rapid manifolding workand substituting for the resounding blow, a quiet pressure by leverage,as in a printing press. In 1898, after several months spent in France,Germany and England, and a thorough investigation of the subject in theUnited States, he invented important improvements in automobiles and inheavy motor trucking vehicles, manufactured by the Kidder Motor Vehiclecompany, of New Haven, Conn., for which company Mr. Kidder becameconsulting engineer in january, 1900. His invention covered the directspring-mounted gear, eliminating the chain and sprocket wheel.
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