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Marriage: Children:
  1. Antonette J. Borgmann: Birth: 21 FEB 1857 in Lake George,Stearns,MN. Death: 27 SEP 1949 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN

  2. Frances Borgmann: Birth: 8 APR 1858 in Lake George,Stearns,MN. Death: 20 AUG 1937 in Minot,Ward,ND

  3. Louise Borgmann: Birth: DEC 1859 in Lake George,Stearns,MN. Death: 29 APR 1865 in ,Stearns,MN

  4. George Borgmann: Birth: Abt 1860 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN. Death: Abt APR 1865 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN

  5. Henry Borgmann: Birth: Abt 1862 in Lake George,Stearns,MN. Death: 14 MAY 1873 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN

  6. Amelia Elizabeth Borgmann: Birth: 8 APR 1864 in Sauk Centre Twp,Stearns,MN. Death: 15 AUG 1922 in Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN

  7. Mary Borgmann: Birth: Abt 1866 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN. Death: Bef 1875 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN

  8. Ferdinand Joseph Borgmann: Birth: 8 APR 1869 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN. Death: 2 JUL 1954 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN

  9. Henry George Borgmann: Birth: 8 JUN 1873 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN. Death: 13 AUG 1965 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN

  10. F. Borgmann: Birth: 1874/1875 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN. Death: Bef 1880 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN

  11. Regina Borgmann: Birth: 1 JUN 1876 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN. Death: 8 MAY 1945 in Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN

  12. George Richard Borgmann: Birth: 16 AUG 1877 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN. Death: 24 FEB 1932 in Sauk Centre,Stearns,MN

1. Title:   Borgmann Blue Book
Page:   Pg 3
Author:   Evert C. Borgmann
Publication:   Abt 1980
2. Title:   1860 Federal Census
Page:   MN > Stearns > Torah P.O.
3. Title:   1870 Federal Census
Page:   MN > Stearns > Sauk Centre
4. Title:   1900 Federal Census
Page:   MN > Stearns > Sauk Centre
5. Title:   1910 Federal Census
Page:   MN > Stearns > Sauk Centre
Publication: 1910 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2006. Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Thirteenth Census of the United States, 1910. Washington, D.C.: Nationa

a. Note:   CENSUS: 1860 Federal Census: MN, Stearns, Torah P.O. Ln# 17 Burgmann Ferdnan, age 34, Farmer, born in Prussia CENSUS: 1865 Minnesota Census: MN, Stearns, Sauk Centre Township (Microfilm reel #393) Fam #74: F. Bordman, M CENSUS: 1870 Federal Census: MN, Stearns, Town of Sauk Centre Borgman Ferdinand, age 55, M, W, Farmer, Value of Real Estate: 6000, Personal property: 1000, Born in Prussia. [age should be 45] CENSUS: 1875 Minnesota Census: MN, Stearns, Sauk Centre. 1 May 1875. F. Bargman, age 51, M, born in Prussia, fa born Pruss, mo born Pruss. CENSUS: 1880 Federal Census: MN, Stearns, Sauk Centre. 1 June 1880. Borgeman Ferdinand, W, M, age ??, married, Farmer, born in Prussia. [NOTE: original page was damaged. Some information missing.] CENSUS: 1885 Minnesota Census: MN, Stearns, Sauk Centre. 23 May 1885. Ferdinand Borgman, age 59, M, W, born in Germany. CENSUS: 1900 Federal Census: MN, Stearns, Sauk Centre Borgman Fred, head, W, M, born May 1825, age 75, married 45 years, born in Germany, fa born Germany, mo born Germany, Immigration: 1853, 47 years in United States. CENSUS: 1910 Federal Census: MN, Stearns, Sauk Centre Borgman Ferdinand, head, M, W, age 84, married 54 years, born in Germany, fa born Germany, mo born Germany, Immigration: 1852, Own income. OBITUARY: Ferdinand Borgmann Sauk Centre Herald Thursday, April 20, 1916 Page 1 Despite threatening heavens, chill winds and frequent splashes of cold rain, unmindful and unthinking of the battle of elements that might bring requiem to them through exposure, an inspiring and impressive procession of old Sauk Centre pioneers wended their way to St Paul's church Wednesday morning. They were silver-haired and halt, bent and bowed, looking on life through dimmed lenses, these processionaries, but even in the advanced autumn of their lives they heeded not the elemental rigors that they might pay last respects to their old compare----Ferdinand Borgmann, Sr. Their old comrade of Indian and pioneer times was being disposed to his last rest and they wanted to give personal adieux to the beloved friend who had been one of them a half century ago when Sauk Centre marked the Minnesota frontier. Not only came these silver-haired pioneers, but their children and grandchildren. The great St. Paul's church was crowded. It was a beautiful tribute to the memory of the deceased---this gathered galaxy of old friends---attesting more emphatically than could spoken word the esteem in which the venerable old gentleman was held by all who knew him. And if more manifestation was required to demonstrate this esteem it was presented in the great wealth of floral offerings which covered and surrounded the casket as it rested on its bier before the alter. At its head reposed a sheaf of ripe wheat, the compliment of Mrs. R. A. White, symbolic of "ripe old age." Rev. Fr. Arzt, assisted by St. Paul's choir, sang Missa Pro DeFunctis, requiem mass for the dead. Then Father Arzt, in a sermon, speaking both in German and English, beautifully painted the usefulness and goodness to which the deceased had given his long life and the splendid and active part he had played in the development and uplift of this entire region. A long cortege followed the remains to their last resting place in St. Paul's cemetery where they were placed beside those of his wife, who went to her last resting place seven weeks ago. A short service was conducted at the grave side by Father Arzt. Seven old pioneers escorted the remains as honorary pall bearers, John Thielen, Cross bearer, Joseph Casper, David Pangburn, Anton Miller, Albert Dahlem, Anton Boteman and R. A. White. The active pall bearers were six grandsons, Carl and Al Minette, Louis Borgmann and Everett, Alex and Fred Lux, the same young men who bore their grandmother to the grave a few weeks before. Ferdinand Borgmann died monday morning at 8 o'clock from gradual physical disintegration due to old age. Had he lived until May 24 he would have been 91 years old. During his long life he has scarcely known a sick day, being roughened and toughened by the hardships of his early manhood, but shortly before the holidays Nature asserted itself and the venerable patriarch took to his bed, weakened and failing. He never rose from it. he bore up cheerfully despite the restraint of feebleness until his wife died. He then declared he had no further desire to live, that his desire was to join his wife in the Beyond, and he failed slowly and steadily. For several days before the tie on life was snapped the end had been looked for by the six of the seven living children gathered at the bedside. The deceased was born in Westphalia, Germany, May 24, 1825, and came to the United States when 27 years of age. He was the only member of his family to emigrate here. He had served four years in the German army and saw service under arms during the revolution of 1848-49. On coming to this country he first located at Toledo, Ohio, where he worked one year in a sawmill. Toledo was then a little village and Mr. Borgmann could have taken up a homestead on the outskirts of the town but he considered it an interminable task to clear the land of the heavy timber. Accordingly, he came west to the prairie lands of Iowa and located at Guttenberg. From that point he decided to explore further and joined an ox train party destined for the far west. They journeyed as far as where Lincoln, Neb., now stands and there had a thrilling experience with Indians. The redskins were on a rampage and preparing to attack the settlement. The explorers were encamped outside the town. The chief of the war party came to the camp and through the persuasion of Mr. Borgmann and the bribe of a bowl of sugar the land hunters were permitted to pull stakes and depart. That night the settlement was attacked by the redskins and a number of whites massacred. Mr. Borgmann returned to Guttenberg and was married there on October 4, 1855, to Antonette Schurmann. Two years later the couple came to Minnesota, settling at Lake George. There Mr. Borgmann formed his first acquaintance with James J. Hill and Alexander Ramsey, who later became governor, by hauling them out of a mud hole in which their wagon had become mired. In 1865 the Borgmann's came to Sauk Centre and the history of the deceased since that time is the same as that of his wife which was published in the Herald seven weeks ago. He was always active in the upbuilding of the community, served about 20 years as supervisor of town and township, was one of the founders of St. Paul's church and a true pioneer in every sense of the world. With the rough and hardy men of those times and down to his retirement from active life he was always a man among them. Seven children, 37 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren survive. The children are Mrs. F. E. Minette, Mrs. Peter Ehr, Mrs. Peter Gaspard, Ferdinand J. Borgmann, Henry G. Borgmann, Mrs. Henry Thiers and George R. Borgmann. Out of town relatives and friends who attended the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ehr, Minot, North Dakota; Barney Hedding and Frank Determan of Long Prairie; George M. Schaefer, Sebastain Wimmer and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lux, Albany. BURIAL: St. Paul's Cemetery, Sauk Centre, MN. Name on grave stone is "Ferdinand B. Borgmann". is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.