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Marriage: Children:
  1. George Washington Moody: Birth: 14 JUL 1824 in Montgomery Co., Missouri. Death: 17 NOV 1909 in Kings Co., California

  2. James F. Moody: Birth: 1830 in Missouri. Death: UNKNOWN

  3. Mary J. Moody: Birth: 1832. Death: UNKNOWN

  4. Barton Stewart Moody: Birth: DEC 1834 in Missouri. Death: 17 FEB 1914 in Santa Clara Co., California

  5. Daniel Lewis Moody: Birth: 9 OCT 1835 in Jackson Co., Missouri. Death: MAY 1912 in Santa Clara Co., California

  6. Lucy Ann Moody: Birth: 1836 in Missouri. Death: 1874 in Santa Clara Co., California

  7. Nancy Moody: Birth: 1837 in Missouri. Death: UNKNOWN

  8. Sarah Moody: Birth: 1840 in MIssouri. Death: UNKNOWN

  9. Rachel Elizabeth Moody: Birth: 1844 in Missouri. Death: UNKNOWN

  10. A. J. Moody: Birth: UNKNOWN. Death: BEF. 1854

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