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Marriage: Children:
  1. Nancy Leola Elizabeth WEEKS: Birth: 8 JUN 1882. Death: 16 DEC 1952 in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co., AL

  2. James Martin WEEKS: Birth: 23 JUN 1883 in Crews, Lamar Co., AL. Death: 21 MAR 1961 in Graysville, Jefferson Co., AL

  3. Martha Susan (Mattie) WEEKS: Birth: 25 JUL 1886. Death: 20 MAR 1968 in Lamar Co, AL

  4. Lee Charlie WEEKS: Birth: 23 MAY 1891. Death: 5 SEP 1952 in Marion Co., AL

  5. William Edward WEEKS: Birth: 28 AUG 1895 in Cardston AlbertaTemple. Death: 20 JUL 1979 in Lamar Co, AL

  6. Guy Davis WEEKS: Birth: 1899 in Lamar Co, AL. Death: 1970

  7. Frances Myrtle WEEKS: Birth: 13 FEB 1903. Death: 10 FEB 1982 in Detroit, Alabama

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a. Note:   eonard Weeks, mother, Susan Thomas Weeks, aunt, Rebecca Weeks, and his grandmother, Elizabeth. They were in or around Pikeville. The 1870 Lamar Co., AL Census has them located in or near Beaverton. He is listed with the same as 1860 but also included are his siblings Henry Walter (9), Lucinda (6), George Washington (3), and Jackson Milligan (2). In the 1880 Lamar Co., AL Census he is living with his mother, father, and siblings Henry Walter (19), George Washington (13), Jackson Milligan (11), and John Anderson (7). His father transferred property to him and his brother, Henry Washington, on October 10, 1881 (vol. 6, p. 336). On January 20, 1881 he married Josephine Louise Page at the home of her father, William Page. He sold land to Nancy Kennedy which was located in Sec. 31, Twp. 13S, Range 14W (Vol. 14, p. 231, undated). In the Lamar Co., AL 1900 Census he is listed at Beat 10, Moscow with his wife Josephine 40, and children Ola 16, Martin 14, Mattie 12, Charlie 9, Eddie 5, and Guy 1. In the Marion Co., AL 1910 Census he is listed at Pct. 3 Camps with his wife Josephine L. 50, and children Mattie 20, Charlie 17, John W. 15, Guy D. 11, and Frances Myrtle 7. They were living next door to his son, James Martin 24 and his wife Lizzie 17 and son Cullen D. who was 11 months old. He lived on Detroit Road in Lamar Co., AL in 1920 with his children; Mattie, Guy D., and Francis M. His son, Eddie, lived next door and then Dave Page and wife, Elizabeth lived in the next house.
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