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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Hoover: Birth: ABT. 1799. Death: 15 Mar 1876

  2. Mary "Polly" Hoover: Birth: ABT. 1800.

  3. Lydia Hoover: Birth: 22 Nov 1808. Death: 16 Jan 1883

  4. Magdalene Hoover: Birth: 1810 in Canada. Death: 4 Jul 1890 in Brandon, Michigan

  5. Susannah Hoover: Birth: 2 Jan 1812. Death: 9 May 1851

  6. Christianna Hoover: Birth: ABT. 1813. Death: 15 Sep 1835

  7. Abraham Jr. Hoover: Birth: 26 Mar 1816. Death: 17 Jul 1871

Marriage: Children:
  1. Jonas Hoover: Birth: 1821. Death: 5 Mar 1901

a. Note:   Abraham Hoover's Will: A Memorial to be registered pursuant to the statute in such case made andprovided of the last will and testament of Abraham Hoover of the Townshipof Rainham in the County of Haldimand District of Niagara & province ofUpper Canada Yeoman bearing Date the twelfth day of May A. D. 1831whereby he gave and bequeathed to his dear beloved wife Barbara Hooverfor her maintenance during her natural life the one third part of theproduce of his homestead or farm whereon they then resided together withand undisturbed use of the house so long as she remained his widow oruntil his Son Abraham arrived at the age of twenty one Years and afterthat that she should have during her natural life or widowhood the useof this one half of said house wherein they then resided or a house builtfor her in lieu thereof together with the one third part of the increaseof & stock over and above keeping the stock that might be on the premisesat his decease until his son Abraham arrived at the age of twenty oneyears the stock to be kept together in the farm and the children yet athome to be educated and maintained out of the products of the farm andstock ~ He gave and bequeathed to his two sons Abraham and Jonas the farm whereonthey then resided to them and their heirs and assigns forever to bedivided as follows viz the South or front half together with thebuildings to Abraham under the reserve therein before made and the backor north part to Jonas ~ the same Lot of land being No. 8 in the firstconcession of Rainham and all the personal property belonging to hisEstate at such time as his Son Abraham should have arrived at the age oftwenty one years after taking therefrom for his beloved wife to be chosenby herself one horse and two cows which was to be kept by Abraham in goodcondition for his mother, and personal property to be equally divided andthe one half given to Abraham and the other half sold by his Executorsand applied to the improvement of Jonas' part of the farm together withwhatever of the proceeds of the farm might remain over and aboveDefraying the necessary expenses of finishing the house and carrying onthe farm for and during the Minority of his son Abraham under thedirection of & by and with the consent of his Executors. He gave and bequeathed to his daughter Mary one hundred and twenty acresof land as described in bond given for title dated April 9th, 1831 hegave and bequeathed to his daughter Magdalene one hundred and twentyacres of land as described in bond for deed or title dated April 9th,1831. He gave and bequeathed to his daughter Lydia one hundred acres ofland being South part of lot No. 14 in the 3rd Concession according tobond given for title dated April 9th , 1831. He gave and bequeathed tohis daughter Elizabeth Thomas the north half of lot No. 15 in the 3rdConcession of Rainham containing one hundred acres more or less Duringher natural life and at her decease to be sold and the proceeds to bedivided equally amongst her children. He gave and bequeathed to hisdaughter Christena, and to her heirs and assigns forever the South halfof lot No. 15 in the 3rd Concession in Rainham containing one hundredacres of land more or less. He gave and bequeathed to his daughterSusannah and to her heirs and assigns forever one hundred and ten acresof land off of the north end of lot No. 1 in the third concession ofRainham. Lastly he then nominated, constituted and appointed Daniel Hoover, JacobWolf and Henry Miller as executors of that his last will and testamentand did authorize and direct his said Executors that they should andmight and they are thereby required to make sale at such time as theymight think best of the forty acres of land that he owned in Nanticokebeing part of Lot No. 5 in the first concession in such manner as theymight think best or most for the advantage of his heirs and further theyshould collect in his name all debts and dues to him of what name ornature soever, and further that they would release to George Wolfe thearticle he held for his land on his payment of the amount paid on thefine by him, together with Interest for the same since paid by him whichamount is two hundred and thirty five dollars and reasonable charges &expenses. And that they would out of the aforesaid sale and debts after made andcollected pay all his honest debts and all necessary expenses that mightaccrue in settling his Estate and he did thereby authorize and empowerhis said Executors for and in his name to sell and convey his propertyforesaid and to make and execute good and sufficient title or titles togive releases and acquittals, and to do every act for Ever the same as hehimself might, could, would or should Do, and further that after all hisdebts were paid out of the aforesaid monies the balance of any there beshould be divided equally among all his children giving to each an equalshare except that part which fall to Elizabeth Thomas should be dividedamongst the children of the said Elizabeth equally with what interestmight accrue thereon during their minority which said will is witnessedby Benjamin Hoover of the Township of Rainham in the County of Haldimand,District of Niagara & Province of Upper Canada, Gunsmith, Jacob Hoover ofthe same place, Yeoman and Jonas Overholt of the same place, Yeoman andthis Memorial thereof is hereby required to be registered by me MagdaleneWolfe, Christena Hoover one of the Divisees therein named. her Christena x Hoover mark Signed and Sealed In the presence of The words Magdalene Wolfe written upon blot before executing Chas B Secord J Secord Senr Upper Canada Niagara District Niagara to wit Charles B Secord of the Village of Queenston in said District Esquiremakes oath and saith that he saw Christena Hoover one of the Divisees inthe foregoing Memorial named sign by making her mark and Seal theforegoing Memorial for the registry thereof and that he this Deponent &James Secord Senior of Queenston aforesaid Esquire, are subscribingwitnesses to the said Memorial. 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