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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ursula E. Miller: Birth: 5 Nov 1882 in Millersburg, Holmes Co., OH. Death: 10 Mar 1972 in Protection, KS

  2. Elias A. Miller: Birth: 5 Mar 1884 in Millersburg, Holmes Co., OH. Death: 23 Jul 1963 in La Junta, Otero Co., CO

  3. Alfred B. Miller: Birth: 4 Oct 1885 in Millersburg, Holmes Co., OH. Death: 5 Jan 1983 in La Junta, Otero Co., CO

  4. Lewis C. Miller: Birth: 30 Jun 1887 in Millersburg, Holmes Co., OH. Death: 18 Nov 1955 in Manitou Springs, CO

  5. David D. Miller: Birth: 2 May 1889 in McPherson, KS. Death: 20 Jan 1976 in Manchester, OK

  6. Howard E. Miller: Birth: 22 Mar 1891 in Inman, McPherson Co., KS. Death: 27 Mar 1951 in Ohio

  7. Baldwin Forrest Miller: Birth: 4 May 1893 in Berlin, Holmes Co., OH. Death: 6 Sep 1952 in Pryor, OK

  8. Noah Tuscon Miller: Birth: 1 Apr 1895 in West Liberty, Logan Co., OH. Death: 16 Jun 1975 in Pryor, OK

  9. Mary Martha Miller: Birth: 6 Jan 1897 in Champaign Co., OH. Death: 21 Sep 1963 in Newton, KS

  10. Nora Mae Miller: Birth: 17 Dec 1898 in Partridge, KS. Death: 27 Jan 1954 in La Junta, Otero Co., CO

  11. Billie Dennis Miller: Birth: 28 Apr 1901 in Partridge, KS. Death: 4 Apr 1985 in Hesston, KS

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a. Note:   n Holmes Co., OH, July 29, 1860; died in Comanche Co., KS, May 21, 1910, aged 49 yr. 9 m. 23 d. He remained at home of his parents until the year 1882 when he married Sophronia E. Hummel of Millersburg, OH. To this union were born 10 sons & 4 daughters, all living & all present at the death & burial of their father. They have lived in Ohio, Kansas, Oklahoma & Texas, taking up their abode in Comanche Co., KS, a little over two years ago. Besides his wife, children & several grandchildren, there remains to mourn their loss an aged father, 2 brothers & 2 sisters. one sister resides in this community, the other sister, two brothers & father reside in Holmes Co., OH, but were present at the funeral, the father having arrived a few days before the death of his son. Bro. Miller converted & was united with the Mennonite Church about 24 years ago & has since that time lived a consistent Christian life. He was always interested in the work of the Lord & took an active part in church work wherever he lived, being at the time of his death, the Sunday School superintendent at this place. The funeral was held May 24, in the Protection Mennonite Church, where a long concourse of friends & neighbors gathered, the Church being filled to overflowing. Services conducted by T. M. Erb, Newton, KS, assisted by N. E. Ebersole. A few weeks before he died Bro. Miller had selected Rev. 21:7 as the text to be used at his funeral.
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