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Marriage: Children:
  1. Maria ZIMMERMAN: Birth: 23 Oct 1816 in Pennsylvania. Death: 3 Nov 1896

  2. Henry ZIMMERMAN: Birth: Aft. 1817.

  3. Jane ZIMMERMAN: Birth: 25 Apr 1819 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1 May 1888

  4. Robert ZIMMERMAN: Birth: 9 Sep 1819 in Pennsylvania. Death: 27 Sep 1900 in His home, Strausberg, Monroe county Michigan

  5. Levi ZIMMERMAN: Birth: 26 Feb 1822 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Death: 22 May 1898 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio

  6. Noah ZIMMERMAN: Birth: 18 Jan 1824 in South Huntington twp, WestmorelandCo. Pennsylvania. Death: 21 Jan 1897

  7. Susanna ZIMMERMAN: Birth: Abt. 1826 in Pennsylvania.

  8. John ZIMMERMAN: Birth: 1827 in Pennsylvania.

  9. Amy ZIMMERMAN: Birth: 25 Oct 1830 in South Huntington twp, WestmorelandCo. Pennsylvania. Death: 12 Oct 1914 in Hoffman Cemetary Mendon, Pennsylvania

  10. Mathias ZIMMERMAN: Birth: 1832 in Pennsylvania.

  11. David ZIMMERMAN: Birth: 15 May 1834 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Death: 12 Apr 1900 in Sylvester, Mecosta County, Michigan

1. Title:   CENSUS 1850
2. Title:   Documents from National archives regarding David,s service in War of 1812

a. Note:   REFERENCE: 3052 David Zimmerman was a private under Captain John Donaldson inthe 39th Pennsylvania Militia. He fought in the fall months in 1812,1813, and1814 in the War of 1812.Hartleton, Pennsylvania was named for a Colonel Hartley who owned the land when Hartleton was established in 1793. There was aSt. Peter's reformed Lutheran church on the highway between Hartleton and Mifflinburg. This church was established in 1801. In the cemetery was a Colonel John Kelly. WAR OF 1812 DECLARATION OF A WIDOW FOR PENSION to be executed before judge or clerk of court STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA COUNTY OF WESTMORELAND ON THIS EIGHTEENTH DAY OF JUNE A.D. ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED SEVENTY EIGHTPERSONALLY APPEARED BEFORE ME ___ ________ OF A NOTARY PUBLIC WITHIN AND FORTHE COUNTY AND STATE AFORESAID, MARY ZIMMERMAN AGED 89 YEARS, A RESIDENT OF SOUTH HUNTINGTON TOWNSHIP, COUNTY OF WESTMORELAND, STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA WHO, BEING DULY SWORN ACCORDING TO LAW, DECLARES THAT SHE IS THE WIDOW OF DAVID ZIMMERMAN, WHO SERVED IN THE MILITARY SERVICE OF THE UNITED STATES IN THE WAR OF 1812 AND WHO WAS THE IDENTICAL DAVID ZIMMERMAN WHO ENLISTED IN CAPTAIN DONALSONCOMPANY 39TH REGIMENT, Pennsylvania. VOLUNTEERS AT UNION COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA THE SOLDIER RECEIVED TWO BOUNTY LAND WARRANTS OF 80 ACRES EACH UNDER THE ACTSOF 1850 & 1855 BUT THAT HIS DISCHARGE CERTIFICATE AND OTHER PAPERS RELATED TOHIS SERVICE WERE BURNED SEVEN YEARS AGO, THAT SHE WAS MARRIED UNDER THE NAMEMARY KELLY TO SAID DAVID ZIMMERMAN ON THE ELEVENTH DAY OF MAY AT THE HOUSE OFHENRY KELLY AD 1815 BY ADAM WITT(?) JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AT HARTLETON, UNION CO, PENNSYLVANIA THERE BEING NO LEGAL BARRIER TO SUCH MARRIAGE THAT HER SAID HUSBAND DIED AT WESTMORELAND COUNTY ON THE TENTH AND FUNERAL THE 12TH DAY OF MARCH 1857, AND THAT SHE HAS NOT REMARRIED SINCE HIS DEATH. THAT SHE WILL SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES THAT SHE IS NOT IN RECEIPT OF A PENSION UNDER ANY PREVIOUS ACT THAT SHE MAKES THIS DECLARATION FOR THE PURPOSE OF BEING PLACED ON THE PENSION ROLL OF THE UNITED STATES, UNDER THE PROVISION OF THE ACT APPROVED MARCH 9, 1878 AND SHE HEREBY CONSTITUTES AND APPOINTS WITH FULL POWER OF SUBSTITUTION AND REVOCATION, GILMORE AND CO. OF WASHINGTON DC. HERTRUE AND LAWFUL ATTORNEYS TO PROSECUTE HER CLAIM AND OBTAIN THE PENSION CERTIFICATE THAT MAY BE ISSUED THAT HER POST OFFICE IS AT MENDON, COUNTY OF WESTMORELAND, STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA, THAT HER DOMICILE OR PLACE OF ABODE IS SOUTH HUNTINGTON TOWNSHIP MARY ZIMMERMAN applicant Bounty Land Claims Declaration State of Pennsylvania County Of Westmoreland On this twentieth day of JanuaryA.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty one personally appeared before me William Turner Justice of the peace duly authorized to administer oaths writtenand for the county and state aforesaid David Zimmerman aged sixty four years a resident of Westmoreland County in the state of Pennsylvania who being dulysworn according to law declares that he is the identical David Zimmerman who was a volunteer in the company commanded by Captain Donaldson in the thirty ninth regiment of militia commanded by Major Scott in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirteen volunteered(?) that he entered the service at Mifflinburg, Union County on or about the last of September A.d. 1813 for the term ofthree months and continued in actual service in said unit the for the term ofthree months and was honorably discharged at Selinsgrove Pennsylvania A.D. 1814 as will(?0 appear by expiration of term of service and never had a certificate. Sworn to and subscribed before me the day and year above written and I hereby certify that I believe the said David Zimmerman to be the identical manwho served as aforesaid and that he is of the age above stated. Bounty Land Claims Declaration State of Pennsylvania County Of Westmoreland On this seventeenth day of November A.D. one thousand eight is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.