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1. Title:   William Mackey-Wiso, nephew

a. Note:   s nickname was "Primo" His hobby was woodworking.He made several doll houses for his nieces. The last one he made soldfor $5,000. There was a large hand carved Mahogany ship. That he carvedsitting in their living room. His funeral services were held at the George P. Garman Funeral Home,Inc. MT. Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, January 7th, 1997 at11:00 A.M. The funeral service was officiated by the Rev. William-MackeyWisor, his nephew, and the homily was by Dr. Rosanne Neff, his niece.His favorite familiar hymn Amazing Grace played in the background. Hewas buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Freeburg, Pennsylvania. His wifeRosella wrote a fond farewell to the tune of Red River Valley.ROSELLA'S FAREWELL From this beautiful Susquehanna Valley they tell meyou are leaving. I shall miss your kind face and sweet smile, for youtake with you all of the sunshine that has lighted my life for awhile.But, my darling, as the scriptures have promised, we will meet again inspirit, in the beautiful sky, To be with our Heavenly Father, families,loved ones and friends, where there is no violence, sickness, sorrow orsin. And so my dear, as you leave me. I'll be waiting to meet you inthat place that has no end. I shall always love and miss you, till wemeet again. Love, your wife, Rosella. Rose Ann's memories of Uncle John were in her funeral talk. She says;"This is a bittersweet occasion for me. I like you fell the sadness thatcomes from the loss of a precious friend, uncle and fellow human being.Yet it is an honor to be asked by Aunt Rosella to speak to you at thistime. I can't remember when I first met my Uncle Johnny Spinoza, but Ifeel confident if he were here he'd be able to remember when it was. Notbecause I was any more special than any of his other nieces and nephews,but because he paid attention to such moments and had a place for each ofhis family members and friends in his very large heat. There are manywonderful things that I do remember about my favorite Italian uncle. Hispassion for his Italian heritage, for the great operas singer Pavarottiand for his good Italian food as some of the obvious things. But I havemore treasured memories, like the times I visited Uncle Johnny and AuntRosella in Brooklyn and Rosedale. He loved taking me in the heart of NYCand could give better guided tours than people who earned a living ascity tour guides. The Big Apple was one of his homes and he served itnobly in the NYC police force. I was always proud of what he did therebecause he was so proud of what he was called to do in his line of duty.As much as my uncle liked NYC, I would say he equally admired the beautyof rural Pennsylvania. In the late 1970's and ear;early 1980's when Istilled returned to Freeburg for the summer months, we'd go for walkstogether along the farms on the Isle of Que or around Monroe Manor. Henever failed to tell me about the farmers and their produce or to pointout some bird or duck or some other object of natural beauty peculiar tothe area. He was extremely blessed with the ability to appreciate theenvironment in which he moved and lived. He possessed a fervent zest forlife, goodness and beauty. He liked the fact that I was a health andphysical educator. He'd often repeat stories of the days when heattended Ohio State University in musical education, when he set a staterecord in discus, or when he was a physical instructor in the US Armyduring World War II. He certainly was a man of diverse interests andtalents. His woodworking skills, especially building doll houses, willlong be praised by many. His friends and acquaintances associate decencyand a good natured personality with my uncle. But above all else, Ibelieve Uncle Johnny will be best remembered for the energy and devotionhe had for his family and friends. His life was a living testimony ofhis love for his wife, Rosella, for his brothers and sisters and theirchildren. He cherished sharing life with them and his enthusiasm forbeing with them was obvious and , at times, I would say even contagious,In 1885 when I spent the month of July in San Antonio Texas, Uncle Johnnyinsisted that I call each of his sisters living there...and I did. Inhis own special way John E. Spinosa was a spiritual man. He communedwith His Creator every time he took a stroll or gazed upon an appleorchard, because he contemplated and marveled at the splendor of suchthings. But the first and foremost he demonstrated his understanding ofeternal principles by the value he placed upon the family unit. At ourmost recent Neff reunion, I shall not forget the kind words he expressedtoward his inherited Neff family of 54 years. Even in his weakened stateof health, he still spoke fondly and eloquently of Aunt Rosella and lifeitself. Somehow he knew the gospel truth the "families are forever." Bill wrote in his meditation the following. My being asked by AuntRosella to speak today in memory of Uncle John is a great honor. ForUncle John was a wonderfully good and kind man. On behalf of all you whoknow him so well, I hope me words are fitting. On behalf of our Lord forwhom I'm ordained to speak, I hope my words offer hope. In Matthew,Jesus speaks about those who are good and kind, who offer food and drinkand clothing and comfort to others, When we do these things to "one ofthe least of my brethren," we do these things to Christ. What ablessing to be called by God to do good and kinds things for others.What a blessing Uncle John has Been to many, many people throughput hislife. What I remember best about Uncle John is his energy for life.When my father and step-mother came to visit, we always left feeling muchbetter because Uncle John gave off life like a lamp gives off light. Ofcourse we all know about his remarkable "doll Houses" which he gave tohis nieces. My father was so impressed by these that he went home onewinter and made one fro my sisters. Uncle John's talent and zeal were agift to many. His talent was not unlike that of Jesus who was acarpenter by trade. I also remember that Uncle John was a man ofconviction. Perhaps from the many years of service as a police officerin New York he developed strong beliefs and convictions. More likely hehad strong convictions from his nature to be good and kind. Likewise,Jesus had strong convictions to 'do my Father's will.' By all rights,God could have given up on hi us; we have failed in many ways. But hedidn't give; He sent Jesus to die that we can be forgiven and madewhole. Before Jesus was to be crucified for us, he told his disciplesthat "in my Father's house are many rooms and I go to prepare a room foryou." Perhaps there is a big doll house awaiting Uncle John in Heaven Ibelieve there is. A story that I recently read offers us a lasting hope. Two ships sailedin a Harbour; one going out on a voyage, the other coming in to port.People cheered the ship going out, but the ship sailing in was hardlynoticed. Seeing this, a wise man remarked: Do not rejoice for a shipsailing out to sea, for you do not know what terrible dangers they manyencounter. Rejoice for the ship that has reached the shore, bringing itspassengers safely home. And so it is with the world. When a child isborn, all rejoice; when someone dies, all weep. But it makes just asmuch sense, if not more, to rejoice at the end of a life as at thebeginning. For no one can tell what events await the newborn child, butwhen a mortal dies he had successfully completed a journey. For UncleJohn, for you and me, when the journey is complete we have the hope ofgoing home, because Jesus said, "I will never leave you or forsake you."Think of the ship that Uncle Johnny built that sit in his living room.Think of his completed journey and the Lord saying to him, "Well donegood and faithful servant" You have completed your journey and left manywitnesses behind to continue to fan the flame of faith that you sharedwith them. AMEN
Note:   He was a policeman in New York City. He has a brother Ricky that stilllives in New York. Hi is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.