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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Abshire: Birth: ABT 1778 in St. Martinville,La..

  2. Louise Abshire: Birth: 15 Aug 1781 in St. Martinville,La..

  3. Rosalie Abshire: Birth: 15 Jan 1783 in St. Martinville,La..

  4. Jean Abshire: Birth: 25 Jan 1786 in St. Martinville,La..

  5. Benjamin Abshire: Birth: 20 Jun 1788 in St. Martinville,La..

  6. Anne (Hebcher) Abshire: Birth: ABT 1792 in St. Martinville,La..

  7. Joseph Abshire: Birth: 9 Jul 1797 in St. Martinville,La..

  8. Alexandre Abshire: Birth: 15 Jun 1800 in St. Martinville,La..

  9. James Jacob Abshire: Birth: 25 Nov 1802 in St. Martinville,La..

  10. Isaac Abshire: Birth: 12 Aug 1806 in St. Martinville,La..

  11. Theophile Abraham Abshire

  12. Susanne Abshire

1. Title:   "1Cd 101-Southwest Louisiana Records (1750-1900)"
Author:   Rev. Donald J. Hebert
2. Title:   "Southwest Louisiana Records; Vol 1A"
Author:   Donald .J. Hebert
3. Title:   Selected Acadian and Louisiana Church Records: Volume II
Author:   Compilied by Rev. George A. Bodin

a. Note:   d and possibly spent sometimeinPennsylvania. Hemarried Francoise Hargrave daughter ofBenjaminHargraveand RebeccaGaltney, perhaps right after they arrivedinLouisiana. Ifyou will noticethe entrys at their childrens birthitmentions Germanyor Pennsylvania. If you notice at the marriage of their daughter Rosalie in1800itstatesthat they have been in the parish for 21 years. ABSHIRE, boy (Jean APCHERE - "forgeron auVermilion"(blacksmithatVermillon) bur. 22 Jan. 1785 at age 2 mths. Fr.GEFFROTIN(SM Ch.:v.3,#31) This entry gives us a clue as to his profession. (blacksmithatVermillon)
Note:   According to Rev. Donald Hebert in the (SWLR) John AbshireisfromGermanyno parents mentione is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.