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Marriage: Children:
  1. Arsene Leleux: Birth: 11 Feb 1888 in Rayne,Acadia,la. Death: ABT 1892

  2. Albert Leleux: Birth: 24 Jan 1889 in Lyons Point,Acadia,la. Death: 1 Aug 1960 in Orange,Tx

  3. Hubert Leleux: Birth: 11 Jun 1890 in Rayne,Acadia,la.

  4. Numa B 'Luma' Leleux: Birth: 9 Mar 1892 in Rayne,Acadia,la. Death: 1945

  5. Delma Leleux: Birth: 26 Dec 1894 in Rayne,Aca,la. Death: 1937

  6. Joseph Cleophas 'Teopha' Leleux: Birth: 25 Feb 1896 in Rayne,Aca,la.

  7. Anna Leleux: Birth: 12 Nov 1898 in Kaplan,Verm,la. Death: 1952

  8. Eda 'Ida' 'Ada' Leleux: Birth: 27 Sep 1900 in Kaplan,Vermilion,la. Death: 5 Jan 1941

  9. Oza 'Black' Leleux: Birth: 29 Sep 1902. Death: 5 Feb 1977 in Gueydan,Vermilion,la

  10. Alice Leleux: Birth: 4 Nov 1904 in Lyons Point,Acadia,la. Death: 10 Mar 1982 in Crowley,Acadia,la

  11. Eldridge Leleux: Birth: 3 Apr 1907 in Crowley,Aca,,La.. Death: 1907

  12. Estelle Leleux: Birth: 3 Apr 1907 in Crowley,Acadia,la. Death: 26 Jul 1987 in Abbeville,Vermilion,la

Marriage: Children:
  1. Cleomere Leleux: Birth: 25 Feb 1898 in Kaplan,Vermilion,la. Death: 1 Sep 1948

  2. Cloma 'Cleoma' Leleux: Birth: 20 Apr 1901 in Roberts Cove,Acadia,la. Death: 19 Jun 1975 in Crowley,Acadia,la

  3. Eulalie Leleux: Birth: 12 Feb 1905. Death: 10 Feb 1975

  4. Walter H Leleux: Birth: 25 Aug 1909. Death: 16 May 1982

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a. Note:   Extreme care must be taken when viewing the descendants of Desire Leleux. Conflicting information, information which may have conflicting interpretations and a lack of solid proof add to the confusion in this branch of the family tree. It appears to have been common knowledge that Desire had two households.A rough man by reputation he apparently had children over the same period of time by his wife and his mistress. Care must be taken also to be sensitive to the wishes of the good people who are the descendants of Desire Leleux. However, genealogy is the history of a family and is essential for the descendants researching their ancestors to know all the facts about them no matter how disturbing. Some information, both as to ancestry and descendants, has been obtained from other researchers and is not cited or confirmed. Please proceed with caution and if you find in accuracies or are able to shed light, please contact me. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.