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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jean Baptiste Trahan: Birth: 2 Jun 1785 in St. Martinville,St.Martin,La..

  2. Michel Trahan: Birth: 26 Aug 1786 in St. Martinville,La..

  3. Pierre Jean Baptiste Trahan: Birth: 14 Sep 1789 in St. Martinville,La. Death: 25 Sep 1833 in Lafayette,La

  4. Francoise Trahan: Birth: 1790 in St. Martinville,La.. Death: 6 May 1816 in St. Martinville,La.

  5. Marie Louise Trahan: Birth: 1 Aug 1796 in St. Martinville,La.. Death: 18 Oct 1859 in Lafayette,La

  6. Marie Isabelle Trahan: Birth: 1 Aug 1797 in St. Martinville,St.Martin,La.. Death: 1848 in Opelousas,La

  7. Marguerite (Twin) Trahan: Birth: 25 Dec 1798 in St. Martinville,St.Martin,La..

  8. Rosalie (Twin) Trahan: Birth: 25 Dec 1798 in St. Martinville,St.Martin,La.. Death: 26 Jul 1803 in St. Martinville,St.Martin,La.

  9. Marie Pelagie Trahan: Birth: 10 Feb 1801 in St. Martinville,St.Martin,La.. Death: 1868

  10. Firmin (Twin) Trahan: Birth: 12 Oct 1805 in St. Martinville,La.. Death: 23 Jun 1861 in Abbeville,Verm,La.

  11. Euphrosine (Twin) Trahan: Birth: 12 Oct 1805 in St. Martinville,St.Martin,La..

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1. Title:   "Belle Isle en Mer Registers Volume II"
Source:   S43
Author:   Milton and Norma Rieder
2. Title:   "Southwest Louisiana Records; Vol 1A"
Source:   S14
Author:   Donald .J. Hebert

a. Note:   n of Jean-Baptiste TrahanandMarie-ModesteHebert. Married (1) at St. Martinville, La, the 3Jan1785,Marie-Francoise Trahan daughter of Michel Trahan andEuphrosineVincent,born1761, died Jun. 2, 1832. Married (2) FrancoisePitre widowofJosephTrahan daughter of Francois Pitre and MagelaineVincent. (NoissuewithFrancoise Pitre) Records show that his father and motherJean-BaptisteTrahanandMarie-Modeste Hebert along with 4childrenJean-Michel,Pierre-Marie,Marie- Louise and Jeanne- Feliciteembarked onthe "St.Remi" at Nantes,France June 20, 1785 arrived inLouisiana Sept.9, 1785. Jean-Baptiste probably made the voyage to Louisianaearlier,beingrecordsshow that he married Marie-Francoise Trahan the 3 Jan1785atSt.Martinville, Louisiana.
Note:   Jean-Baptiste Trahan; born at Liverpool, England 3 Apr1761diedinLouisiana June 13, 1840, so is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.