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Marriage: Children:
  1. Adolphe Landry: Birth: 12 Feb 1874 in Abbeville,Verm.,La..

  2. Azilda Landry: Birth: 14 Jan 1876 in Abbeville,Verm.,La..

  3. Marie Etna Landry: Birth: 13 Jan 1878 in Abbeville,Verm.,La..

  4. Alphonce Landry: Birth: 14 Jul 1880 in Abbeville,Verm.,La..

  5. Joseph Landry: Birth: 26 Jul 1887 in Abbeville,Verm.,La..

  6. Jean Claude Landry: Birth: 19 Sep 1892 in Abbeville,Verm.,La..

  7. Noila Landry: Birth: 30 Nov 1895 in Maurice,Verm,La..

  8. Louis Laureal Landry: Birth: 16 Dec 1898 in Maurice,Verm,La..

1. Title:   "1Cd 101-Southwest Louisiana Records (1750-1900)"
Source:   S4
Author:   Rev. Donald J. Hebert

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