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  1. Thomas Mirewray alias Proctor: Birth: ABT 1535 in Friarhead, Winterburn, Gargrave, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1621 in Warsill, West Riding, Yorkshire, England

1. Page:   Vol 61-62, Page 176, 185
Source:   SR1751
2. Title:   The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal Yorkshire Deeds: Volume 1
Page:   44
Publication:   Yorkshire Archaeological Society undefined undefined
Source:   SR1661
Author:   Yorkshire Archaeological Society William Brown

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Note:   The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Volumes 61-62 p176 A lawsuit brought by Gabriel and Thomas Proctor in 1556-7 lasted for over 21 years to the detriment of the Proctors' finances.” In earlier years however Geoffrey Proctor of Nether Bordley in Craven appointed 'Maister Antony Clifford Esquier’ as one of the supervisors of his will, proved in 1525, following the example of Roger Proctor of Coppercott whose will, proved in 1517, was supervised by Sir Henry Clifford, Knyght. By including a Clifford pedigree window in the Great Chamber of his new house Sir Stephen Proctor paid a great compliment to the Cliffords and it would seem to be an act of propitiation, an attempt to gain the favour of Francis Clifford, the 4th Earl of Cumberland, second son of Henry, the 2nd Earl with whom the long running lawsuit had been pursued. p181 Thom. Mirewray als Proctor of Frierhead mar Mary daughter of Thomas Proctor of Winterborn & had issue, Thom. Mirewray. ---------- Yorkshire Deeds: - Volume 1 - Page 44 124. May 15, 8 Elizabeth (1566) Bond of indemnity in 3ooli from Thomas Proctor of Frerehead in Craven, gent, Thomas Proctor of Healey, gent, and Richard Whytfeilde of Cowehouse, yeoman, to Henry Tempest of Broughton, esq., to save him harmless from a bond dated May 3 last, in which he and William Lister had been bound to the Earl of Cumberland for Thomas Proctor. (Ibid., No 15) ---------- Memorials of the Abbey of St. Mary of Fountaines. Durham 1863 According to a Genealogy, illustrated by armorial impalements, which was placed in one of the windows of Fountains Hall, by Sir Stephen Proctor, in the time of King James I., this family derived its descent from ” Sir Oliver Mirewraye, of Tymbridge, in the countie of Kent ; ” the reason of a change of surname being perhaps suggested by the further statement that “Thomas Mirewray, als. Proctor, of Frierhed. mar. Mary, daughter of Thomas Proctor, of Winterborn.” Both these places are in the parish of Gargrave, adjacent to that of Kirkby-Malhamdale, and were formerly among the possessions of the abbey of Furness, in Lancashire, - Val. Eccl. vol 5. p270. ----------
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