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1. Title:   The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal
Page:   Vol 61-62, Page 185
Source:   SR1751
Author:   Yorkshire Archaeological Society
Publication:   Yorkshire Archaeological Society
2. Title:   Baildon and the Baildons; a history of a Yorkshire manor and family
Page:   Vol. 2, p. 240-241
Source:   SR1638
Author:   Baildon, William Paley; Baildon, Francis Joseph, ed
Publication:   [London] Priv. print. for the author by the St. Catherine press
3. Title:   UK National Archives
Source:   SR1324
4. Title:   The parish register of Gargrave, in the County of York : 1558-1812: Volume 28
Page:   3
Source:   SR1797
Author:   Gargrave, England (Parish); Stavert, W. J. (William James)

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Note:   England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975 Stephen Procter Baptism/Christening Date: 04 May 1562  Baptism/Christening Place: GARGRAVE,YORK,ENGLAND  Father's Name: Thomas Procter  Indexing Project (Batch) Number: P00769-1  Source Film Number: 496810  -------- Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Procter, Sir Stephen (bap. 1562, d. 1619), courtier and revenue official Catherine A. Collinson Procter, Sir Stephen (bap. 1562, d. 1619), courtier and revenue official, eldest son of Thomas Procter (c.1535-1621), ironmaster and entrepreneur, of Friar Head, Winterburn, in the parish of Gargrave, Yorkshire, and later of Warsill near Ripon, and his first wife, Mary, daughter, according to the heraldic window in Fountains Hall, ... ------- Fountains Hall The house was built by Stephen Proctor between 1598 and 1604, partly with stone from the abbey ruins. It is an example of a late Elizabethan prodigy house, perhaps influenced by the work of Robert Smythson. After Proctor's death in 1619, Fountains Hall passed into the possession of the Messenger family, who sold it to William Aislabie of neighbouring Studley Royal 150 years later.[2] -------- The Procters of Bordley and Winterburn an extract from JW Morkill's book - The Parish of Kirkby Malhamdale An account of the Procters would be incomplete which omitted some notice of Sir Stephen Procter, the builder of Fountains Hall, who was baptised at Gargrave on 4 May 1562, the son of Thomas Procter of Frearhead. Of his early years nothing is known, but towards the end of the century, his name appears frequently as a litigant and it is from the Caesar Papers and Records of Chancery and Star Chamber cases that most of our information about his remarkable career is derived. An interesting though somewhat resentful sketch of his character and history has already been given by Walbran in Vol. II of his Memorials of Fountains Abbey (Surtees Soc.). Certainly it would seem that misfortune overtook him, if it did not overwhelm him, in his latter years. He must have married early in life and moved, apparently with his father, to Warsill, near Ripon, since, under date 4 September 1584, we find an entry of the burial of 'Thomas fil Stephani Procter generosi de . . . rsheille sepult' (Ripon Cathedral Register). Stephen's wife was Honor, the daughter of Raphe Greene, who is elsewhere described as 'one of her Majesties Musitions' (Acts of the Privy Council, 1589). There must have been a considerable family of Procters resident in Warsill at this period, since among the entries in the parish register for the period we find :Baptisms -'19 March 1603 - Tho :son of Elyas Procter de Warsell. This Elyas was presumably the younger brother of Stephen. The entry of his baptism at Gargrave on 12 March 1564, reads 'Elyas Proctor, son of Thos. Proctor of Frearhead' - -------- Baildon and the Baildons; a history of a Yorkshire manor and family p240-241 1593, July 30 — Bill of Complaint in the Court of Exchequer; Stephen Proctor, Elias Proctor and George or Gregory Pormorte, plaintiffs, Edward Cage, William Watts and Francis Wright, defendants. Depositions taken at Bradford, July 30, 1593, on behalf of the defendant Cage. Robert Baildon of Baildon, esq., aged 52 or thereabouts. He stated that a certain furnace for smelting ironstone, built by Thomas [sic] Proctor's masons and carpenters, "was never used nor fitt to be occupied, neyther coulde the same have bine used or occupied unles it had bine newe amended and repared"; the masons and carpenters who built it "were bothe unskillfull and unexpert for the erecting of such manner of worckes"; the stone work "did want both breadth, space, hight and wydnes, for lack of skyllfull worckmanshippe"; the stones were so badly laid that he "did thrust in his and betwixt stone and stones, and a walking rodd thorrough the stone worcke thereof"; if the furnace had been used for smelting, "he verelie thincketh the tymber worck would have bine in daunger of burning, and the stone worck of falling in sounder"; "the gotes and ditches, were aade for the said worckes, were in some parte of them unlawfully digged ippon the waste groundcs of other menne."" 1594-5. See ante, vol. i, p. 413. Signatures of Robert Baildon. -------- UK NATIONAL ARCHIVES: Reference: E 134/35and36Eliz/Mich34 Description: Stephen Procter, Elias Procter, Gregory Pormort. v. Edward Cage, Wm. Watts, Ralph Wright.: Contract or bargain for making of iron or iron works, to be situate in or near Shiplade (York).: York Date: 35 & 36 Eliz [17 Nov 1592 -16 Nov 1594] Held by: The National Archives, Kew Former reference in The National Archives E 134/35&36Eliz/Mich34 -------- Relating to the liberty of Ripon and the parishes of Aysgarth, Kirkby Malzeard and Masham 1488-1625 Held by: Yorkshire Archaeological Society 1605 - Elias Proctor, gent, Wm Thornton gent, Stephen Procter & h,w, Honor for land in Ripon - Feet of Fines Ripon MSS 907 -------- Married: Dame Honora Greene d. Abt 1626 Children 1. Debora Proctor 2. Priscilla Proctor 3. Beatrice Proctor
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