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  2. Thomas Hilton: Death: 1739

1. Title:   The local historian's table book: of remarkable occurences, historical facts, traditions, legendary and descriptive ballads, &c., &c., connected with the counties of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland and Durham, Volume 8
Page:   249
Source:   SR1744
Author:   Moses Aaron Richardson
Publication:   Moses Aaron Richardson
2. Title:   The Patrician
Page:   Vol3, p561
Source:   SR1763
3. Title:   The Patrician
Page:   Vol 3, Page 571
Source:   SR1763

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Note:   The local historian's table book: Vol8 p249 Thomas of Low Ford married Margaret Burdett, and had two sons and one daughter Anne, who married Mansfeldt Cardonell of Chirton, his son Henry died an infant, and his son Thomas Hilton, A.M. of Lincoln Col. was perpetual curate of Monkwearmouth, and having overheated himself in walking from Sunderland to Hilton died a few days afterwards of a fever to the great grief of his cousin the baron who considered him as his heir male and lawful successor. --------
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