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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Richardson: Birth: BEF 5 OCT 1736 in Westminster, London, England.

  2. Ann Richardson: Birth: ABT 1738 in Westminster, London, England. Death: 12 AUG 1802 in Paris, France

  3. Richard Richardson: Birth: BEF 19 AUG 1739 in Westminster, London, England.

  4. Catherine Richardson: Birth: BEF 10 OCT 1743 in Westminster, London, England.

  5. Martha Richardson: Birth: BEF 30 JAN 1744 in Westminster, London, England. Death: 25 JUN 1795 in Clifton Reynes, Olney, Buckinghamshire, England

  6. Thomas Richardson: Birth: BEF 12 FEB 1746 in Westminster, London, England.

  7. John Richardson: Birth: BEF 15 JUL 1748 in Westminster, London, England. Death: AFT 1806 in of Bramshot, Hampshire, England

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a. Changedatetime:   07:43:59
Note:   PARENTS: There are many Ann Robinsons born between 1705 and 1715. Only 1 Ann shows a mother as Margery or Margaret, who married a Robert Robinson and they had only the 1 daughter, Ann - which ties into there being no mention of siblings for Ann in the records of her life. I am linking her to these parents. England Births and Christenings: Name Anne Robinson Gender Female Christening Date 11 Feb 1710 Christening Place SAINT ANNE SOHO,WESTMINSTER,LONDON,ENGLAND Birth Date 22 Jan 1710 Father's Name Robt. Robinson , Mother's Name Margery Indexing Project (Batch) Number C06236-6 , GS Film number 918606 ------------------ CHILDREN: We know that John, Ann and Martha were John Richardson and Ann Robinson's children, as other than baptism records, they were also mentioned in his will. John and Ann possibly had more children: Catherine, Thomas [x2], and Richard. I am including them, as they came from the same IGI batch number and film 6901249 of Richardsons born to a John and Anne at Westminster. The co-incidence of it being someone else, at the same location is possible. Though these children, as I couldnt find further reference, could have died in childhood. For their son John: There were 2 John Richardsons , one christened 01 APR 1746, the other 15 JUL 1748 at Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster. I am not sure which one was the son that married Cecilia. Though I would guess the 1748 date is the correct one, as it fits in better with the birth dates of the other children [one being baptised in 1746 already]. ------------------ ABSTRACT OF THE WILL OF JOHN RICHARDSON, ESQUIRE OF NORTH END, FULHAM, MIDDLESEX Will date: 8th Dec 1770 Part of his estate to be set aside sufficient for his wife Ann (daughter of the late Mrs Margery Whitworth of the parish of St George's, Hanover Square, by Mr Robinson her former husband) to receive an annuity of £100 per annum during her lifetime ------------------ EXCERPTS FROM COWPER AND LADY AUSTEN: ... He was " John Richardson of North End in the Parish of Fulham in the County of Middlesex Esquire." His wife was Ann, " Daughter of the late Mrs. Margery Whitworth of the Parish of Saint Georges Hanover Square by Mr. Robinson her former Husband," and his children were John, Martha (Mrs. Green, afterwards Jones), and Ann (Lady Austen). (Will, P.C.C. a^i Bargrave,. dated December 8, 1770.) He was an Army agent with an address in Downing Street and afterwards in Crown Court, Westminster (Army List and London. directories, passim) Her sensibility to the principles of Religion was however accompanied with horror at her adoption of Popery, to which she had never attended except by her husbands compulsion. Sir R. & my lady returned to England in 1771, and lived first at Mr Green's; then at Bramshot Place, Hampshire, (Mr Richardson's House); and afterward, at. Bramshott Place, about three miles from Haslemere, now King George's. Sanatorium for Sailors, was her brother's house. He married Cecilia Calmady,. b. 1748, an heiress with £10000, on April 17, 1766, and ten of their children. were baptized at Bramshott between 1770 and 1785 (J. L. Chester, Westminster. Registers, 1876, pp. 443, 444 ; Gentleman's Magazine, xxxvi) ...He is content to say that Lady Austen's maiden name was Richardson, FROM:Cowper and Lady Austen: New Documents and Notes available on JSTOR and OXFORD JOURNALS, Oxford University Press@ referring to the same book. ------------------
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