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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Foster Willis: Birth: 16 Dec 1827 in Maryland. Death: Nov 1849 in Buchanan Co., MO

Marriage: Children:
  1. John Wesly Willis: Birth: Apr 1829 in Caroline County, Maryland. Death: 13 Jun 1829 in Caroline County, Maryland

  2. James Richard Willis: Birth: 2 May 1830 in Caroline County, Maryland.

  3. Harriet A. Willis: Birth: 18 May 1832 in Caroline County, Maryland.

  4. Louisa Willis: Birth: 31 May 1833 in Caroline County, Maryland. Death: 21 Sep 1833 in Caroline County, Maryland

  5. Peter Medford Willis: Birth: 19 Feb 1835 in Missouri.

  6. John Franklin Willis: Birth: Abt 1837 in Missouri.

  7. William Henry Harrison Willis: Birth: 26 Jan 1840 in Missouri.

  8. Charles Edwin Willis: Birth: 6 Jan 1842. Death: 8 Oct 1842

  9. Samuel Augustus Andrews Willis: Birth: Mar 1843. Death: 28 Sep 1843

  10. Sarah E. T. Willis: Birth: Abt 1849 in Missouri.

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Note:   This information was shared by Sandra "Sandy" Willis, Please contact her at The 1850 Mortality schedule of Buchanan County, Missouri li sts F. Willis age 44, married, b. Maryland; died April of c ongestive fever, ill 3 days. His son Thomas Foster Willis only child of Sarah Emerson an d Foster Willis also was on that schedule. It says: T. F. W illis age 21, born Maryland; died November of typhoid, il l 30 days. The earliest record I can find for Foster out in Buchanan C ounty Missouri is the purchase of land in the Savannah Lan d Grants in a territory known as the Platte Purchase (thi s was an area of Kansas that Missouri purchased). Savannah Land Grants p. 5 30 May 1845 Certificate #148 Fost er Willis, resident of Buchanan county. The SW 1/4 of Secti on 19, T57, 150 acres & 70/100. Foster Willis married 2nd Ann/Anna Andrews daughter of Medf ord Andrews and his wife Sarah, on 22 July 1828, Caroline C o., MD. The 1850 Census of Buchanan County Missouri lists: Washington Township, p. 75 H/F#520 Ann Willis age 44 b. Maryland James Willis age 20 b. Maryland Harriet Willis age 18 b. Maryland Peter Willis age 15 b. Missouri John Willis age 13 b. Missouri W. H. H. Willis age 11 b. Missouri Sarah Willis age 1 b. Missouri Thanks for this info Sandy! is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.