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John T. Colescott: Birth: 24 Sep 1863.
John Wesley Colescott: Birth: 1859 in Delaware. Death: 7 Apr 1940 in Milford, Delaware
John Willoughby Colescott: Birth: 10 Sep 1821 in Caroline County, Maryland. Death: 7 Jan 1894 in Greentown, Howard Co., IN
John Colescott: Birth: 1720.
John Colescott: Birth: Abt 1755-1774. Death: Bef 4 Nov 1823
Joshua W. Colescott: Birth: 3 Mar 1818 in Kent County, Delaware. Death: Bet 1860 and 1870
Luther E. Colescott: Death: Abt 1852 in Kent County, Delaware
Margaret Colescott: Birth: Abt 1799 in Maryland. Death: 24 May 1854
Martha E. S. Colescott: Birth: Abt 1836 in Delaware. Death: Aft 1860
Mary Ann Colescott: Birth: Abt 1823 in Delaware. Death: Aft 1880
Mary Daniel Colescott: Birth: Abt 1835 in Maryland. Death: 2 Apr 1894
Mary E. Colescott: Birth: Abt 1834 in Ohio. Death: Aft 1850
Mary J. Colescott: Birth: 19 Jan 1868.
Olive "Ollie" J. Colescott: Birth: 12 Aug 1856 in Indiana.
Othniel Colescott: Birth: Abt 1793 in Delaware. Death: Aft 1850
Ralph Colescott: Birth: Bef 1765 in Maryland. Death: Jan 1838 in Franklin Co., IN
Ralph Colescott: Birth: Bef 1765 in Maryland. Death: Jan 1838 in Franklin Co., IN
Ralph Colescott: Birth: Abt 1795 in Maryland. Death: Abt Oct 1876 in Shelby County, Indiana
Rhoda Colescott: Birth: 1 Feb 1788 in Maryland. Death: 22 Dec 1850 in Caroline County, Maryland
Richard Colescott: Birth: Abt 1841 in Maryland. Death: 10 Nov 1914 in Howard Co., IN
Robert H. Colescott: Birth: Abt 1833 in Maryland. Death: 3 Dec 1879 in Easton, Talbot County, Maryland
Rosa "Rose" V. Colescott: Birth: 4 Oct 1883 in Maryland. Death: 17 Feb 1967
Rosa Colescott: Birth: Abt 1868 in Maryland.
Samuel Colescott: Birth: 1715.
Sarah "Sallie" A. Colescott: Birth: 12 Oct 1855 in Maryland. Death: 29 Jun 1911
Sarah "Sally" Ann Colescott: Birth: Abt 1816 in Delaware. Death: Aft 1860
Sarah A. Colescott: Birth: 3 Jul 1828 in Maryland. Death: 19 Mar 1896
Sarah M. Colescott: Birth: 6 May 1873.
Sarah Colescott: Birth: 1718.
Sarah Colescott: Birth: Abt 1848 in Indiana. Death: Aft 1850
Sarah Colescott: Birth: Abt 1795 in Maryland. Death: 15 Mar 1876
Stephen Colescott: Birth: 9 Nov 1849 in Indiana.
Stephen Colescott: Birth: 7 Jan 1799 in Maryland. Death: 23 Jun 1869 in Near Denton, Caroline County, Maryland
Susan A. E. Colescott: Death: Bef 1850
Susan Colescott: Birth: 11 Jun 1858 in Indiana.
Thomas Colescott: Death: Aft 1807
Thomas Colescott: Birth: 1685 in Parkham, Devon, England.
Wesley Colescott: Birth: 20 Feb 1848 in Delaware. Death: 31 Mar 1905 in Howard Co., IN
William R. Colescott: Birth: Abt 1824. Death: 27 Dec 1853
William Colescott: Birth: 1692. Death: Bef May 1695
William Colescott: Birth: 1695.
William Colescott: Birth: 25 Jan 1861.
William Colescott: Birth: Abt 1828 in Indiana. Death: Aft 1850
William Colescott: Death: 1808 in Talbot County, Maryland

Joseph Benjamin Colgain: Birth: Abt 1870 in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Death: 8 Mar 1953 in Ridgely, Caroline County, Maryland
Sarah E. Colgain: Death: Aft 1953

Angeronia Collier: Birth: Abt 1844 in Salisbury, Wicomico County, Maryland. Death: Apr 1900 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
George Collier: Birth: 15 Apr 1904. Death: Oct 1986
Louise Collier: Birth: 5 Feb 1932 in Baltimore Corner, Caroline Co., MD. Death: 30 Jun 1991 in Baltimore Corner, Caroline Co., MD
Mildred Clarissa Collier: Birth: 18 Mar 1903. Death: 29 Dec 1973
Robert L. Collier: Birth: 23 Sep 1890. Death: 19 Feb 1963
Ruth Ann Collier: Birth: 1949 in Easton, Talbot County, Maryland. Death: 1999
William H. Collier: Birth: 18 Jan 1834. Death: 23 Nov 1894

Richard Collings: Death: Abt 1696 in Talbot County, Maryland

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