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Marriage: Children:
  1. Anderton /Hubbard/: Birth: Abt 1838-1839 in Maryland. Death: Aft 1860

  2. Mary /Hubbard/: Birth: Abt 1840-1843 in Maryland. Death: Aft 1860

  3. James P. /Hubbard/: Birth: 3 Jun 1845 in Maryland. Death: 31 Mar 1912

  4. Elizabeth "Eliza" E. /Hubbard/: Birth: Abt 1847-1848 in Maryland. Death: Bef 1875

  5. Hester /Hubbard/: Birth: Abt 1857 in Maryland. Death: Aft 1860

1. Title:   Caroline County, Maryland Marriage Licenses 1826-1865
Page:   40
Author:   Dorothy H. Baird & Louise A. Scott

a. Note:   NI15893
Note:   Caroline County, Maryland Wills Lib. ??? fol. ??? James Hubbard, of Caroline Co., MD dated 2 February 1821 probated 20 February 1821 wife, Charlotte son, Danielyounger children, not named, minorsWit: Bromwell Andrew, Noah Harper, George A. Smith------------------------------------------------------------------------Caroline County, Maryland Distribution Accounts Lib. JR#A fol. 100 James Hubbard, dec'd, of Caroline Co. dated 1 November 1823 adm'r- Eben Stafford sureties- Thomas Saulsbury, Ennalls Breeding widow- Charlotte, now deceased son, Daniel daughter, Litha daughter, Elizabeth son, Lindsey daughter, Maria son, James son, Peter son, Charlesdaughter, Marydaughter, Charlotte, now deceased-----------------------------------------------------------------------Caroline County, Maryland Guardian Accounts Lib. GAS#D fol. 258-262 James Hubbard, dec'd, of Caroline Co. dated 7 September 1824 minor heirs; James Hubbard, aged 17 Peter Hubbard, aged 13 Maria Hubbard, aged ca (14?) Mary Hubbard, aged 8 Charles Hubbard, aged 8Guardian- Aben Stafford--------------------------------------------------------------------------Caroline County, Maryland Guardian Accounts Lib. GAS#D fol. 352-355 James Hubbard, dec'd, of Caroline Co. dated 13 December 1825 minor heirs; James Hubbard, aged 18 Maria Hubbard, aged 15 Peter Hubbard, aged 14 Charles Hubbard, aged 9 Mary Hubbard, aged 9Guardian- Aben StaffordNotation- each child to recieve 1/7 of the estate (meaning that only 7 of James Hubbard's 10 children were living as of 13 December 1825)----------------------------------------------------------------------------Caroline County, Maryland Records (compiled by R. Bernice Leonard)Vol. T folio 71dated 14 November 1835 recorded 16 February 1836James Hubbard & China, his wife, Charles Harmon & Litha, his wife, Thomas Stevens & Maria, his wife, and Peter Hubbardto John Stevens, for $500part of "End of Controversy" on the left side of the main road leading from Potter's Mills to Fowling Creek, cont. 134 1/2 acres, adjoining "The Lott", also part of "Woolford" or "Red Oak Pond" cont. 112 acres, now occupied by James Hubbard.
b. Note:   DI15893
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