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  1. James Samuel Arthur: Birth: 29 APR 1904 in Stratford, Ontario. Death: 26 AUG 1972

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a. Note:   A transcription from the 1903 Simcoe Reformer, states the following: Ponting -- Rosa Bella Ponting, 18, Middleton spinster, born in Walsingham, daughter of Herbert Wm. Ponting and Julia Ann Beam, married Wm. James Arthur, 27, bachelor Walsingham farmer, born in Downie Township, Perth County, son of Samuel Arthur and Matilda H[....], in Courtland. Registration 013563 [Ontario Vital Stats] [Transcriber's Comment No date provided. Registration date 10 Jun 1903] You can find this on the Norfolk Historial Society Web site at http// Unfortunately, transcriptions for the Simcoe Reformer on that site don't cover 1893. But other information on the site shows the following on members of the Beam family(ies). Note another reference to Julia A. Beam, married to Herbert W. Ponting, and Rosa Bella referred to above. Beam -- Mrs. Beam's father, Abram Clows, 88, died 24 Oct 18944 at her home in Waterford [NR18941108] Beam -- Aaron Beam married Harriett DeWitt of Walsingham, 18 Nov 1843. Witnesses Thomas Lamport; John Bowers [GJR - SR19010307] Beam -- Jemima, 73 years 3 months, relict of Peter Beam, died 18 May 1893 in Waterford [NR18930601] Beam -- Julia A. Beam, wife of H. W. Ponting, was mother of Mrs. Wm. James Arthur Beam -- to wife of Nelson Beam a son 29 Mar 1890 in Waterford [BC18900423] Beam -- Sarah, 52, wife of Aaron Beam J.P., died 4 May 1895 in Windham [NR18950516] Beam -- Warren S. Beam of Selkirk married Miss Jessie Lee Sutor of Selkirk, 15 Oct 1902 in Selkirk [SR19021030] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.