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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Todd: Birth: 11 Aug 1804 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA. Death: 27 Sep 1871 in Pana, Christian, Illinois, USA

  2. Malinda Todd: Birth: ABT 1805. Death: ABT 1841 in Illinois, USA

  3. Thomas Jefferson Todd: Birth: ABT 1812 in Kentucky, USA. Death: 25 Jun 1899

  4. Catherine Todd: Birth: 2 Apr 1815 in Kentucky, USA. Death: 26 May 1886

a. Note:   60 census and is consistent with the 1770-1780 birth suggested by the 1830 and 1840 census. After the death of his father Caleb in 1795, he and his siblings and his mother, Margaret Williams Todd, went to Madison County KY with the rest of the Todd kin. One record says, "Please let the (?) Benjamin Todd have marriage license given under my hand this 25th of May 1803," signed by Andrew McClanahan and Wm Ervin, Clk. Though it is difficult to determine which of the tax list entries pertains to this Benjamin, it seems as if he appears in 1797, 1799, 1803 and 1806-1809 and in the 1810 census. In the census, he is shown with 2 daus b. 1800-1810 and he and his wife are identified as being born 1784-1794. The census taker appears in error on their ages, but accurate as to their children. Research in 2006 supports the tradition of Benjamin´s moving to Warren County and identifies this Benjamin as the same Benjamin who later marries Rachel Moore in Warren County in 1818. Benjamin appears first in the 1810 census, with four females born 1800-1810 and he and his wife are identified as being born in 1784-1794. The census taker appears to have made the same error in ages as when he enumerated Benjamin just before he left Madison County. The age of Benjamin in the 1820 Warren County and 1840/50 Montgomery County, IL census are consistent that Benjamin was born 1770-1780 with the 1850 census supporting a birth in 1771. Also, we have documented only two daus b.before 1800 for Benjamin. So Benjamin of Warren County and Benjamin of Madison appear to be the same age and have the same family structure. Benjamin appears first in the Warren County tax lists in 1812. Then in the 1815, 1817, and 1819 tax lists, he is listed as owning 66-68acres of land though no record of purchase or sale has been found. In1818, he remarried to Rachel Moore, Sarah presumably having died aft1815, and the Date of birth of their last child. He settled in Montgomery County, IL by 1839. His son Thomas and daughter Catherine married there in1835 and 1838 respectively. He last appears in the 1860 census in Montgomery County, IL. In 1819, he went to court against John Sammons claiming that Sammons attacked him with `sticks and staves´ and `did beat and bruise´ him. Uncle Ben was in the late war with England, the War of 1812. He served out in the same Company with Hiram Roundtree, under the immediate command of Governor Shelby of Kentucky, and aft serving with General Harrisons army in Ohio, crossed Lake Erie with Commodore Perry´s fleet, and was in the celebrated Battle of the Thames, which was so decisive that the allied forces of the British and Indians were so completely defeated, that so far as the North was concerned, the war was ended. Uncle Ben did not come to our county until perhaps, 1840´(from 1873 issue of Hillsboro, IL newspaper).´´
Note:   Benjamin Todd was born in 1771 in Rowan County. This birth year is what is listed in the 18 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.