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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jonathan Todd: Birth: ABT 1787 in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia.

  2. Thomas Todd: Birth: ABT 1793 in North Carolina, USA.

  3. Damara Todd: Birth: ABT 1796 in North Carolina, USA.

  4. Sarah Sally Todd: Birth: 1800 in Missouri, USA.

  5. John Todd: Birth: ABT 1805 in Missouri, USA. Death: BEF 1860 in Webster County, Kentucky, USA

  6. Reuben Todd: Birth: ABT 1806 in Kentucky, USA.

a. Note:   n him being 23 at the birth of his eldest son in 1787 and his other siblings being born 1765-1773. Caleb b 1764 was the son of Caleb Todd b 1735-40 in Philadelphia or Bucks County, PA. He moved with his parents and uncles and their families to Rowan County about 1770, when only 12 years old. After his father's death in 1795, he obtained in February 1797 a grant for 400 acres on Crows and Abbots Creek (presumably the land entered by his father in 1778 and mentioned in his father'w will) and sold it in March to Mary Gilstrap. He then migrated to Madison Co KY with his other Todd kin. He appeared on the tax lists 1799 and 1800 and then went to Missouri where his daughter Sarah was born in 1800 and son John was born about 1804/5. He returned to Kentucky (probably Hopkins Co) where his son Reuben Todd was born about 1806. He died shortly thereafter and his widow Sarah appeared on the 1810 census in Hopkins Co. along with her young children. This Caleb has been confused with the Caleb Todd b 1751 who migrated from Rowan County to Wilkes Co GA by 1781 and then to Madison Co in 1803 and then died about 1806. This Caleb b 1751 also had a wife Sarah (Sarah Bentley) who seems to be the Sarah who appeared in the Madison Co Tax list the year after Caleb b 1751 disappeared from the list. By 1810, Sarah Bentley Todd was on a tax list in Scott Co KY. Another confusion was with Caleb Todd b 1794, presumed son of Joseph Todd b 1757 and Mary Berry. This Caleb is assumed to be the Caleb who was the father of Baxter Todd b 1813, and the husband of Frankey Roberts married 1817, and the husband of Susan Cradlebaugh married 1835 . This latter Caleb is probably the Caleb listed with 46 acres on Drowning Creek in 1806. Going back to our Caleb b 1764, his widow Sarah bought land in Hopkins County in 1818 from Hiram Hodge and sold it in 1820 to Harrison Davis. Her purchase was witnessed by Jonathan Todd, who is assumed to be her son. In 1825, Jonathan Todd sells a parcel adjacent to Sarah's land to Nathan Fox who immediately turns it over to Joshua Todd, the brother of Caleb b 1764. This supports the theory that Sarah had a close connection to the Caleb Todd family and was likely Caleb's widow. “Sarah is on the 1810 Madisonville (Hopkins) County, KY Census:22000-12010. “1818 Hopkins County, KY Deed Book II, 1816-1818 page 40 Excerpt: ‘Hiram Hodge of Hopkins County to Sarah Todd of same, $120 for land lying in Hopkins County, KY, 20 acres.’ Wit: Jeremiah Palmer and Jonathan Todd. Sam Woodson, Clk page 231. “The 1790 census of Rowan County indicates a Caleb Todd Jr with only one son under 16, not three (error, below shows 1 male and 3 females)as shown below. This one male would have been Jonathan b 1787.
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