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Marriage: Children:
  1. James P. Todd: Birth: 1813 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA.

  2. Micajah Franklin Todd: Birth: ABT 1817.

a. Note:   lose kin to James B. Todd and William T. Todd who the census document as born in NC 1788 and 1793. The DNA proves they all shared the same male ancestor. Based on his age, he was probably their brother though he could have been an uncle. This is a big change from previous understandings of family historians who though Jesse was the Jesse Todd, son of Joseph Todd b 1748 of Madison Co KY. (An 1812 deed of Madison Co shows that Jesse Todd son of Joseph Todd b 1748 was a minor in 1810 and hence too young to be the Jesse Todd of Rutherford Co. Also the DNA proves that the three did no share a common ancestor with the Big Springs Todds, i.e. Benjamin Todd b 1759 of Rowan Co NC and his Madison Co KY kin.) Jesse came to Tennessee by 1806 (while the Big Springs Rutherford Co TN Todds were still in Kentucky) when he appeared on a tax list in Wilson Co just to the north of Rutherford County. He does not appear on the tax lists of 1809, 1810, 1811 of Rutherford Co though his close kin James B. Todd appears on the 1810 list. Jesse does not appear on the 1810 census. In 1814, William Nash sold him 86 acres on Owl Creek, a small branch of Carson's Creek not far from the confluence of Carson's Creek with Stones River. In 1820, he was one of the two executors of the estate of Jesse Patrick along with a son-in-law of Jesse, Joshua Vasser b 1773 NC. Jesse Patrick's widow Jemimiah/Gemima Patric was living with Jesse Todd's brother William in the 1850 census. Gemima Patrick also sold to Micajah Todd , son of Jesse, land inherited from her husband. One theory is that Gemima was the sister of Jesse Todd. He also got a land grant in the same area in 1825. These lands were adjacent to Hugh Brawley, Mary Meredith and Cornelius Brandon. In 1825, Mary Meredith sold him 50 acres on Dry Creek of the East Fork of Stones River in the portion of Rutherford County that became Cannon Co in 1836. In 1835, Jesse purchased 200 acres on Brawley’s Fork. Jesse appears on the 1820 Rutherford County Census with at least six children: three boys born between 1804 and 1820, and a girl born 1810-1820. There was also a male 18-26 (born 1794-1802) and a female 16-26 (born 1794-1804) and a female, presumably his wife, 26-45 (born 1775-1794). We have not determined if these were his children or the children or Gemima Patrick. Gemima had children according to the estate settlement but none are shown as living with her on the 1820 census. In 1837, Jesse sold his 40 acres on Brawley's Fork to Jacob Falkenberry and sold his Owl Creek land to David Faulkenberry. Jesse sold his lands in the late 1830s. Though he appears on the 1840 census, we do not find him in 1850. In 1820, Jesse Todd and Joshua Vassar were named the executors of the will of Jesse Patrick. The widow of Jesse Patrick was Jemima/Gemima Patrick b Virginia 1763 who in 1850 was living with Jesse's brother William Todd. In 1850, Joshua Vasser was living next door to Milton Todd, son of James B. Todd. Joshua Vasser was said to have come from Sumter Co SC though he was born in NC in 1773. Some report that Joshua's father Daniel Vasser was born in Amelia Co VA. in 1789. However, this may be a confusion of two different Joshua Vasser's. Though he was identified as a son-in-law to Jesse Patrick, Jesse Todd the other coadministratro of Jesse Patrick's estate, was not so identified. Because of Gemima Patrick living with William Todd in 1850, we suspect that Gemima was sister to Jesse or aunt to James B. and William T. There is a Jesse Patrick in Orangeburg, SC in 1820. We also note that the Todds of Bertie County might be from several different families and therefore each one needs to be studied and then sampled to see if this might be the origin of the Cannon County Todds. We have found a Jesse Todd in North Carolina between 1801 and 1808 who was said to be the husband of Sarah Watt and therefore the uncle of two Watt family members who came to Rutherford Co TN. We do not have enough evidence to prove whether or not this Jesse Todd could be the Jesse Todd of Rutherford Co. Here is what we know about the Jesse Todd of Iredell Co. 1. He was not on the 1800 tax list. 2. On 20 May 1801 (Book D p 239-40), he bought from Samuel Wasson 196 acres on Fourth Creek adjoining John Watts which he sold in 21 October 1805 (Book F p 550). He seems to have sold the same land on 8 Jan 1808 (F p 659) to John Watts. This would appear to be land on Fourth Creek, east of Fort Dobbs on the 1773 William Sharpe map of the area. 3. In between the purchase and sale of this large tract of land, he got a grant in 18 Dec 1803 for 22 acres on Fourth Creek that had been entered 6 Dec 1800 and then sold it almost immediately on 23 Jan 1804 (E p323). This land was adjacent to Potts, Worke, Stuart and Rodman. This would appear to be land on Fourth Creek, west of Fort Dobbs on the 1773 William Sharpe map of the area. ON December 5, 1800, Jesse Todd entered a parcel of land (Entry #150) which James Simonton, Entry Officer of Claims for Land in Iredell Co subsequently on 6 March 1801 directed the surveyors to lay off and survey for Jessey Todd, a parcel of land containing 22 Acres, bounded by lands of William Potts and John Stewart on the waters of Fourth Creek The land was surveyed on March 10, 1801 and mentioned neighbors: Potts, Stuart and Rodman. Jesse Todd paid for the land on Dec 7 1803 and Grant # 479 was issued 13 December 1803. (Book 117 page 166) William Watts, thought to be his father-in-law, dragged on for years after William's death in 1791 to a point in 1816 where Jesse Todd was listed as one of the heirs of William Watts and that the estate was totally settled. Whether Jesse was in NC or elsewhere was not stated. Jesse qualified as constable or Iredell Co in 1803 and 1805. (Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas..., 1800-1814, Russell Black, Jr., items 259, 429) I believe that tracking down the movements of the Patrick family and the Vasser family would show their connection to each other during the 1790-1800-1810 period. There was also a Hugh Todd who petitioned to be exempted from the poll tax in Iredell Co in 1794. Could he be father of James B. b 1788 and William T b 1793? Could he be father of Jesse? We have no other references to him. Notes and Documentation: 705. RB5,p50 - WILL: Jesse Patrick - DOW: 25 Har 1820 - F: Jun tens 1820 - Wife: Jemima Patrick - H: George Songer, Eli Harrison - son-in-law: Joshua Vasser - d: Syntha Vasser - Children: John Patrick, Allen Patrick, Levy Patrick, Nancy 0. Patrick, Raleigh Patrick - L: bought land from Thomas Hopkins - E: Joshua Vasser, Jesse Todd - W: George Songer, Henry Cooper. On the 1830 Rutherford Co Census with four boys and three girls00121001-0111001: 1M 10-15 (1815/20), 2M 15-20 (1810/15), 1M 20-30(1800/10), 1 M 50-60 (1770/80), 1F 5-10 (1820/25), 1F 10-15 (1815/20),1F 15-20 (1810/15), and 1F 40-50 (1780/90). On the 1840 Cannon County Census with 1M 60/70 (1770/80), 1F 15/20 (1820/25), 1F 20/30 (1810/20), and 1F 60/70 (1770/80). Deed Book K page 239, William Nash to Jesse Todd, 86 acres, indenture01-Sept-1814 $86.00, on the waters of Owl Creek, a branch of the Middle Fork of the East Fork of Stones River, Reg 16-Nov-1815. Bk Kp 239 1 Sept 1814..William Nash of Rutherfrod Co TN and Jesse Todd of same..for $86..on the waters of Owl Creek a branch of the Middle fork of the East Fork of Stones River..Beg at a cinkapine white oak on John Davis North boundary, thence N118p, E120 p , S80p, E 4 p, s38p to John Davis NE corne, w126 to be. 86 acres..Delivered into the hands of Jesse Todd 11 Feb 1816. R page 406 This Indenture 4 Oct 1825..Mary Meridith of Rutherford Co and Jesse Todd of (same) sold 50 acres. Begin tract granted to Mary Meridith by State of Tennessee..waters of Dry Creek of the East Fork of Stones River..beg, running E,89 p,S 90 in the north boundary of Cornelius Brandons, W with said line, 89 , N89 p to beg. Witn: Wiliam J. Todd, Lasson Todd…oath of William J Todd and J. Lasson Todd Reg Dec 11, 1828 (I think this must be William T. Todd assumed brother of Jesse and T. Lasson Todd, son of James B. Todd) Deed Book V page 500, William Gilliam to Jesse Todd 200 acres, indenture Aug 18,1835 $300, on Brawley's Fork of Stones River, Reg Sep 4, 1835. (Deed Book records from Edna Todd Lackie. A land grant mentions Jesse Todd as a neighbor to Hugh Brawley. Because of this proximity of residence, we thought that the Jemima Todd who married Hugh Brawley in 1821 in Rutherford Co might be the father of Mary Margaret Brawley who married 1843 to David H Phillips and Nancy Brawley who married 1842 to William C. Givens/Gibbens and Hugh Brawley b 1823. Family Finder DNA had contradictory results as to whether Jesse Todd was the uncle of the Brawley girls to strongly confirm the Brawley girls connection to Hugh Brawley and Jemima Todd, but the proximity of Hugh Brawley and Jesse Todd suggest Jesse was the brother of Jemima Todd. More DNA tests are needed to resolve this. Gemima/Jemima Patrick born 1763 Virginia was closely associated with this group of Todds, suggesting she might have been kin to their mother. She deeded her dower land to one of the children of Jesse Todd. We note there is a Jesse Todd in Iredell Co NC who is not related to the other Todd families in the area (Dutchman Creek, Grants Creek). In 1816, he was identified as an heir to William Watts died 1791. William had two grandchildren who went to Rutherford Co TN. We are still trying to find if the Jesse Todd of Iredell Co could be the Jesse Todd of Rutherford/Cannon Co TN. Jesse Todd b 1770-1780 appears in Rutherford Co by 1814 when he purchased land on Owl Creek a tributary of Carson’s Fork. Jesse does not appear in the 1809, 1810 or 1811 tax lists for Rutherford Co though there is a Jesse Todd on the 1806 tax list in Wilson Co TN. He appears on the 1840 census but not the 1850 census. His close kin (based on matching DNA) James B. Todd b 1788 NC appears in the 1810 tax list and marries in Rutherford Co about 1810; William T. Todd b 1793 NC marries in Rutherford Co in 1815. Jesse appears to have had a close connection to the family of Gemima Patrick and Jesse Patrick d 1820 Rutherford Co TN and Joshua Vasser. Joshua Vasser and Jesse Todd were administrators of the 1820 estate of Jesse Patrick in Rutherford Co. Joshua Vasser was identified as a son-in-law of Jesse Patrick. Gemima Patrick later sold land to Micajah Todd, assumed son of Jesse Todd. Gemima in 1850 was living with William Todd b 1793 NC. Our current theory is that the Patrick, Todd and Vasser family lived in the same place in North Carolina in 1790. This theory is based on the fact that James B. and Williiam T. Todd were born in NC 1788-1793; that Jesse and Gemima Patrick’s daughter Nancy was born in NC in 1790; that Joshua Vasser, son-in-law of the Patrick’s, was born in NC in 1770. We have found a Jesse Todd in NC in the 1800-1808 period. In 1801, Jesse Todd bought 196 acres on Fourth Creek from Samuel Wasson adjoining John Watts. In 1803, Jesse Todd was awarded a land grant of 22 acres on Fourth Creek, joining Potts, Work, Stuart and Rodman. On 21 Oct 1805, Jesse turned around and sold the 196 acres adjoining John Watts to John McLelland, (Originally granted to Samuel Wasson July 1788, Registered 21 Dec 1807). Then, on 8 Jan 1808, he sold 205 acres joining the lands of William Watts, John Watts, Samuel Wasson, Ewing and Alexander to John Watts Blacksmith. Witnesses for this last transaction were McClelland and Watts. This was registered 2 May 1808. This appears to be the selling of the same land twice. Jesse Todd was listed in 1816 as a “legatee” of William Watt/Watts of Iredell Co. August 19, 1816: We the Subscribing legatees of the estate of William Watts Senr Decd do hereby acknowledge that we have this day received each our full distributive share of said estate from the executors thereof. William Steel Davie White? Thos Watt Jean Watt William Watt Jacob Haupe Jesse Todd Vallentine Haupe John ? Thos Baileys heirs by ___ There is no indication of where these legatees were living; so we don’t know whether we can assume that this Jesse Todd is not the Jesse Todd who was in Rutherford Co TN by 1816. Jesse Todd bought a flax heckel from the estate of William Watt as recorded in 1830. A family historian indicates that Jesse Todd was the husband of Sarah Watts, dau of William Watts, based on Jesse having been named as an heir of William Watts.
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