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Marriage: Children:
  1. Caleb Todd: Birth: ABT 1751 in Prob Philadelphia/Bucks County, PA. Death: AFT 1806 in prob Madison County, Kentucky, USA

  2. John Todd: Birth: 3 Jun 1752 in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: d.y.

  3. Peter Todd: Birth: 23 Jun 1756 in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 18 Apr 1840 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA

  4. Joseph Todd: Birth: 4 Aug 1757 in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 30 Dec 1842 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA

  5. Benjamin Todd: Birth: 17 Aug 1759 in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 24 Jan 1854 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA

  6. Thomas Isaac Todd: Birth: 3 Jun 1760 in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 5 Apr 1843 in Heltonville, Lawrence, Indiana, USA

  7. Mary 'Polly' Todd: Birth: ABT 1763 in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: AFT 29 Aug 1800 in Prob. Madison County, Kentucky, USA

  8. Aaron Todd: Birth: 28 Apr 1765 in Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: AFT 1803

  9. William Todd: Birth: 28 Apr 1768 in Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: BEF 5 Nov 1849 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA

  10. John Todd: Birth: 25 Mar 1773 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 15 Apr 1839 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA

  11. Son Todd: Birth: ABT 1774 in Prob. Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA.

  12. Son Todd: Birth: ABT 1775 in Prob. Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA.

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a. Note:   0 at birth of oldest son Caleb estimated at 1751/8. He married in Bucks County or Northampton County to Sarah Giffin/Griffin. Though previously thought to be a son of Joshua Todd or Thomas Todd d 1733, the appearance of a Caleb Todd in the Northampton County in 1742 and 1745 suggests instead that Caleb Todd was the likely father of Benjamin. He was listed on a cash account in Northampton County in 1756. Afterwards he appears in the Northampton County tax lists 1761-1768. He also was listed in the estate settlement of Jacob Scheimer of Redington, Lower Saucon Township as having been paid for work in 1764. As a young man with wife and children, about 1770, he made the migration southward to Rowan County North Carolina. He made a land entry in February 1778 for 525 acres on Swearing Creek, presumably a mile or so south of the Jersey Settlement Church founded by Baptists who had moved there from New Jersey many years before. Saraha seems to have died prior to 1790 as she does not appear on the census in 1790. Then after over 25 years in North Carolina, he sold his 525 acres on Swearing Creek in 1796. By 1797, he and most of his children followed his cousins to Madison County Kentucky settling on Muddy Creek. He married Anna Johnson in Madison County in 1805. He died there between 1817 and 1820. Notes and Documentation: The will of Peter Giffin in 1791 in Northampton County mentions his sister Sarah, wife of Benjamin Todd of North Carolina. WILL ABSTRACTS OF NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, PA; 1752-1802. Compiled by John Eyerman, 1897 223 GIFFIN, Peter Bethlehem twn yeoman 25-10-1791 - 11-11-1791 brother Aaron sister Sarah wife of Benjamin TODD of N. Car. mentions children of bro. Aaron mentions children of sis. Sarah mentions Mary RESER widow of Jacob RESER ex. William Henry LAWALL and Leonhard BEIDELMAN wit. Susanna TOWNSEND, Joseph JONES and Philip CLAUSE Previous family historians seem to have been misled by a DAR record that asserted that the Thomas Todd who died in Sept 1777 in the Revolutionary War was from Rowan Co NC. Since there was a Thomas Todd who made a will in October 1777, this would imply that there were two Thomas Todd’s of the same age in Rowan County and hence must have been cousins, i.e. sons of different brothers. They assumed that Thomas who died in Sept 1777 was the son of Thomas Todd who died in Philadelphia in 1733 since they knew from the will of Thomas’ father-in-law that Thomas had a son Thomas. So they assumed that the “other” Thomas and his brothers Benjamin and Caleb were the sons of a brother of Thomas d 1733 and concluded that brother must be Joshua. It is not clear why they thought that Joshua was the father since there are absolutely no records of the adult Joshua Todd other than his baptism in 1714 and his witnessing of a will in 1708. Caleb Todd had a son named Joshua, but this is not cause to assume that Caleb’s father was Joshua. Furthermore, closer inspection of the military records of North Carolina shows that the Thomas Todd who died in Sept 1777 served in a regiment recruited from eastern North Carolina (Halifax County area) where another Todd family lived. Hence, there were not two Thomas Todds in Rowan County and so there is no reason to assume the three Todds in Rowan County: Thomas, Caleb and Benjamin were anything other than brothers and sons of the same father. Earlier family historians noted that Thomas Todd d 1733 Philadelphia had a father-in-law (Richard Cummins) who died in 1729 and made mention of his grandchildren: Thomas and Sarah Todd. They used this to support the notion that Benjamin, Caleb and Thomas must be sons of a brother to Thomas Todd. Though Thomas could have had additional children between 1793 and 1733, it seems likely that Sarah Todd would have mentioned them in her will if she had brothers living. I conclude that her brother Thomas had died by 1743 when she wrote her will. The historians also did not seem to have considered Caleb Todd as the possible father of the three. Benjamin appeared on the tax lists of Bethlehem Township along with his brothers Caleb and Thomas. He appears in 1761, 1762, 1767, 1768. Only in 1764 do his brothers appear without him on those tax lists. Benjamin (I) Todd is on the 1778, 1784 and 1790 tax records of Rowan County, NC. He was on the 1790 Federal Census in Salisbury Dist of Rowan County with 2M o 16 and 2M u 16. One male over 16 would be himself and another unknown son . The two males under 16 would be two more unknown sons. About 1797, he and his family migrated to Madison County Kentucky and settled in the Muddy Creek area. He died between 1817 and 1820 in Madison County. Update on Family Traditions There are traditions the relationship of the Todds of Wilkes County Georgia and Rutherford/Cannon County TN for which different conclusions have been reached in this revision. They concern: (1) John Todd b 1752, (2) Elizabeth Todd md Andrew McClain 1775 Rowan Co (3) Mrs. Mary Todd 1762-1866 who lived in Cannon Co TN, (4) Mary Todd who married William Scudder in 1783 in Rowan Co NC, (5) Jesse Todd b 1770-1780 who settled near Benjamin Todd 1759 son of Benjamin b 1730, (6) Edmund Todd b 1786 NC. (1) John Todd b 1752 The family tradition included an exact birth date for John Todd in 3 June 1752. However, no other records have been found that pertain to this John Todd. The many records that have been said to pertain to this John have been proven to pertain to other John Todds. The family tradition that John Todd b 1752 and his sons Benjamin and Levi came to visit their father in Rutherford Co TN suggested that Benjamin Todd (I) b 1730 was in Rutherford County TN at some point in time. John and his sons, Benjamin and Levi were reported by the family tradition to have lived with Benjamin for sometime in Rutherford Co TN. However, recent research shows that the John Todd with sons Benjamin and Levi in Georgia was not John Todd b 1752, but rather a John Todd b 1770-1780 who lived on the Jones-Putnam County, Georgia boundary, son of Caleb Todd b 1751/8 who lived in Wilkes County ,GA between 1781 and 1803. It is possible that the family tradition is a memory of a visit by this John to his kinfolk in Tennessee sometime after 1810 and that John returned to Georgia as the family tradition reports. This John may have indeed visited his kinfolk in TN, but he was the grandson of Benjamin b 1730 and the nephew of Benjamin b 1759, not the son of Benjamin b 1730. (2) Elizabeth Todd md 1775 Andrew McClain Elizabeth Todd: It was previously thought that the following reference to the marriage of Elizabeth Todd to Andrew McClain in 1775 with John Todd as a bondsman was a reference to a daughter of Benjamin Todd I b 1725/30 and her brother John b 1752. Elizabeth Todd married 10-May-1775 Andrew McClain. John Todd, Bondsman. Andrew: SQS Enterprises' Early NC Marriages has him as Andrew McLain. Others say it is McLean and McClain. Rowan County Marriage Records 1754-1866 by Frances T. Ingmire has Andrew McLain. However, after inspection of additional records, it appears that Elizabeth Todd is more likely to have been connected to the other unrelated Todd family in Rowan County and that John Todd was the John Todd of the unrelated family of Todds on Grants Creek that lived about 5 miles from Andrew McLain’s land. There were two unrelated Todd families in Rowan County living in three different places. There was a family that left Lancaster County, Pennsylvania after 1742 and arrived in Rowan County by 1759. One branch Samuel Todd and his son Nathan settled on Dutchman’s Creek about 32 miles NW of Salisbury in and one branch headed by John Todd, settled on a branch of Grants Creek about 5 miles SW of Salisbury. It wasn’t until over a decade later that descendants of Joseph Todd of Eling settled on Swearing Creek near the Jersey Church about 15 NE of Salisbury. Andrew McLain owned land on James, Cathey’s and Giant Creeks (Deed Book 8, p 57, 279 358). Cathey’s Creek (present Kerr Creek) lay only 5 miles from John Todd’s land on Grants Creek but was 25 miles from the Swearing Creek lands of Benjamin Todd of the Northampton Co PA family. Further, John Todd’s will of 1796 directs the sale of “two tracts of land, known by the name of McClaine's Place, granted to me by patent bearing date of 25-Oct-1786, containing two hundred and thirteen acres.” John’s widow was buried at a church on Cathey’s Creek. There are also two road maintenance records that suggest a geographic connection between Andrew McLain and John Todd. The road in question ran from Frohock’s Mill (which lay just west of Salisbury and close to Grant’s Creek) to James Dobbins’ Ford on Second Creek, about 10 miles. The first record is dated in the late 1780s and the second record must have been prior to 1794 when Thomas Frohock died and possibly prior to 1790 since Andrew McClain is not in the census in 1790. 1. page 112 4:426, 04-Aug-1784, James Todd pays 50/for bastardy. P page 112 5:201, 06-Feb-1789, Overseers apptd., James Todd for James Dobbins on new road. P page 112 5:227, 08-May-1789, Overseers of the Roads apptd., James Todd from Thos. Frohock's Mill to James Dobbins Ford on 2nd Creek with the following hands: Thomas Frohock, Dr. Newnan, Andrew Christy, Peter Pinxton, Jacob Link, Richd. Geo., Hugh and Henry Robison, John and Hugh Dobbins, Edward Howard, Thomas Green, and Ralph Hinds. 2. P page 163 5:75, Jury to lay out road from James Dobbins' Ford on Second Creek by Hugh Dobbins and John Todd Jr.'s to join the road leading from Frohock Mill to Second Creek Bridge: Hugh and John Dobbins, Sr. and Jr., Benj. Robinson, Alexr. Dobbins, Sr., Wm. Cowin, John and James Todd, Andw McClaine, Thos. Frohock with Robt Venens, Overseer. Piece of road from Colo. Francis Locke's plantation to said James Dobbins' Ford on Second Creek to be discontinued. The only contradictory fact is that John Todd’s 1798 will does not mention a daughter Elizabeth. Unless Andrew and Elizabeth were deceased without issue, this is hard to explain. However there is no evidence to link Andrew McLain to the Jersey Settlement area; so we leave Elizabeth as likely kin to the John Todd family of Grants Creek. (3) Mary Todd Scudder Mary Todd married William Scudder in Rowan County NC in 1783 and shortly thereafter went to Wilkes Co GA. Some historians thought she must be the daughter of Caleb b 1751 rather than his sister because they accepted the 1936 Woodbury and Cannon County History which asserted that Mrs. Mary Todd was the sister of Benjamin Todd b 1759. However, we now believe that Mrs. Mary Todd 1762-1866 could not be a Todd since both the 1850 and 1860 census state that Mary was born in NC before the Todds came there from Pennsylvania. Also, it is unlikely that Mary Todd Scudder was a daughter of Caleb Todd b 1751 since she would likely have been born prior to 1764 (assuming at least age 19 at marriage) and therefore too old to be a daughter of Caleb. Or another way to look at this, there were two few years between Caleb’s birth in 1751 and Mary’s marriage in 1783 for Mary to have been Caleb’s daughter. (4) Mrs. Mary Todd 1762-1866 Benjamin Todd b1730 was the father of Benjamin b 1759. This latter Benjamin Todd was a Revolutionary War Veteran who settled in Rutherford County about 1809. According to a Cannon County history, written in 1936 by Sterling Brown, Benjamin b 1759 was the brother of Mrs. Mary Todd who had two brothers killed by Indians at Old Fort Nash and three brothers killed by Indians in KY. However, as Roma Todd pointed out, if Mrs. Mary Todd was born in North Carolina in 1762, then she was not born a Todd because the Todds were still in Pennsylvania. If Mary is the widow of a male Todd, then these killed brothers would not be Todds at all, but rather earlier migrants to KY and TN sharing her maiden name surname. Though Mary Todd could have been a sister-in-law, DNA from two of the descendants of Benjamin Todd b1759 implies that her grandson Walker Todd b 1822 was also a grandson of Benjamin Todd. For this book, we have placed her as the consort of Benjamin Todd, rather than his sister for the reason stated above and rather than a sister-in-law because we have no evidence of another brother to have been Mary’s husband. Further evidence is needed to confirm this assumption. (5) Jesse Todd b 1770-80 Jesse Todd b 1770-80 settled in Rutherford Co in the Carson's Fork area that became Cannon County in 1836 By1835, he also owned land on nearby Brawley’s Fork. This Jesse was thought to be the son of Joseph Todd b 1748, but recently discovered documents shows that Jesse was too old to be a son of that Joseph. Also DNA evidence showed him to be a brother of James B. Todd b 1788 NC and Willilam T. Todd b 1793 NC who lived in Cannon Co. (6) Edmund Todd b 1786 NC Edmond Todd lived 15-20 miles from the other two Todd families. His descendant's DNA does not show a close relationship to any of the Todd lines, but shows a distant relationship to most of them. This suggests that either the relationship is due to intermarriage in more recent generations or to a common ancestor before the families came to TN. Other information about Benjamin b 1730 Benjamin I b 1730, with sons, Benjamin II, Joseph, Peter, Thomas, and William on the 1790 Rowan County Federal Census. Also, his bro, Caleb Sr and his son, Caleb Jr, are on the 1790 Federal Census. (John Sr, John Jr, and James Todd appear on this list and are the Todds who came form Lancaster Co. PA.) Land entry of February 1778: 525 acres on Swearing Creek. 10: 246: 4 Nov 1784 State Grant #899, to Benjamin Todd, 525 Acres on Swearing Creek adj, McCulloh, McCartney and Barkley Benjamin sold 200 acres on Lick's Creek to Hanliman Davis. Listed in area of Rowan County that became Davidson County in 1789. Sold 525 acres in Rowan County on 19-Mar-1796 and abt 1796, he and five sons moved to Madison County, KY. (Caleb and Aaron were in GA at this time. While in Rowan County, his children, Joseph, Mary, and Margaret (this must be Elizabeth or Caleb's dau, Margaret) became members of the Jersey Baptist Meetinghouse, Davidson County, NC (Records of 1792. See more info on this under Joseph). … Also, one more important thing to add here is that Benjamin and Sarah Giffin Todd had more sons than we have identified by name, i.e. two males under 16 and one over 16 on the 1790 Rowan County, NC Federal Census. Sarah: Sarah is mentioned in Peter's (bro) will in 1791. Researchers of this line say the spelling of surname is definitely Griffin. Will of Peter has ‘Will of Peter Giffin’ and his father's will has ‘William Giffin.’ In Rowan County, NC, Benjamin owned land along the Yadkin River and streams connected to it, to the east of the City of Salisbury and on the North Side of the river. Benjamin Todd witnessed the will of Thomas, Elizabeth's husband. Benjamin I's had four sons who served in the Revolution: Benjamin II, Joseph, Peter, and Thomas. Benjamin married (1) Sarah Griffin in 1750 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. Sarah was born about 1730 in Upper Medford, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA. She died before 1790 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Sarah is mentioned in Peter's (bro) will in 1791. Some assert that Sarah’s maiden name was Griffin rather than Giffin. Will of Peter has 'Will of Peter Giffin' and his father's will has 'William Giffin.
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