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Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha Todd: Birth: ABT 1704 in Prob. Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA.

  2. Hester Todd: Birth: ABT 1711 in Prob. Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

  3. Joseph Todd: Birth: 1712 in Prob. Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 3 Sep 1745 in Warminster, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

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a. Note:   e in 1698, so born prior to 1677. In 1701 he acquired 224 acres in Warminster in Bucks County. He married Martha Edwards in 1703. He joined the Pennepack Baptist Church in 1709 though he was also reported to have been a deputy working to resolve a religious controversy between various Baptist congregations in 1706. He also seems to have been involved with the Hopewell church in Hunterdon Co NJ in 1715. He died in 1721, probably only 44 and his will was recorded in Philadelphia. His wife Martha lived 27 years longer than he, dying in 1748. Notes and Documentation: Patent 1701, 224 acres in Bucks County. Joined Pennepack Baptist Church in 1709. Became admns of his father's will. From History of Bucks County (Vol 1 page 182) by Davis: “Joseph Todd, one of the early settlers of Warminster, took up a tract of two hundredand twenty-four acres and was conveyed to him by patent, 1701. It lay on the street road where York road intersects. The consideration was L30 10s. We know nothing of Joseph Todd, whence he came or whither he went, but his descendants are probably still in the county. Since then the property has changed hands several times, and been considerably reduced in acreage. It was in the Todd family for 68 years, they building a stone house on it in 1719, two of the rooms remaining in good condition with the stone date. Notes and Queries Historical, Biographical, andGenealogical Relating Chiefly to Interior Pennsylvania (Annual VolP page 224) 1897: "Alexander Edwards settled in Radnor. He and his family were Quakers. There at the home of David Price, Oct 20, 1692, his daughter Bridget, was married to Griffith Miles (brother of Richard Miles) born in Wales in 1670, immigrated to America about 1683. Another daughter, Jane, was married to James James at the same house. One month later, Nov 17, 1692, his daughter Martha was married. to Joseph Todd. These daughters, with their husbands, became Baptists after the Keithian Schism, Joseph Todd being one of the deputies that met at the house of Richard Miles Jun 22, 1706 to compromise matters of dispute among the Baptists." Note that this marriage year contradicts the official records. From Pennsylvania Magazine, H & B (Vol 9) 1885, History of the Baptists in Delaware: "But we could not be in fellowship (at the Lord's table) with our brethren of Pennepack and Philadelphia, because they did not hold to the 'laying on of hands.' True, some of them believed in the ordinance, but neither preached it up nor practiced it, and when we moved to Welsh-Tract and left 22 of our members at Pennepack, and took some of theirs with us, the difficulty increased.We had many meetings in order to compromise matters, but to no purpose till Jun 22, 1706, then 25 deputies met at the house of Bro Richard Miles in Radnor." (The names of the deputies, among several others,were Peter Chamberlain, Samuel Griffith, John Snowden, John Swift Jr and Joseph Todd). From The Complete Book of Emigrants 1661-1699 (V2 HR 325) by PeterWilson Coldham: "26-May-1699 Shippers by the Owners Adventure ofLondon, Mr. James Mitchell, bound from Southampton for PA: Joseph Todd(PRO: E190/841/1)." “Hopewell - This church is distinguished from the township, where the meetinghouse stands, in Hunterdon County, NJ bearing northeast from Philadelphia, at the distance of 40 miles. The dimensions of the house are 40 feet by 50, built in 1747 on a lot of three quarters of an acre and the gift of John Hart, Esq. “One of the three families, who first settled in the tract, now called Hopewell, was that of Jonathan Stout, who arrived here from Middleton, about 1706. The place then was a wilderness and full of Indians. Mr. Stout's wife was Ann Bullen, by whom he had nine children, namely Joseph, Benjamin, Zebulon, Jonathan, David, Samuel, Sarah, Hannah, and Ann. Six of these children are said to have gone to Pennsylvania for baptism. Thus it appears that Mr. Stout's family, including the father and mother, furnished eight members for the church. Seven other members are supposed to have been Thomas Curtis, Benjamin Drake, Ruth Stout, Alice Curtis, Sarah Fitzrandolph, Rachel Hide, and Mary Drake. These fifteen persons on the 23rd of Apr 1715 were organized into a church by the assistance of Abel Morgan and John Burrows, with their Elders Griffith Miles, Joseph Todd, and Samuel Ogden, and the same year they joined the Philadelphia Association..”
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