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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah Todd: Birth: ABT 1725 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: BEF 3 Nov 1743 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  2. Thomas Todd: Birth: ABT 1727 in Philadelphia. Death: prob prior to 1743

a. Note:   nd presumably was raised by his kin. He married in 1722 to Elizabeth Cummins. He was a glazier (cutter and fitter of windows) when he died at a young age 35 or 40, in 1733. He had a daughter Sarah and a son Thomas prior to the 1729 will of Richard Cummins his father-in-law. There are two theories as to the parentage of the three Todds who appeared in the Northampton Co tax lists 1761-1768 and then in Rowan Co NC thereafter. One theory is that the three were all sons of Thomas d 1733 Philadelphia; another theory is that they were sons of the Caleb Todd who was appointed overseer in Durham Township Bucks Co in 1745 - when Durham Township included what became Williams Township, Northampton County, just south of Bethlehem, The third theory is that Thomas was son of Thomas d 1733 and that Benjamin and Caleb were sons of Caleb Todd. Given that Caleb Todd was the only Todd known to be in Northampton County prior to the 1750s, we assume that Caleb Todd is the most likely father of the three Todd young men (Benjamin, Caleb and Thomas) in the 1750s and 1760s records of Northampton County. A previous theory thought that the three Todds in Northampton were the sons of Joshua Todd and another theory was that they were all sons of Thomas Todd d 1733. Under the last theory, it appeared that Thomas d 1733 was the father of Thomas, Sarah, Benjamin and Caleb Todd. His will mentions no children, but the will of his father-in-law Richard Cummins in 1729-30 mentions Thomas Todd and Sarah Todd. Because of the connection of his wife to the William Parsons who founded Easton in 1752, it was theorized that Thomas born about 1727 was the son of Thomas d 1733 and that Thomas born about 1727 was the Thomas Todd who became the coroner of Easton for a year in 1757. Similarly, since Thomas, Benjamin and Caleb Todd all appear in the tax lists for Northampton Co 1761-1768 and then appear together in Rowan Co NC in the 1770s, it was believed that all three were brothers and that Benjamin and Caleb were born between Richard Cummin’s will of 1729/30 and Thomas’ death 1732/33. Some historians have assumed that since Richard Cummins’ will identified only two children, that Benjamin and Caleb must have been children of another brother, such as Joshua. But there are still a few years between Richard Cummins’ death in 1729/30 and Thomas’ death 1732, so there could have been more children. Also we have no evidence for any other brother of Thomas having had children. This theory has some validity but it is more likely that Caleb was the father of the three Todds. The chart below shows the connection of the sons of Thomas to William Parsons, the founder of Easton in 1752, namely, he was their great-uncle. Such close relationship would account for the sons of Thomas d1733 moving to Easton by 1761 and for Thomas becoming coroner in 1757. Robert Parsons d 1708 md Grace William Parsons b 170?-d1757 Sarah Parsons md Richard Cummins d 1729/30 Elizabeth Cummins md 1722 Thomas Todd d 1732/3, Thomas Todd b abt 1723 Sarah Todd b abt 1725 d 1743 Benjamin Todd b 1730 Caleb Todd b 1732 John Cummins Richard Cummins John Cummins Sarah Cummins Elizabeth Cummins There was a John Todd buried in Christ Church yard in March 5, 1730, but there is no evidence that he was son of Thomas, but it is possible. I have not listed him as a son of Thomas. Philadelphia, PA Will Book 81/256-257 1733: "To Wm Monington of Philadelphia, a merchant and principal of the estate of Thomas Todd, late of Philadelphia, glazier, deceased. Greetings, Whereas this Thomas Todd lately dyed intestate (as is affirmed) having whilst he lived and at the time of his death gives goods, rights, and credits within the said Province and County by means whereof the full disposition and power of granting the admns of all singular goods, rights, and credits were of the decd and also crediting the accounts, calculations, and reckoning of the admns, and a final destination (?)from the same to me is manifestly know to belong. I answering (?) that the goods, rights, and credits, which were of the decd, may be well and truly administered, converted and disposed of to (?) do hereby grant unto you, the said Com. Monington (in whose fidelity in this behalf I very much confide) full power by the tenor (?) of these presents to administer the goods, chattels, rights, and credits, which were of the said decd and within the said Province and County, and also to ask, collect, levy, recover, and receive the credits whatsoever of the decd, which at the time of his death were owing to him, did anyway belong and to pay the debts in which the decd stood obliged so far forth as the said goods, rights, and credits will extend, according to their rate and order of law, especially of well and truly administering the goods, rights, and credits of the dedans making a true and perfect inventory thereof and exhibiting the same unto the Reg. Generals Office at Philadelphia, at or beef the first day of Mar next, and honoring a true and just account and calculation and reckoning of the admns at or before the second day of Feb in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and thirty four. And I do by these presents ordainly (?) and you (?) Wm Monington,administer of all and singular goods, chattels, rights, and credits, which were of the decd, within the limits of saving harmless and forever. In (?) me and all other officers against all other persons by reason of your admns of and saving to all others their rights. In testimony whereof I have hereunto let my hand and seal of office at Philadelphia the first day of Feb in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and thirty three." (Cannot read signature). Right under the above: "Know all men by these presents that I, Elizabeth Todd, of Philadelphia, widow of Thomas Todd of Philadelphia, a glazier who dyed intestate forever, good causes of admns, me thereunto moving, have renounced and discharged by these presents, do renounce and disclaim all my rights, title, and interest in and to the admns of the estate late of the deceased. Willing that the same be granted to William Monington of Philadelphia, Merch. In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal the eighth day of Jan in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and thirty three." Constable of Mulberry Ward in the City of Philadelphia in 1722. Will of Sarah, daughter, 14-Oct-1743, names John and Elizabeth Cummins as cousins and mentions her aunt, Grace Parsons. From 40 Families of Easton, William Parsons and wife Grace, aunt to Richard and Sarah Cummins (parents of Elizabeth who married Thomas Todd, 1722). Bethlehem and Easton are in Northampton County PA which was created from Bucks County in 1752. The tax lists of Northampton County are very important evidence as it shows that there were not two Thomas Todds in Northampton and that the Thomas who was there was closely associated with Benjamin and Caleb Todd. Hence, these appear to be the three Todds who disappeared from Northampton County after 1769 and appeared in Rowan County by 1772. I suggest they are brothers to each other and sons either to Caleb Todd b 1680s/1690s or to Thomas Todd died 1733, and most likely to Caleb Todd since he is the only Todd shown to be in the Northampton County area prior to the 1750s. We note that Sarah makes no mention of any brothers which supports the theory that the three brothers were not sons of Thomas d 1733 but rather were sons of Caleb Todd the 1745 overseer.
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