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Marriage: Children:
  1. Phoebe Todd: Birth: 10 Jul 1812 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA. Death: 30 Dec 1897 in Beardstown, Cass, Illinois, USA

  2. Daniel P. Todd: Birth: ABT 1814.

  3. Ninevah G. Todd: Birth: 10 Dec 1819. Death: 31 May 1864 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA

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a. Note:   nty, KY on Muddy Creek on 26-Apr-1819 Book N,William and wife, Elizabeth, to Isaac Todd. The document has William and Elizabeth Todd's seal and witnessed by Thomas O Cullum and CalebTodd. Isaac Todd was on the 1820 Madison County, KY Census. The names of the children of Isaac and Sally Todd are listed on an agreement between Isaac Todd heirs and Catherine Laneheart Todd. The Article ofAgreement was made 23-Feb-1860. From Nancy Teruya: “1830 Census for Madison County KY shows Isaac Todd with males 1(5-10), 2(10-15), 2(20-30), 1(40-50); females 1(10-15), 1(15-20), and 1(40-50). The female 15-20 would be Phoebe. Even though her obit states she married in 1830, the marriage agreement is 1833. 1840 Census for Madison County, KY shows Isaac Todd with males 1(15-20), 1(20-30), 1(50-60); females 1(20-30, and1(50-60). Sally is close in age to Isaac and died 1840-1844. "U.S. Federal Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880. Schedule 3. Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June 1860 in The First Division in the County of Madison State of Kentucky, shows Isaac Todd age 78, male, married, born NC, died Sep, Farmer, Heart Dropsy, ill for seven days”
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