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a. Note:   . What is certain is that she was the grandmother of Walker Todd 1822-1907 whose parentage is not known with any specificity. We also know that Walker Toddd b 1822 and Jefferson Todd b 1814 were connected with each other, at least in the latter part of their lives, if not early on. When Jefferson Todd b 1814 moved from the Fox Hollow area of Rutherford Co to Cannon Co abt 1849, he and Walker Todd b 1822 both bought land in the same area. Some of the land purchased was formerly owned by a family of Todds that settled in the Owl Creek/Carson Creek area about the same time as the Benjamin Todd b 1759 family and his nephews settled in the Big Spring area of Rutherford Co. However, the Cannon County family of Todds - Jesse b 1770-1780, James B. b 1788 NC and William T. b 1793 NC did not share the same male DNA with Walker b 1822, Jefferson b 1814 or the family of Benjamin Todd b 1759 and his family. DNA suggested that Walker Todd b 1822 could have been a grandson of Benjamin Todd b 1759 but the county records indicated that it was not through a legitimate daughter of Benjamin b 1759; hence we postulate that Walker b 1822 might be grandson through an illegitimate daughter of Benjamin Todd b 1759 with Mary Todd 1762-1866. Jefferson Todd was closely connected to Walker Todd based on their moving to the same location almost at the same time and Walker being administrator of the estate of Jefferson Todd. Male DNA showed they did not share the same father and Autosomal DNA showed they probably didn't share the same mother. Hence, we postulate that the connection between them was somehow through the family of Mary Todd's birth family. So we have created a hypothetical family structure in which Walker Todd b 1822 is the grandson of Mary Todd 1762-1866 and the great-great grandson of Mary's grandfather and Jeffferson Todd 1814-1857 is a great-grandson of Mary's grandfather. This is just a research hypothesis based on the DNA results. More search is needed to prove or disprove this theory.
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