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  1. William Tod: Birth: ABT 1624 in Prob. Scotland.

a. Note:   The Three Todd Families of Rutherford and Cannon County TN Descendants of Joseph Todd of Eling, England and Todds of Brawleys and Carsons Fork, Rutherford/Cannon County, Tennessee This book chronicles the history of three Todd families - one from England, one probably from Northern Ireland and the other of unknown origin - who all migrated to America and in their westward migrations, crossed paths in Rutherford and Cannon County Tennessee in the early 1800s. Over the decades, two of those families intertwined and intermarried such that the descendants no longer knew that their ancestors were from two different families. The advent of DNA analysis in family history has enabled us to separate out the three families and show relationships within the two families that were not known until now. The three families were: Edmond Todd Edmond Todd b 1786 North Carolina who settled 12 miles north of Murfreesboro about 1811. His daughter Elizabeth married James Henderson Baldrige and had a son Edmund Todd Baldridge. The Baldridges intermarried with the Gregory family in Crockett Co TN. The DNA from a descendant of Edmond Todd did not closely match any of the other Todds in Rutherford Co, but he may have kinship through one of his ancestral lines, other than the Todds or through kinship before the family came to TN.. Joseph Todd of Eling: Joseph Todd was born about 1645 in the village of Eling in Southamptonshire, along the southern coast of England. In 1698, he brought his family to America settling in Philadelphia, but never got to enjoy the fruits of his migration because he and his wife died shortly after their arrival. Three of his grandchildren migrated to Northampton County in northeastern Pennsylvania and then, just before the Revolution, migrated to Rowan County North Carolina. After a generation in NC, branches of the family made their way to Madison County, Kentucky between 1795 and 1803. In 1809, several branches moved south to Rutherford County Tennessee, settling in the Big Springs area, southeast of Murfreesboro. A separate book has been compiled for Walker Todd b 1822 and Jefferson Todd b 1814 because, though they seem to have a connection to the Big Springs Todds, that connection is not clearly defined. Todds of Brawleys and Carons Fork Three brothers (Jesse Todd b 1770-80, James B. Todd b 1788, and William T. Todd b 1793) were in North Carolina in the 1780s and 1790s. By 1806, Jesse Todd was in Wilson Co Tennessee and by 1811, all three were in Rutherford County. They had a sister Jemima Todd who married in 1821 to Hugh Brawley, the son of the Hugh Brawley who built one of the first mills in the area and who was the source of stream name, Brawley’s Fork. During 2011, DNA analysis and research into original county records revealed some of the secrets in both families’ origins and relationships. This book integrates these new discoveries into the family history reported by previous family historians. This history of his family is the product of dozens of family historians compiled over many decades. In 2003, Glenda Dobbs published her monumental work, Joseph Todd of Eling, in which she combined her own research with a compilation of the work of many historians, including Fowler Todd, Roma Todd, Norma Todd Cansler, Edna Todd Lackie, Yvonne Gamblin, Craig Burton Todd, Carl Davenport, Clara Jacobs, Darwin Newton, Clifford Todd, Ran Raider, Betty Silfies, Nancy Teruya, Lin Cornelius and others. In 2007, Glenda revised the book in electronic format to incorporate new discoveries. The revisions in this book have benefitted also from the more recent research of Ricky Aaron Todd, Laverne Todd, Mike Todd, Doug Lowe, William Walker, Anita Steele, Judy Dye, Juanita McGuire, Linda McNally, Shirley Hutton, Kyle Williams, Mabel Phillips, Myrvin Harris, David Baldridge, Todd Moberly, Carol Todd, and Billy Gardenhire and for DNA samples and contributions from Harry Todd, Phillip Todd, Alvah Smith, Kay Wheeler, Ray Lantrip, Roy Pearson, Bertha Gardenhire, Bertha Burson, Memphis Carter, Elaine Herndel, Margaret Sanders, Jerry Lusk, Jimmie Medford, Fred Todd, Fowler Todd, Mark Todd, Carol Todd, Sterling Todd, James D. Todd, Patty McIntire, Thomas R. Todd, Margaret Cynthia Brumfeld, Sandra Beecham, Etta Josephine Harper, Margaret Gribble, Nolan Northcutt, Mary Ella Rutschman, Mildred Stowe, Jane Burroughs, Juanita Casement, Norma Debus, Ray Gregory, Patricia Pepper, Mary Lou Todd, Ann Overbey, Price Todd, Randy Gulley, Michael McFerrin, Phillip McFerrin, Douglas Gray Todd, Darren Todd, Lavette Brooks. The version of the history of Joseph Todd of Eling you are now reading was created in 2011with minor revisions in 2013 to incorporate further discoveries and the results of a major DNA study. This study used the newly invented Family Finder DNA test of Family Tree DNA of Houston, TX to disclose relationships between the Todds never before known. The current revision is based on the Craig Burton Todd’s consolidation of family data from numerous family historians of various branches of the family, along with published data in the public domain. It includes corrections and additions by Richard McMurtry, coordinator of the Todd Families in America Project. The three families are organized in this book as three separate chapters. We have focused on the first two generations of the Edmond Todd and the Brawley’s Fork/Carson’s Fork Todds and the first 5 or 6 generations of the Joseph Todd of Eling family. Some branches of the family have more generations because researchers of those branches submitted electronic files of their branch which I have included uneditted. I have also include selected branches down to the present of those involved with the past years research. For further details of subsequent generations, read Glenda Dobbs’ book: Joseph Todd of Eling Thru Fourteen Generations or postings on the internet. The 2003 version of Glenda’s book contains the descendants of James B. Todd and William Thomas Todd. Thanks go to all those historians mentioned above as well as the individuals who donated DNA samples and donated the $5500 it took to pay for analyzing those samples. Without this level of commitment, we would never have been able to solve the puzzles revealed in this book. Special thanks to Glenda Dobbs with whom I collaborated on uncovering Todd history between 2003 and 2010. Special thanks to Carl/Wayne Davenport who has been my constant collaborator, strategizer and supporter and without whose assistance and encouragement this book would not have been completed. This revision includes 12 significant changes: 3rd generation 1. Thomas Todd the Revolutionary War solider died Sept 1777 has been removed from the family tree because he appears to be from a Todd family of the Halifax District of eastern North Carolina, not Rowan County where the Joseph Todd of Eling descendants lived. 2. Thomas, Caleb and Benjamin Todd who came from Northampton County, Pennsylvania to Rowan Co about 1770 are listed as sons of Caleb Todd based on Caleb's being appointed overseer in 1745 of a Bucks co Township that at the time included part of Northampton Co. It is also possible that the boys were sons of Thomas Todd died 1732/3 Philadelphia, but the will of Sarah Todd in 1743, dau of Thomas d 1733, does not mention any brothers. There is absolutely no evidence to support the contention of earlier historians that Joshua was the father of the three boys. 4th generation 3. Mrs. Mary Todd 1762-1866 of Rutherford and Cannon Co TN has been changed to be the consort of Benjamin Todd b 1759, rather than the sister of Benjamin Todd as previously recorded by family historians and rather than the sister-in-law of Benjamin Todd as also hypothesized. There is contradictory evidence for and against each of these possibilities as discussed in the text. However, the preponderance of the data suggests that Walker Todd, the grandson of Mary Todd 1762-1866 was also the grandson of Benjamin Todd b 1759. This is based on DNA samples showing that two descendants of Walker Todd were more closely related to two descendants of Benjamin Todd b 1759 than to other branches of the family. 5th generation 4. Caleb Todd b 1751 of Wilkes Co GA has been listed as the father of the eight Georgia born Todds: Benjamin Todd b 1778-1855 d Jones Co GA, John Todd b 1770-80 of Putnam and Meriwether Co GA, William Todd b 1781 GA of Rutherford Co TN, Reuben Todd b 1785 GA of Rutherford Co TN, Editha Todd b 1793 GA, Abel Todd b 1795 GA, Sarah Todd b 1798 GA, and Samuel Bentley Todd b 1802 GA. 5. John Todd b 1770-1780 of Putnam and Meriwether Co GA has been listed as father of Benjamin G. Todd b 1800, Levi Todd b 1810, John Todd b 1812 and William A. Todd b 1817. 6. Caleb Todd b 1794 and Sugar Tom Thomas Todd b 1792 have been listed as a sons of Joseph Todd b 1757 and Mary Berry 7. Joseph Todd b 1770s md Rachel Quick in Madison County, KY in 1799 moved to the St Louis area by 1800 and died there about 1810. He is listed as a son of Caleb d 1795/96. 8. John Todd b 1773 md Patsy Collier is now listed as son of Benjamin Todd b 1721/1731, rather than son of Caleb as previously assumed. 6th generation 9. Walker Todd b 1822 has been listed as a son of Elizabeth Todd and grandson of Mrs. Mary Todd 1762-1866 and Benjamin Todd b 1759 based on DNA evidence. 10. Asa Todd b 1817 has been listed as a son of Jemima Todd b 1800 and grandson of Benjamin Todd b 1759. This is based on an 1880 census record identifying Jemima as his mother and an 1855 estate record of Benjamin Todd identifying Jemima as a daughter of Benjamin. 11. Jefferson Todd b 1814 has also been listed as a great-grandson of the grandfather of Mary Todd 1762-1866 because of the large genetic distance between Jefferson Todd and Walker Todd and because of the apparent close connection of Jefferson to Walker in the historical record. This is a placeholder pending more definitive research results. 12. Baxter Todd's family has been added as son to Caleb Todd b 1794. Todds of Brawley’s Fork and Carsons’ Fork The principal change to this part of the Todds has been identifying James B. Todd b 1788 NC, William T. Todd b 1793 NC, and Jesse Todd b1770-1780 as brothers to each other and Jemima Todd who married Hugh Brawley in 1821 as a possible sister of theirs. The three males have male DNA unrelated to the male DNA of the Joseph Todd of Eling family. So they are either an unrelated family or related through a female Todd and an illegitimate son. Since we have not found this Todd family in the North Carolina records, we can not be sure of which of these alternatives is the correct interpretation. I hope that you readers enjoy learning a bit about your ancestors! Richard McMurtry March 2012 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.