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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jemima Todd: Birth: 8 Dec 1780 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 1872 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA

  2. Aaron 'Captain' Todd: Birth: 27 Aug 1784 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: BEF 1 Aug 1859 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA

  3. Mary 'Polly' Todd: Birth: 16 Jul 1786 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 16 Jan 1879 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA

  4. Giffin Griffin: Birth: 7 Jan 1788 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 16 Feb 1849 in Howard County, Missouri, USA

  5. William Todd: Birth: 24 Aug 1789 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 7 Sep 1885 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA

  6. Anna Todd: Birth: 24 Oct 1790 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 7 Mar 1857 in De Kalb County, Missouri, USA

  7. Jesse B. Todd: Birth: 1 Mar 1792 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 5 Jul 1867 in De Kalb County, Missouri, USA

  8. Sally Todd: Birth: 19 Jun 1793 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 14 Sep 1891 in Clarksdale, De Kalb, Missouri, USA

  9. Peter Todd: Birth: ABT 1794 in Prob. Rowan County, North Carolina, USA.

  10. Jeremiah M. Todd: Birth: 23 Apr 1795 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 14 Sep 1851 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA

  11. Hannah Todd: Birth: 26 Mar 1798 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA. Death: 4 May 1880 in Poplar Bluff, Butler, Missouri, USA

  12. Spicey Todd: Birth: 18 Jun 1800 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA. Death: 31 Dec 1837 in Schuyler County, Missouri, USA

a. Note:   an County with his parents about 1770. Peter served in the Revolutionary War as a guard at the Salisbury Jail and also in an expedition against the Cherokee Indian villages. In December 24 and December 25, 1778 he made land entries for 400 acres on Abbott's Creek and 150 acres on Lick Creek. He never seems to have obtained a grant for this land. He married in 1779 to Hannah Cornelison whose father Conrad Cornelison was a neighbor on Abbotts' Creek. Hannah’s father Conrad Cornelison went to Wilkes Co GA (where Peter’s brother Caleb had gone in the 1780s) and died there in 1795. The Cornelison children left GA and migrated to Madison County to rejoin the rest of the family. Peter and family migrated from Rowan County to Madison Co about 1797. He died in Madison Co in 1840. He settled on Muddy Creek where his brothers had settled when they came from Rowan County. The birthdates for Peter Todd his wife Hannah and their 11 children were copied from a page ina a bible owned by Luke Thornton in his handwriting evidently copied from an older record. These dates were reported by Calvin L. Moore in 1964. He was grandson of Luke Thornton (son of Salley Todd b 1793) and Cyrania Todd (dau of Jesse Todd b 1792). A bible record of Luke Thornton, grandson of Peter Todd, included copies of records from an older Bible which recorded the children of Peter Todd : Jemima Todd b Dec 8, 1780 Aaron Todd b Aug 27, 1784 Polley Todd b July 16, 1786 Giffin Todd b Jan 7, 1788 William Todd b Aug 24, 1789 Anna Todd b Oct 24, 1790 Jesse Todd b Mar 1, 1792 Salley Todd b June 19, 1793 Jeremiah Todd b Arp 23, 1795 Hannah Todd b Mar 26, 1798 Spicy Todd b Jan 18, 1800 Peter was listed on the 1790 Rowan County, NC Census, Salisbury Dist,with 1M over 16, 3M under 16, and 4 Free White Females. Peter was listed in tax records with 50 acres 1801-1809 in Madison County,KY on Muddy Creek. Indenture made 01-Oct-1810 for 1800 acres from William and Mary McGuire to Peter Todd in Madison County, KY for one hundred and twenty pounds of current money, land on Muddy Creek.20-May-1822 Peter Todd Sr and Hannah Todd to Jesse Todd, Deed BookP page 165-166 Madison County, KY, land on Muddy Creek. 15-Mar-1824 Will of Peter Todd, Madison County, KY Will Book G page 365-366:“In the name of God, Amen. I Peter Todd of KY, Madison County, being aged and infirmed of body but sound mind and memory, thanks be to God for the same, and calling to mind the uncertainty of this present life, thinks proper, make this my Last Will and Testament in manner following, vis: First, I give my soul to the hand of that faithful God that made me and hope redeemed me and my body to be buried. As for my beloved wife, Hannah Todd, I think there is sufficient in other writings for her support if she is the longer liver for it is left in her hands as long as she lives, and at her death, the property is to be sold at public sale or by hand by my executors hereafter named and divided equally among the heirs, share and share alike, as quick as it can be collected and give all the heirs, share and share alike, not looking at things back but looking at things present, at such time or times as the money arising from the sale of property and land, also that is already sold, be that shall fall in my executor's hands, and Ido nominate constitute and appoint William Todd, Senior and William Todd, Junior, and Jeremiah Todd to be my executors to my Last Will and Testament. In whereof I have hereunto set my hand and do make this fifteenth day of Mar, one thousand eight hundred and twenty four.” Attest: Isaac Todd, John Cornelison, and Peter Todd (seal).(Transcribed by Randall E Raider 12/07/1998. 15-Aug-1832 Abstracts of Rev War Pension Files by Virgil D. White:"Peter Todd, NC Line, S31430, sol lived in Rowan County, NC at enlistment and applied 15-Aug-1832 in Madison County, KY where he had lived for 37 years. One William Todd made affidavit in 1832 in Madison County, KY but no kinship given." 23-Feb-1841 State of KY, Madison County Seat: “I, David Irvine, Clk of the Court for the Court of Madison County on Tuesday the 23rd day of Feb 1841, this instrument of writing was produced in open court and proven to be the Last Will and Testament of Peter Todd, decd by the oath of Isaac Todd, subscribing witness thereto, and said Isaac Todd also sworn that the body of said Will and Testament, and signature thereto, were in the proper handwriting of said Peter Todd, decd, and ordered to enter of record which has been done accordingly. David Irvine, Clk.” (Transcribed by Randall E Raider 12/07/98. Peter's first three children, Jemima,Aaron, and Mary ‘Polly’ married children of Benjamin and Margaret Barkley Todd. From Ralph Turner: "Pvt in American Revolution Military. Guard at Salisbury Dist Gaol, Rowan County, NC, 1778. Listed in Davidson County, near Jersey Meetinghouse, with four horses, mules, and six cattle in 1783. Listed in Jersey area of Rowan County, NC in 1784. He is listed on the 1784 and 1790 tax lists for Rowan County, NC with 3M under 16. Peter was bondsman for Conrad Cornelison and Susanna Strange wedding. Listed in 1790 Rowan County Census. (Peter, along with his bro,Thomas (son of Benjamin, I) witnessed the will of their uncle, Caleb, in 1794 in Rowan County, NC). He applied for a pension on 15-Aug-1832 from Madison County, KY where he had lived for 37 years." From Randall E Raider: "Peter Todd was a Pvt in the NC Militia. His pension application is dated 06-Nov-1832. His birthdates, as given on the application, was 1753 (actually 1756). The 1790 Federal Census of Rowan County, NC lists Peter as living in the Salisbury Dist of Rowan County. He moved his family ca 1796 on Muddy Creek, near Speedwell in Madison County, KY. I believe his original homestead in Madison County, KY is now part of the KY Blue Grass Depot. There was a large family cemetery located on the farm at Muddy Creek. There were over 70 graves located on the farm in 1943. Two Peter Todds were reinterred at the U.S. Cemetery. On the 1822 deed, Peter Todd is identified as Pete Todd Sr. This deed shows Peter Todd selling Jesse Todd 35acres on Muddy Creek." Peter Todd was born near Easton, PA 23-Jul-1756.The family lived in the area called the Drylands between Bethlehem and Easton. (Easton and Bethlehem were two different taxed areas). Peter served in the NCMilitia. His first six-month stint in 1776 was with Gen Rutherford under Cpt Robert Moore, Lt Davis, and Ens Joseph Cunningham. They went into Cherokee Indian country in retaliation for Indian attacks along the frontier. They 'burnt their towns and destroyed their corn.' He was out about six months. In 1780/81 he was drafted and spent three months fighting the Tories. Rev War Pension #S31430, recorded Clk of Madison County Court, Book D page 62 (Vol 9). Peter and Hannah moved to Madison County, KY where several other Todds, his father, Benjamin,bro Thomas, and others had moved, as did at least two of Hannah's brothers." Peter's will was probated in 1841. He was buried in the Todd Burial Ground. In 1942, their land near Speedwell, still in the hands of Todd descds, was taken over by the Bluegrass Ordinance Depot. The Todd graves were moved to the new cemetery across from the Ordinance Depot gate. Will dated 15-Mar-1824 and probated 23-Feb-1841, Madison County,KY. Wit: John Cornelison. Taxed in 1784 in Rowan County, NC in Cpt Carson's Company. (Peter Todd, 233 acres).
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