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Marriage: Children:
  1. MANERVA A. TODD: Birth: 1877.

  2. SARAH N. TODD: Birth: 1877 in Alabama.

  3. WILLIAM E .C. (ELI) TODD: Birth: 30 Mar 1878 in Holly Pond, Cullman County, Alabama. Death: 5 Feb 1947 in Gardendale, Jefferson County, Alabama

  4. ANNA TODD: Birth: 7 Jan 1882. Death: 21 Nov 1961

  5. LUCINDA TODD: Birth: Oct 1883. Death: 1916

  6. JOHN WESLEY TODD: Birth: 17 Jan 1886. Death: 15 Nov 1961

  7. JOHN HOSEY TODD: Birth: 28 Feb 1887.

  8. JOSEPHINE TODD: Birth: May 1889.

  9. JAMES A. TODD: Birth: Oct 1891.

  10. WALTER M. TODD: Birth: 13 Jan 1894. Death: 15 Sep 1915

  11. LELA M. TODD: Birth: Jul 1896.

  12. LONNIE R. TODD: Birth: 12 Mar 1898.

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a. Note:   Notes received from Melba and Doug Lowe of Allgood, Al: William Wesley Todd. Margaret, who went to the courthouse and filed claim against the Rail Road, eight days after Wm Todd died. Margaret is also Manerva. She was called Margaret on first census after her marriage, she has been called Nervy, and in the end Margaret. Wm Todd had a beautiful old stone that a well meaning cousin of ours removed and replaced with new one. He was kind enough to put one down for Margaret but just guessed at her death date. She is, however, buried by Wm, as attested to by an elderly lady who was at her funeral per this cousin. Margaret is not in the death records for Al. at Wallace State either., and newspaper for the mo and yr of Wms death MISSING! 1916 missing for Cindy Todd Allred’s, too. Todd, William Henry (w), born 15 Feb 1894, Bluffton, Georgia, Father: Rufus Todd; Mother: Nancy Jane Jones 1860 Federal Census for Calhoun County GA Schedule 1, Free Inhabitants in Morgan in the County of Calhoun State of Georgia enumerated by me, on the 2nd day of June 1860. Hans T. Robson Ass't Marshal. Post Office Morgan, pg 1 228, 228 Todd, Samuel W., age 43, m, Farmer, b. South Carolina " , Christian, age 30, f, b. Georgia " , William B., age 13, m, b. Georgia " , Rachel H., age 11, f, b. Georgia, in school " , Frances, age 9, f, b. Georgia, in school " , James S. W., age 7, m, b. Georgia " , Joseph J., age 2/12, m, b. Georgia " , William, age 53, m, Farmer, b. South Carolina The obituary for Sarah A. Todd (William's Mother) reads that she was survived by one Son of Holly Pond. Evidently he live in this small town. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.