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Marriage: Children:
  1. JAMES PHELAN GURLEY: Birth: 30 May 1908 in Oneonta, Blount County, Alabama. Death: 3 Sep 1988 in Paramount, California

  2. GORDON ALLEN GURLEY: Birth: 30 May 1910 in Oneonta, Blount County, Alabama. Death: 25 Jul 1972 in Briscoe, Arkansas

  3. VELMA THELIA GURLEY: Birth: 5 Jan 1913 in Oneonta, Blount County, Alabama. Death: 7 Feb 1986 in Sacramento, California

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  6. CLARENCE LEROY GURLEY: Birth: 3 Jul 1921 in Monroe, Arkansas. Death: 20 Oct 1969 in Little Rock, Arkansas

  7. LEWIS ALLEN GURLEY: Birth: 29 Mar 1923 in Monroe, Arkansas. Death: 31 Dec 1985 in Des Arc, Arkansas

  8. JOHN CURTIS GURLEY: Birth: 29 Jul 1925 in Briscoe, Arkansas. Death: 29 Nov 1991 in Little Rock, Arkansas

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