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Marriage: Children:
  1. WILLIAM WESLEY TODD: Birth: Dec 1850 in Randolph County, Alabama. Death: 20 May 1928 in Cullman County, Alabama

  2. SARAH ANN TODD: Birth: 1854 in Randolph County, Alabama.

  3. ANDREW JACKSON "JACK" TODD: Birth: 26 Dec 1855 in Randolph County, Alabama. Death: 1 Jan 1936 in Blount County, Alabama

  4. MARY E. TODD: Birth: 1859 in Randolph County, Alabama.

  5. JOHN HENRY TODD: Birth: 1864. Death: in Georgia

  6. MARTHA A. TODD: Birth: 1866 in Randolph County, Alabama.

  7. BENJAMIN ALLEN "BEN" TODD: Birth: 24 Jun 1867 in Blount County, Alabama. Death: 14 Feb 1960 in Etowah County, Alabama

  8. REBECCA TODD: Birth: 1870 in Alabama.

  9. DAVID C. TODD: Birth: 1873. Death: in Arkansas

  10. SUSIE FRANKLIN TODD: Birth: 19 Apr 1900. Death: 1 Apr 1951 in Allgood, Alabama Tidwell Cemetery

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a. Note:   Notes recieved from Doug and Melba Lowe of Allgood, Al: About Eli J Todd. From all deductions we come up with 1826 as birth date. When you get to his pension records you will really be confused. I am going to send you his actual records and the breakdown I did of them and stored for quick reference. In one place he has himself born in 1820., three years before his parents married. I think this might have to do with a time frame of him receiving the pension. A shame the men of that war had to grovel for a mere piddling pension, when it was such a nasty war, and the soldiers fought so hard! The death date you have of Jan 07, 1900 is correct as it came from these records. Sarah gave this in deposition to rec. Eli's pen. rec. The following information was received from Deborah and Max Rogers at [email protected] Eli Todd served in the Civil War. He was in the 25th Regiment Alabama Infantry Company F. He was wounded in the Battle of Missionary Ridge in Tennessee. My notes: 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment The 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment was organized at Mobile in December 1861 by the consolidation of McClellan's 1st and 6th Alabama Infantry Battalions [smaller than the normal regiment's 1,000 men]. The men were from the counties of Calhoun, Coffee, Pickens, Pike, Randolph, Saint Clair, Shelby, and Talladega. It remained in that vicinity 2-3 months, then went to TN. Brigaded under Gen'l Adley Gladden, the regiment (numbering 305 effectives, because of illness) fought at Shiloh (casualties: 15 k, 75w). Placed under Gen'l Gardner, with the 19th, 22nd, 39th, and 26-50th, the 25th Regiment met with trifling loss at Framington. It moved into KY with Gen'l Braxton Bragg's Army of the Tennessee from the Chattanooga base, but was not engaged in any action. It came back, and participated at Murfreesboro -- Col. Loomis commanding the brigade (casualties: 13k, 88w, 16m, out of about 250 present for duty. The regiment -- Gen'l Zachariah Deas in command of the brigade -- fell back with the army and was in the forward movement at Chickamauga (casualties: 33% of 330 engaged). Total strength, December 1863: 304 men and 174 arms. It again suffered severely at Missionary Ridge, but wintered and recruited at Dalton, GA. All along the bloody track of the hostile armies through north GA, the 25th left a record, especially at New Hope. At Atlanta, 22 July, the regiment lost 49% of its force but captured two stands of colors, and more prisoners than it numbered. Six days later, near the same spot, the 25th again lost very heavily. It was engaged at Jonesboro without severe loss, but suffered considerably at Columbia, on Hood's arrival in middle Tennessee. At Franklin, the regiment again lost largely, and at Nashville, its loss was not light, but it preserved its organization on the retreat. Proceeding to the Carolinas, the 25th was in Sherman's front, with some casualties at Columbia and Kinston, and with large loss at Bentonville. Consolidated with the 19th, 22nd, 39th, and 26-50th, the regiment was shortly after surrendered at Goldsboro, having about 75 men of the old 25th present for duty. Field and Staff Officers: Cols. John Q. Loomis (Coosa; wounded, Shiloh, Murfreesboro; resigned, 12 Sept 62); George Doherty Johnston (promoted) ; Lt. Cols. William B. McClellan (Talladega; resigned, 12 April 62); George Doherty Johnston (promoted); Majors Daniel Elliott Huger (temporary); George Doherty Johnston (Perry; promoted); and Adjutants Napoleon ardis (retired, 9 June 63); Jonathan Stout (Coosa; wounded, Murfreesboro, Atlanta, Franklin); and Robert B. Baker (temporary) Captains, and counties from which the companies came: Co. "A", Andalusia Beauregards (Covington): Micajah Harper (KIA, Shiloh); Charles Corige (resigned, 22 July 63); Bushrod W. Bell Co. "B" (Pike): John B. Curtis (resigned, 15 Jan 62); Napoleon B. Rouse; D. N. Moxley Co. "C" (Shelby): Wiley H. Pope (resigned, 3 Dec 63); William H. Gardner; Lt. Willis M. Pledger Co. "D" (St. Clair): Allen W. Nickon (resigned, 3 Sept 64); H. Lewis Morris (wounded, Murfreesboro, New Hope, Franklin; captured, Murfreesboro); Thomas Mangham (dismissed, 27 Aug 62) Co. "E" (Pickens): Daniel M. Richards (wounded, Missionary Ridge, and captured) Co. "F" (Randolph): William A. Handley (wounded, Murfreesboro; resigned, 12 June 63); Francis Marion Handley (wounded, Franklin) Co. "G" (Talladega): Joseph D. McCann (resigned, 14 April 62); Archibald A. Patterson (KIA, Murfreesboro); Silas P. Bradford Co. "H" (Talladega and St. Clair): Edwin C. Turner (resigned, 22 Aug 62) William Spence (wounded, Chickamauga) Co. "I" (Calhoun): Mathew Alexander (resigned, 1 July 62); Wilson B. Howell (wounded, Atlanta, Bentonville) Co. "K" (Coffee and Pike): D. Pierre Costello (wounded, Shiloh; KIA, Murfreesboro); Daniel C. Monroe (wounded, Chickamauga) History: Harvey Hobbs Henderson / Wilie Hill Pope (1816-1874) Columbiana, Shelby County, Alabama, captain, Confederate States Army commanding Company "C", the "Shelby Confederates", 25th Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Sep 1, 1861 to Jan 1, 1863, Company "B", 3rd Alabama Regiment--Confederate Reserves Apr 15, 1864 to Jun 6, 1865. El Cajon, CA : H. H. Henderson, 1995. William P. Howell / History of the 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment, 1861-1865 : a narrative. Comp. and ed. by Steven L. Driskell, 1997. William H. Moore, "Writing home to Talladega : a young lieutenant's letters to a girl in Alabama ...", in Civil War Times Illustrated, vol. 28 (Nov.-Dec., 1990), pp. 56, 71-74, 76-78 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.