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Marriage: Children:
  1. Daniel David Dunkin: Birth: 1824 in Rutherford Co TN. Death: 24 May 1904 in Cave City, Sharp, AR

  2. Owen Dunkin: Birth: 1832.

  3. Rebecca Jane Dunkin: Birth: 28 Feb 1832 in Cannon Co TN.

  4. Lucinda Dunkin: Birth: 1836 in TN.

  5. Eli Dunkin: Birth: 1837 in Cannon Co TN. Death: 1862 in Yandell Co MS

  6. Louisa Ella Dunkin: Birth: 1837 in Cannon Co TN.

  7. John WIlson Dunkin: Birth: 1840 in Cannon Co TN. Death: 11 Nov 1903 in Arkansas

  8. Willliam Alexander Dunkin: Birth: Apr 1841 in Cannon Co TN. Death: 28 Nov 1915 in Finley, Pushmataha, OK

a. Note:   nnessee. The film strip is located at the Archives of the Cherokee Indians at Tehlequah, Oklahoma. They show James V. Dunkin died one month after his youngest child W. M. A. Dunkin was born. They show his survivors as Elisabeth, Ky.; -children Danil, Owin, Rebecca, Lucinda, Louisa, Eli, (Louisa and Eli were twins), John W., and W. M. A. Dunkin, Washington County, Tennessee. They also show he fought in the Southern War. This was a war between two Indian Chiefs. In the Indian Census 1839-1840 it shows James V. Dunkin and Elisabeth Dunkin had twins, but didn't give their ages or names. The Southern War was started in the 1830's, the first was a result of the difference between Chief Ridge and Chief Ross as to the removal questions and treaty...follow-up war started after the assassination of the Ridge's by the Ross's in Oklahoma...lasted until 1846 when the Ridge Band and the CNO Cherokee Nation led by Ross, signed a treaty..but the war continued. Then during the Civil War, the Ridge's allied with the Confederacy in August 1861, the Ross's feared the power of the Ridge's and also allied for a short time with the Confederacy..then deserted and fought for the North against the Ridge's. In 1865 the Ross (Cherokee Nation) surrendered to the North, even though they were allies with the North. The Ridge's (Southern Cherokee) refused to surrender, but instead signed a Cease-hostilities agreement in 1865...where they still legally remain to date...Sovereign. The Feud unfortunately still continues.....old wounds it seems have not healed, (from Gary Ridge, Southern Cherokee) This story was passed to me from Myrvin G. Harris, 3769 Denver, Memphis, Tennessee 38127-4439.
Note:   James V. Dunkin is found on a 50mm film strip 1835-1842 in the Delaware District Mortuary, Te is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.