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  1. James B. Todd: Birth: 1788 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: BET 1860 AND 1870 in Cannon County, Tennessee, USA

  2. Jemima Todd: Birth: ABT 1790/1800. Death: AFT 1830 in Shelby Co IL or Rutherford Co TN

  3. William Thomas Todd: Birth: 28 Sep 1793 in NC. Death: 1860/1870 in Cannon County, TN

  4. Jesse Todd: Birth: BET 1776 AND 1780 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: AFT 1840 in Tennessee or Missouri, USA

a. Continued:   INTRODUCTION Sometime between 1806 and 1810, four members of a North Carolina Todd family - Jesse b 1770-80, James B. b1788, William T. b 1793, and Jemima came to the portion of Rutherford County, TN that became Cannon County in 1836. The parents of the four Todds who lived in Cannon County lived originally in North Carolina between 1788 and 1793 when James B and William T. Todd were born. The father should appear in the 1790 census with two sons under 16 - James B. b 1788 and Jesse b 1776-1780. There is a John Todd in Onslow Co NC who fits that criteria, but no research has as yet been done in Onslow County to see if a link exists there. Also it is possible that there are several Todd families in Bertie County and each needs to be sampled to see if there is a link to the Todds of Cannon Co. The family may have had a Scotch-Irish origin because a family with matching DNA pattern has been found in Co Derry in Northern Ireland, though the family by the 1800s was a Catholic family. James B., William T. and Jesse all had the same male DNA pattern and their ages suggest they are brothers. Their DNA pattern differs from the DNA pattern of the family of Benjamin Todd b 1759 the Revolutionary War soldier who came to Rutherford Co from Madison Co KY in 1809. It seems as if these two unrelated Todd families crossed paths in the Rutherford/Cannon Co area, intermarried, and forgot they had different origins. It is possible their paths crossed in NC since the DNA suggests a connection of some sort further back in the 1700s, possibly via their spouses. Jemima Todd who married Hugh Brawley in 1821 in Rutherford County is probably a sister to the brothers of this family. Hugh Brawley got a land grant in 1815 on Owl Creek next door to the land Jesse Todd bought in 1814. She could have been Jesse's daughter but more likely a sister given her marriage date of 1821 and Jesse's birth about 1780 and birth's of Jesse's children in the 1810s. There are three Brawley descendants (Mary Margaret, Nancy and Hugh) whose DNA suggests they were siblings and possibly could be children of Jemima Todd and Hugh Brawley. However, there is not a totally consistent pattern with the DNA; so we can not be sure. I include this discussion in this introduction because it helps give some context to the confusing relationships between the Todds of the area. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.