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Payton Brandon Lassiter: Birth: ABT 1905 in Woodbury, Cannon, Tennessee, USA. Death: 15 Jul 1982 in Woodbury, Cannon, Tennessee, USA
Thoma Ervin Lassiter: Birth: 26 Jan 1905 in White River, Independence, AR. Death: 30 Nov 1995 in Norman, OK
Elsie Marilla Lawhon: Birth: 22 Jan 1898. Death: 3 Apr 1986
Lillie Gertrude Lawhon: Birth: 26 Jun 1903 in Midlothian, Ellis, Texas, USA. Death: 1 May 1989 in Josephine, Collin, Texas, USA
Martha Angeline Lawhon: Birth: 24 Mar 1895. Death: 24 Jul 1927
Minnie Lora Lawhon: Birth: 22 Jan 1886. Death: 1 Sep 1968
Richard Ardis Lawhon: Birth: 29 Jun 1862 in Midlothian, Ellis, Texas, USA. Death: 22 Jul 1923 in Hamilton, Texas, USA
Samuel Richard Lawhon: Birth: 13 Oct 1887. Death: 4 Jul 1982
Thomas Joseph Lawhon: Birth: 11 Mar 1891 in Hamilton, Texas, USA. Death: 14 Aug 1966 in McKinney, Collin, Texas, USA
Mariah Ann Lay: Death: Feb 1857 in Livingston County, Kentucky
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Nancy Ruth Lee: Birth: 1800 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA. Death: 1840 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA
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Julia Ann Leeper: Birth: 1874 in Henry Co., Iowa, U.S..
LURENEY LEGGIT: Birth: 1805 in Greene County, Georgia. Death: in Randolph County, Alabama
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Nancy Lemaster: Birth: 1825 in Kentucky, U.S..
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Annie Elizabeth Lemons: Birth: 16 Jun 1916 in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma, USA. Death: 11 Dec 2002 in Zephyrhills, Pasco, Florida, USA
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Archie Leuty: Birth: 15 Jul 1916 in Illinois, USA. Death: 16 Apr 1996 in Bigfork, Flathead, Montana, USA
Jo Ann Lewellyn: Birth: 27 Nov 1921 in Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA. Death: 7 Jan 2000 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Abraham Lewis: Birth: 29 May 1751 in Prob. Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 7 Jun 1813 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA
Thomas Sidney Lewis: Birth: 27 Feb 1894 in Arkansas, USA. Death: 15 Sep 1973 in Checotah, McIntosh, Oklahoma, USA
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Esther Henrietta Lindley: Birth: 28 Dec 1933 in Missouri, USA. Death: May 1983 in Independence, Jackson, Missouri, USA
John Harey Lindley: Birth: 16 May 1896 in Bedias, Grimes, Texas, USA.
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Sarah Linn: Birth: ABT 1833 in Kentucky, USA.
CASSANDRA LIPFORD: Birth: 1833 in South Carolina?.
James Littleton: Birth: 8 Mar 1809 in Virginia, USA.
Elizabeth LNU: Birth: ABT 1798 in Kentucky, USA. Death: 1860/1870 in Sharp Co AR
Elizabeth LNU: Birth: 1790 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1856 in Jefferson Co MO
Louisa lnu: Birth: Apr 1846 in Tennessee.
Mary LNU: Birth: 1802 in NC.
May LNU: Birth: 1907. Death: 20 Jun 1993
Ziziah LNU: Birth: 1784 in NC.
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Melissa L. Logan: Birth: 1 Sep 1867 in Indiana, U.S.. Death: 13 Jan 1948 in Lebanon, Boone Co., Indiana, U.S.
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James M. Lorance: Birth: 5 Nov 1850. Death: 2 Jan 1905 in Collin County, Texas, USA
Addie Jane Lord: Birth: 28 Nov 1868.
Andrew Lord: Birth: 20 Oct 1874.
James Wesley Lord: Birth: Jun 1865.
Marion Lord: Birth: 20 Oct 1874.
Martha Emaline Lord: Birth: 8 Oct 1872.
Mary Francis Lord: Birth: 14 Oct 1861.
Rebecca Lord: Birth: ABT 1807 in Kentucky, USA. Death: in St Clair, Missouri, USA
William Gilbert Lord: Birth: 27 Sep 1870.
William Henry Lord: Birth: 21 Jan 1839. Death: 15 Apr 1926 in Missouri, USA
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JESSE LOWE: Birth: 1907. Death: 1946
Robert Allen Lowe: Birth: 11 Jan 1875.
Sarah Isabell 'Dutch' Lowe: Birth: 15 Dec 1852 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA.
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William Lunn: Birth: ABT 1690.
Theodore Harold Lusk: Birth: 17 Sep 1921 in West Virginia, USA. Death: 5 Jul 1993 in Loxahatchee, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
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Isabelle D. Lynn: Birth: 8 May 1869. Death: 29 Apr 1935 in Mountain View, Stone, Arkansas, USA

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