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  1. John B. Todd: Birth: 1799 in Wilkes, Georgia, USA. Death: 1851

  2. Mary Todd: Birth: 1800. Death: AFT Aug 1855

  3. William Lewis Todd: Birth: 1804 in Georgia, USA. Death: 1832

  4. Susannah Todd: Birth: 1806 in Georgia, USA. Death: 21 Jun 1873 in Jones, Georgia, USA

  5. Elizabeth Todd: Birth: 1811 in Georgia, USA. Death: 29 Feb 1876

  6. Rebecca Todd: Birth: 1812 in Georgia, USA. Death: AFT 1880

  7. Benjamin Allen Todd: Birth: 1817 in Georgia, USA. Death: Jan 1843 in Putnam, Georgia, USA

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7. Title:   Last Will and Testament
Author:   Benjamin Todd
Publication:   Name: Written 10 Sep 1853 in Jones Co GA, Recorded in Will Book D ofsame;

a. Note:   e came with his parents from Rowan Co to Wilkes Co GA as a young boy, sometime prior to 1786 when Caleb is listed as a neighbor on a deed and possibly prior to 1781when his assumed brother William was born. He married about 1798 based on the birth of his first son in 1799. Bucker family researchers had assumed that his being the executor of the estate of David Montgomery in 1810 implied that Benjamin's first wife was a Montgomery. They have assumed this wife was a Rebecca Montgomery but there is no evidence as to how this inference was made. Benjamin had come of age living next door to the Montgomery family . Both Caleb Todd and the Montgomery family owned land stretching between the Clark's Creek and Fishing Creek watersheds, . David Montgomery Sr died in 1791 and his estate refers to David, James, Mathew and a daughter who had married Robert Montogmery. There was no reference to a daughter Rebecca. James Montgomery died in 1794, just a few years later, and Rebecca and David Montgomery were administrators, presumably the widow and brother of James Montgomery. Caleb Todd and Thomas Brown (his neighbors) did the inventory. The estate was distributed to Rebecca, Ester, James and John S. Montgomery. Then in 1810, David Montgomery died and his estate was administered by Benjamin Todd. Given that one researcher has listed the death date of Rebecca Montgomery Todd in 14 Sept 1839 Jones Co GA, we can not discount that Benjamin's wife COULD have been a Rebecca Montgomery but we can find no documentary evidence of this. In any event, In 1799, he appears in the tax list of Wilkes County GA for the first time, being taxed for 60 acres which were originally granted to Caleb Todd, Benjamin's father. By 1804, he has acquired 187 acres of Caleb’s land and Caleb has disappeared from the tax lists, presumably having gone to Madison County Kentucky where most of his kin had settled. Benjamin was still on the tax lists in 1809 and departed for Jones Co between 1809 and 1812. By 1816, only a George Hughs was taxed on land that had been originally granted to K Todd. George was presumably some relative of the Robert Hughes who owned 210 acres on Fishing Creek adjacent to K. Todd. In any event, by 1812, Benjamin had moved to the Jones/Putnam County border where he remained for the rest of his life. By 1812, Benjamin and his brother John Todd b 1770-1780 had settled along the border between Jones and Putname County. In 1812, Benjamin Todd bought Parcel 183 just south of the boundary line. Also, in 1812, Benjamin was a witness to a strange deed recorded by John Todd of Putnam County transferring ownership of John’s livestock to his “beloved sons Benjamin and Levi”. This type of deed was traditionaly used as a legal maneuver to avoid having one's estate taken by creditors. In 1816, Lot 169 in Putnam County, , a parcel immediately to the NW of Benjamin Todd’s land was sold to his brother John Todd by J. F. Martin/Martain. . Benjamin and his son John B. were on the 1816 Jones County tax list, Capt Green's District 378) Benjamin would have been 33 or 34 years old when he come to Jones Co. In 1Then in 1817, Benjamin bought Lot 170, an adjacent parcel just south of Lot 169, and in 1821 and 1823 acquired Lot 184, just to the west of Lot 169. Benjamin was referred to as Benjamin Todd Sr in the 1823 deed reflecting that Benjamin G. Todd b 1800 son of John Todd b 1770-1780 had turned 21 between 1821 and 1823. By 1823, John and Benjamin Todd owned over a square mile of land (800 acres) with Benjamin Todd owning adjoining parcels on the south, south east and southwest of John Todd. By the 1830s, additional lands were acquired. Benjamin’s son, William and William‘s wife Charity somehow acquired interest in Lots 162 and 163 which they sold to John Todd, William’s brother, and to Benjamin Todd, William’s father - each one getting about 130 acres. Benjamin received the 50 acres that straddled the county border. John seems to have acquired another 120 acres on his own further south in Lot 161 (though no deed is recorded). Then in 1833, Benjamin sold the land he got from William and Charity to his son-in-law Thomas Vincent. Then, in 1839, John sold to Benjamin Todd 80 acres in Lot 162 he got from William and 121 acres in Lot 161 he had obtained on his own. Then, in 1847, John sold 100 acres to Joseph Messer which probably included the 50 acres in Lot 163 he had gotten from William. In February of 1855 Benjamin was struck by a falling tree and killed.He was over seventy-five years old and had outlived all three of his sons. "An abstract of Benjamin's will shows the following in Will BK 1851-64, dated 10-Sep-1853 and recorded 10-Jan-1855: I give to my beloved wife Charity Todd during her natural life and aft death, to be returned to my estate and equally divided among my children and their legal representatives, one hundred one and a fourth acres of land being one half of lot number (not known) in Dist 6 of formerly Baldwin, but now Jones County, being the place where I now reside with all the improvements thereon. Also one Negro woman named Harriet, abt twenty six or seven years of age, and a Negro girl named Louisa, abt thirteen years old, and one Negro fellow named Jesse, abt fifty years old, two cows and calves, two sows and pigs, two beds and bedsteads, furniture, one loom and gearing, and as many of the bedclothes as she may wish, etc. "His heirs are listed as his wife Charity, children and gchildren; Mary Green and children, Susan and Richmond Buckner, Rebecca and Thomas Vincent, Elizabeth and Reason Buckner, the wives and children of John B Todd and Benjamin A Todd. From his will one may reasonably assume that any children of his son, William Lewis Todd, who had predeceased him bef 1833, were either dead or had disappeared. William's orphans drew land in the 1832 Lottery BK D, though a widow was not listed. One of those was possibly the William L Todd 17, though named as a Vincent listed with Benjamin Todd on 1850 census. Note: Previous family historians were led to believe that Benjamin Todd was son of John Todd of Clinton, Jones Co GA and that this John was father of Benjamin and Levi Todd of Putnam Co and that Benjamin bought land from the John Todd of Clinton, Jones Co. See the discussion under Benjamin's brother, John Todd b1770-80, to sort out this confusion. Deed References: Holman Freeman to Benjamin Todd, 8 Apr 1812, 10 Feb 1819, K p 119, 202 acres, 9th District, Lot 183 This Indenture made 8 April 1812..Holman Freeman of Wilkes Co and Benjamin Todd of Jones County..$300..202-1/2 acres 9th District Lot 183 bounded on SW by Lot 182 and on NE by lot 184 recorded 10 Feb 1819. Putnam: This indenture made 5 Jan 1821..Willis Stringer of said co and Benjamin Todd of Jones Co..$600..101-1/4acres..10th half of Lot 184. bounded by a part of Lot 191 and on the North by the other half of said Lot Recorded 22 Oct 1822 Putnam County: This Indenture made ..6 Oct 1823..Thomas Hathorn of County of Putnam and Benjamin Todd Senr of the County of Jones..$600... half square Lot or parcel..10th District Lot 184..the NW half of said Lot bounded on the NW by Lot 185 and on the SE by the other half of the original Lot..101-1/4 acres..recorded 22 April 1824 Notes from Lin Cornelius: "The Todds and Buckners were closely associated in Rowan County, NC and continued aft going to GA. Richmond Buckner, who m. Benjamin's dau, Susannah, in Jones County, GA was a cousin of Reason Buckner, who m. her sis, Elizabeth, and to further strengthen family ties, Reason's sis, Elizabeth, m. Benjamin Allen Todd in Monroe County, GA." Buckner researchers have Benjamin m. to Rebecca Montgomery, d/o David and Mary. These Todds went from Rowan County, NC to GA with the Buckner and Avery families. A Fortunate Drawer (winner) in Baldwin (now Jones) County's LandLottery; section 10; 202 acres The Todd House, built in the early 1800s between Union Hill and Devils Half Acre, was destroyed sometime after 1957. Based on the statementsof area residents who knew the house it was built in the same style as the Mathis House just down the road. The Mathis House is now (1999)much modified from its original form and used as a deer check station. Benjamin Todd appears on the 1832 Land Lottery list Bk D. Unfortunately, his first wife's name does not appear on any deeds and a record of the marriage has not yet been found. A very strong clue,however, to her identity was that Benjamin was named Administer of the 1810 Wilkes Co GA estate of David A. Montgomery. Benjamin Todd was appointed May 7,1810. Buckner researchers have named her RebeccaMontgomery, and she may have well been so. He was married a second time to Miss Charity Kilby on July 18, 1841.Miss Kilby was born in South Carolina and was unable to read or write.She remarried after Benjamin's death, a decent year later to John Harrup on 3-16-1856. It is reported by Anita Steele that there was a bible record of Benjamin's family in a bible having belonged originally to John B.Todd. Among her Aunt's partially typed and partially handwritten notes is this: "from Bible owned by Jn B Todd, published by H.E. Phinney,Cooperstown, NY, 1829" listing two additional sons of Benjamin and Rebecca, who died in infancy. [We do not now know who owns this bible.] From his will one may reasonably assume that any children of his son William Lewis Todd, who had predeceased him before 1833, were either dead or had disappeared. William's orphans drew land in the 1832 lottery book D, though a widow was not listed. One of those was possibly the William L. Todd, age 17 (though named as a Vincent) listed with Benj. Todd on 1850 census. After Benjamin's death and his wife's remarriage, the house was occupied by the Vincent family (his daughter Rebecca had marriedThomas Vincent). By the time an 1879 map was drawn of the area, the house had become known as the Driscol House. Lorena Spillers notes, via Anita Steel: "Benjamin TODD, born 1778 Rowan County, NC, died 1855 Jones County,GA; married (1st) 1798 Wilkes County, GA, Rebecca Montgomery, born1775-1785 NC, died 1830 Jones County, GA. Benjamin married (2nd) 1841Charity Kilby, who married (2nd) John Harris. Rebecca was the mother of all of Benjamin's children. Children: John B., 1799 WilkesCounty, GA; Mary, 1800-1801 Wilkes County, GA; Susan, 1805 WilkesCounty, GA; William Lewis, 1807 Wilkes County, GA; Rebecca, 1812 Jones County, GA; and Elizabeth, 1814 Jones County, GA." MONTGOMERY, DAVID dec'd. est. Benj. Todd, admr. Received of Mrs.Montgomery pay for 13 acres land. Mar. 1, 1813. The book "History of Jones County Georgia" by Carolyn White Williams contains an article on the Todd and Buckner families who lived in the Union Hill area straddling the Putnam/Jones border in the first half of the nineteenth century. There is no author credited for this article, and Ms. Williams' house burned after the book was published, losing all her notes forever, so we are completely at a loss as to who wrote the piece or what their sources were. I have come to believe that the source for the Williams' article was a Buckner descendant -most likely the late Lorena Martin Spillers. (See discussion under Benjamin's brother John Todd to sort out the various John Todd's.) Ms. Spillers' did most of her research from 1925 through 1975, and the Williams' book was published in 1957. The assertions in Williams' book are that Benjamin Todd was the son of John Todd Jr and his wife Margaret Erwin, and that Benjamin had a brother named Levi Todd. Further it states that John Jr was the son of John Todd Sr of Rowan County, North Carolina, and his wife, Sarah, who also had a son they named Giles Todd. This is in some conflict with research by other Todd investigators. Annette B. Todd has a rather extensive webpage (at the Family TreeMaker website) offering scads of documentation proving that John Todd Sr and his wife Sarah (they theorize her maiden name was Giles), who were the parents of John Jr and Giles, could not have been the grandparents of Benjamin Todd of Jones County, Georgia. Further, the Wautauga County NC website has a section quoting a work on prominent families of Wautauga wherein a Todd family bible contains the following: "From the old Todd family Bible, printed in Edinborough by Mark andCharles Kerr, MDCCXCI, it is learned that James Todd was born July 31,1757, and Margaret Erwin, his wife, October 14, 1759. These were married March 11, 1784; and that John Sharp Todd, father of James, was born December 11, 1724, and his wife, Nancy, was born June 7, 1739. James Todd died November 17 1814. He was a soldier of the Revolution,and Mrs. Lizzie McGhee, of Boone, has the old powder-horn he used inthat war." Owing to the anonymous nature of the article's author, the excellent work done by Annette B. Todd on the John Todd Sr line, and the bible quoted by the Wautaga website, the assertions in the Williams book concerning the earlier generations of Todds (those before they arrived in Georgia) must be considered highly suspect, and I believe them to be entirely false. Todd researcher Lorena Martin Spillers concluded that Benjamin's father John was descended from the Joseph Todd line out of Eling,England. She did not cite source notes. See the discussion under John Todd b 1770-1780 for clarification of the five different John Todds confused with being one John Todd and with being the father of Benjamin. ------------------------------- [WILKES COUNTY, GEORGIA] LOTTERY OF 1803 EXPLANATORY The land given out in this lottery was obtained from the Creek Indiansin a treaty at Fort Wilkinson, June 16, 1802, and included "theTerritory south of the Oconee and Altamaha rivers". This land wasdivided into three counties, Wayne, Wilkinson and Baldwin. The lots inWayne consisted of 490 acres each, those in Baldwin and Wilkinson 2021/2 acres each, three thousand two hundred and forty acres reservedfor a town to be called Milledgeville. Those entitled to draw were every free white male twenty-one years andupwards, and an inhabitant of the state twelve months immediatelypreceding the passage of this act, who had paid tax, one draw; everyfree white male having a wife and one or more legitimate children, twodraws; all widows having legitimate child or children, two draws; allfamilies of orphans having no parents living, two draws. No mention is made of military service in this act, and no provisionis made for soldiers of any war. Georgia, Wilkes Co. We the Justices of the Inferior Court viz:Benjamin Porter, James Anthony, Thomas Mounger and Richard Worshamhaving met the 13th day of June 1803 at the court house agreeable tothe Governors Proclamation for the purpose of receiving the names ofthe inhabitants of the county and the draws to which they are entitledby an Act of the General Assembly passed May 11, last, Do herebycertify that the persons hereinafter named are entitled to the numberof draws designated by the figures one and two opposite their names,viz: James Todd, 1 (pg 302 of Wilkes bk) Joseph Todd, 1 (pg 303 of Wilkes bk) Elizabeth Todd, Wid 2 (pg 303 of Wilkes bk) John Todd Jr, 1 (pg 310 of Wilkes bk) John Todd Sr, 2 (pg 313 of Wilkes bk) Benjamin Todd, 2 (pg 317 of Wilkes bk) Caleb Todd, 2 (pg 317 of Wilkes bk) Aron Todd, 1 (pg 317 of Wilkes bk)
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