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  1. BENJAMIN G. TODD: Birth: ABT 1800 in Wilkes County, Georgia. Death: 1870 in Randolph County, Alabama?

  2. Levi Todd: Birth: 1810/1812 in Putnam Co, GA. Death: 1860/1870 in Chambers Co AL

  3. John Todd: Birth: 1812/1814 in Putnam Co, GA. Death: AFT 1860 in Alabama

  4. William A Todd: Birth: 14 Aug 1817 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple. Death: 2 Feb 1896 in Clark Co, AR

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a. Continued:   John Todd was born 1770-80 per the 1820 and 1830 census of Putnam and Henry Co, GA. He was married prior to 1800 based on the birth of his oldest son in 1800. It is conceivable that he was the John Todd of Burke County, GA since he had a son in 1802 making him eligible for two draws in the 1805 land lottery, but we have no evidence to support his conjecture. The only unidentified John Todd in the 1805 land lottery with two draws is a John Todd in Burke Co GA. What we do know is that by 1812, he had settled on the Putnam side of the Putnam-Jones County border and recorded a deed to his minor sons Benjamin G. Todd b 1800 and Levi Todd b 1810 . (John Todd, Deed, Putnam Co. Ga, Deed book 1812 to 1814, page 86) “To all whom these presents shall come; I, John Todd of the county aforesaid for and in consideration of the love, good will, and affection which I have and do bear towards my loving sons Benjamin Todd and Levi Todd have given and granted and by these present doth fully give and grant unto the aforesaid Benjamin and Levi, their heirs, executrix, admrs, etc. all and singular, my estate now being in my possession, that is one chestnut sorrel mare, one bright sorrel filly, one horse colt, etc, stock of cattle consisting of six grown cows and 2 heifers, and stock of hogs and one loom, 2 bee hives, and household furniture. To have and to hold the said property to them and their heirs forever. In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this August 18, 1812. Signed, John Todd recorded November 3, 1812 witnessed by: Benjamin Todd David Clark Peyton Holt, J.P. This strange arrangement may have been caused by a need to create a legal separation from his property to avoid creditors. His son Benjamin was born 1800, son Levi was born 1810-1812, son John was born 1810-1812 and son William A. was born about 1817. Between 1820 and 1830, he moved to Henry County. In 1835, he moved to Meriwether County selling land he had acquired in Henry County on Shoal Creek. Levi Todd was a witness. In 1836, Levi Todd married Elizabeth Keith in Meriwether County. That same year, John recorded a deed documenting in Meriwether County attesting to his witnessing of a deed in Jones County along the Jones-Putnam Count border back in 1821. He probably died in Meriwether County. Male DNA for two descendants of John Todd b 1770-80 matched the DNA for Benjamin Todd 1778-1855 and the other descendants of the Rowan County Todds, proving that John and Benjamin were members of that family through their fathers’ lines. Family Finder DNA showed that John and Benjamin were brothers and probable brothers to William and Reuben and to Abel b 1795 and his siblings. Sources: The census records of 1820 Putnam Co, 1830 Henry Co and 1840 Meriwether Co show consistent ages for his sons. Putnam Co: John Todd 210101-12110, Henry Co Census 1830, p 205, Benjamin G. Todd 220001-00001; page 235, John Todd, 00120001- 00010001; Meriwether Co 1840: Benjamin G Todd 0021001-210001 , Levi Todd 1000 1-0000 1, John Todd 0000 1-0, William Todd 1000 1-1100 01 Henry County, GA: Deed Book G, p 257, John Todd Sr sold to Henry Hubbard 19 Jan 1835 73 acres on the south side of Lot # 224, lying on the waters of Shoal Creek, Witn: Levi Todd, William B. Stanfield JP. Recorded 8 Jun 1835 Meriwether County Marriages, Levi Todd and Elizabeth Keith, 23 Oct 1836; Georgia, Putnam County Stanford, Levi M. married Todd, Sarah on 20 Mar 1821 in Putnam County,Georgia (Could this be another of the daughters of John Todd of Putnam Co?) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.